Our Story!

Edumilestones.com is a brainchild of two young, highly qualified techies, successful but stressed out in their career. Edumilestones .com was conceptualized during their casual discussion on turn of events which decided their career.The discussion kindled the interest towards finding how individuals select their career.The answer was a startling revelation that the career decisions of Majority of the individuals in India are made purely out of gut feeling and advice by a non-expert in the field.It is fairly accepted that the best way for deciding on career is through analyzing one's Values,Interest,Personality and skills&abilities.

They started a massive search for the tool which projects the suitable career options and clear road-map for individuals.After analyzing loads of tools both online and offline,there was no comprehensive solution available.They decided to create a comprehensive tool which includes,thorough education and career road map,Career life cycle management and suitable for Indian students.It took 3 years to create a tool with such functionality and robustness with the help of Career Psychologists,Technologists and Career counselors. Edumilestone's Comprehensive career planning tool is fine tuned and calibrated for accuracy by testing with thousands of students and individuals.The tool is based on cloud technology and thousands of students can do their career assessment simultaneously at any given time.It is available online to access it from anywhere in the world.This robust technology is proven by successfully carrying out the assessment sessions especially for schools and colleges.

Our Team!

Ajit Kaikini Corporate Trainer
Jaahnavi KattiCareer Coach
Sneha Fernandes Psychologist
Kavitha Balraj Senior Counsellor
Joe P. John Marketing Head
Wilfred Stanley Career Coach
Shalini Gupta Operations
Fatema Rexinewala Counsellor