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How should students manage their money

INVESTING: A GROWING TREND Harsh Kundnani, a TYBCom student at HR College, started investing in the equity markets two years ago. Ask him what prompted him to do so and he replies, “I gained an interest in the markets after my class X. My father, who too is an investor, provided me a base in the stock markets. I have been following them closely for the past three years now.”Savil ...
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Avoid these interview goof-ups

THE ART OF RAMBLING: Rambling, interrupting the interviewer and answering a simple question with a fifteen-minute reply - all of these can be avoided if you have thought through and practiced what you want to communicate. Keep your answers succinct, to-the-point, focused and don’t ramble - simply answer the question. At the same time, it is hard to communicate with someone who answers a...
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Careers in the army

Esteemed as the second largest army in the world, with an enormous workforce estimated at around a million-strong, the Indian army is revered as one of the oldest ever. Though not a very popular professional option amongst the urban youth today, a career in the army is as satisfying as it is challenging.Internationally, the Indian army is admired as a force to reckon with. The professional scenari...
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Get trained in hardware skills

   Indian Institute of Hardware Technology is India’s first organisation that deals in computer hardware, networking, telecommunication and robotics training and has over 220 branches throughout the country. They offer students an assortment of courses that allow them to choose the area they want to focus upon. The Chennai branch’s head, Sathish Kumar Anand, opines, “In...
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Ten ways to smarten your resume

The first impression that a prospective employer will form of you is through your CV. Here are some tips to help you stand out:1) What's in a name?The e-mail ID that appealed to you as a cocky 15-year-old is going to elicit just one reaction from prospective employers, guffaws. So, before you write a resume, get a respectable ID, preferably one that simply spells out your name. Also, stick to one ...
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Dietician- As a Career

Skills needed:To enter this field one should have an interest in fitness, food and good health. “Besides this one needs knowledge about food availability in the market so as to guide each individual as per their lifestyles. Also, one requires excellent communication and counseling skills. Other skills which are advantageous include marketing know-how, time management and business skills,&rdq...
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Popular short-term courses

Foreign Languages: Students have an array of foreign languages to learn from - French, Spanish and German being the popular preferences. However, there is a growing penchant for languages like Mandarin, Arabic, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese. Learning a foreign language this vacation, undoubtedly, will keep you motivated and will increase your odds of success in coming times. Rega...
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How to choose the Right B-school

It is time for students to take a call in joining a Business school for acquiring an MBA. Making the right decisions will help them to come out with quality management education. The time students spend in a B school is very precious. Money is secondary as it can be earned. But when students join a wrong B-school s/he has to regret for wasting precious time of two years. &...
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GRE - Graduate Record Examination

The Graduate Record Examination, which is abbreviated as GRE, can be defined as a standardized test, which includes the admission requirement for the graduate schools in the United States principally, and some other English speaking countries. The GRE - Graduate Record Examination has been created as well as is being administered by the Educational Testing Service (popular as ETS). This exam prima...
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MBA Personal Interview Tips

Following is the list of important tips for Personal Interview during MBA entrance exam. These tips will help you not only in CAT but other MBA entrance exams like XAT, MAT, SNAP and BITSAT. NNE brings you some useful tips which will help you crack the Personal Interview (PI) round for MBA admissions.   1. Practice by going on interviews, may be even for jobs you have no intention of t...
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Skills Required for Personal Interview - MBA

Personal interviews for jobs are tough to crack. Personal Interview Skills are something that one is not born with - one needs to nurture it. This page details the personal interview skills that one need to master. These skills however also applies for MBA personal Interview session. This page also contains some sample questions and answers for Personal Interview.   1. P...
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Personal Interview for MBA Graduates

1.Speak clearly and enthusiastically about your experiences and skills. Be professional, but don't be afraid to let your personality shine through. Be yourself. Don't be afraid of short pauses. 2. Be positive. Employers do not want to hear a litany of excuses or bad feelings about a negative experience. If you are asked about a low grade, weakness in your background, don't be def...
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Group Discussion Skills for MBA

                   With the ever increasing number of aspirants for CAT and other MBA exams it is useful and necessary to focus our attention to the most important and widely used screening device called - Group Discussions or GD. This page talks about the important GD skills for MBA. Having observe...
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Tips for facing the GD for MBA Entrance Exams

                     Following are some of the important tips that you need to keep in mind for GD MBA entrance exams:    Communication Skills  Knowledge and ideas regarding a given subject  Capability to co-ordinate and lead  Exchange of tho...
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Top 10 Tips for CAT

                              Don’t study any further on the day before the exam, . Hang out with your friends. Spend time with your family. Go for a good evening walk. Just RELAX. Think positive, how much you have learnt in a year,...
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