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Career Planning & Career Counseling:

Career Planning
Secondary ( 8th - 10th )

This assessment is ideal for Secondary Students. This is the best time to begin Career Exploration. This assessment will help students to explore themselves and select the right stream & Career Path. Detailed Execution Plan will help students to take Education and Career Decisions.

Career Planning
Senior Secondary ( 11th & 12th )
This assessment is ideal for Senior Secondary Students. This is the Best Stage to take the first step towards building your career. It will help students to explore themselves, analyze various Career Options, Select the best Career Path & Prepare a Complete Education & Career Road Map.

Career Planning
Graduates & Professionals
This assessment is ideal for Graduates, Post graduates and Professionals. I will help students to know about best career options, explore skills, understanding motivation, analyze occupations, Identify Career Path, Career Development, Career Advancement and Career Transformation.

Pre-Employment Assessments:

Employability Test
(Entry Level All Profiles)
This assessment is ideal for freshers and College Graduates who are seeking out their first job. Our online Employability testing system will help you to explore your personality and Identify your Skills & Abilities. It will generate your employability score across various profiles.

Employability Test
(Experience Candidates)

This test is ideal for Experience Candidates. It
will explore your Personality and Identify required Skills & Abilities for experience candidates. This assessment will assess a variety of areas in your personality and aptitude thereby predicts your learnability and trainability.

Employability Test
(Managerial Level)
This test is ideal for Mid and Senior Managers. This assessment will evaluate your Managerial competencies like leadership skills, Decision taking abilities, Communication skills, Problem Solving Skills, people Management skills, Risk Taking Abilities and more.

Training Assessments:

Personality Test

Personality Assessment is a highly effective tool that measures personality in both the Professional and Personal Spheres. It measures your personality Characteristic across 16 Parameters.

Blockages Test

Blockage assessment will help to measure managerial effectiveness. Through analysis eleven distinct factors have identified that are likely to affect managerial behavior.

Ego Profiler

Ego Test is an online assessment used to identify ego personality and behavior of a person. This is an individual test.This test determines your egocentric tendencies.


  • Career Planning Solutions For Schools and Colleges.
    • We are offering Online Career Planning and Counselling sessions for Schools and Colleges.

    • It will help Schools & Colleges to Incorporate Career Planning in their System .

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  • Pre-Employment Testing System.
    • We are offering wide ranges of Assessments and Hiring Solutions for Corporates.

      • It will help Companies to hire the Right Candidate.

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  • Psychometric Assessment for Training.
    • We are offering Assessments for Training purpose to identify performance requirements and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by a Company workforce to achieve the requirements.

    • The assessment will address resources needed to fulfill organizational mission, improve productivity, and provide quality products and services.

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  • Customized assessment solutions.
    • We do create customized assessment solutions that meet your needs.

      • It will help you to maintain the quality and desired results for specific requirements.

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    • Career Solutions Video of Career Counseling

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Edumilestones is a dedicated website for Online Psychometric Test and Assessments. We are actively involving our capabilities for developing the Best Assessment tools. We ensure that our knowledge reaches out those on the ground, who needs it most. Our research team has spent years to analyze various theories and methodologies to innovate our own Career Planning and Hiring Assessment tools. Our execution oriented assessment tool is much advanced, well tested and proven especially for Indian Standards.

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Latest news:

March. 25, 2013
Edumilestones has successfully conducted Career Planning session for K.R Puram First Grade Government College in Bangalore.
Dec. 20, 2012
Edumilestones has Launched Latest 4.2 Verson Of Online Employabality Testing System.The purpose of this tool is to improve the Hiring System and select the Right Candidate.