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CAT - IIM and other MBA Exam Preparation Planning

                          MBA exam or CAT preparation depends on when you the start preparation, current level of expertise and other commitments apart from test preparation.   Typically, most candidates would plan the following steps in their MBA preparation: &...
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Comparing MBA Finance and CFA

                    It is a tough comparison to make whether one should go for MBA finance or CFA. But let’s try to analyze both these types of courses side by side. CFA or the Chartered Finance Analyst is considered as a bonus for most of the financial professions and jobs. For the post of the Fund Mo...
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Distance education courses in india

              There are two systems of correspondence education: 1. the regular system and 2. the open system. Distance Education in India is one of the names of education that does not require class attendance at the university or the institutions. In the open system, the courses are open to any person who may not even possess any ...
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Advertising as a career option

                   Advertising is a service industry geared towards the communication of information and ideas to and on behalf of others. It is the main arm of marketing, involved in the communication of information and ideas to and on behalf of others for promoting goods and services in ...
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Engineering as a Career option

  Engineering as a Career Option Personal Attributes required for an Engineer Engineering being the practical application of science, aspiring students need a solid foundation in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Good logical and mental ability, problem solving skills and an ability to grasp concepts quickly are essential. An ability to express oneself using figures ...
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Career planning-Essential for your successful future

Career planning- Essential for your Successful future:                        Career planning has become a big challenge looking at heavy competition among the students. Students can be classified under two categories for career planning, Cat A: Some students would like to follow traditional way of academic path. Cat B:&nbs...
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Successful Goal Planning

Successful Goal Planning Is it just a waste of time to set goals and plan for the future? Rather than spend valuable time planning detailed goals, wouldn't it be a lot quicker, and just as effective to make a quick list of things to do? You hear a lot about Goals and Planning these days – but is it just a waste of time, or does it really work? Won’t just making a...
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Analysis Of Leading Entrance Exams Of India

Analysis of Leading Entrance Exams Of India                                                            ...
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How internet can feed your learning hunger-useful Tips

  Getting right information at right time and right place always optimize performance of individual. Internet penetration among students has made access to information very easy. Just one click can bring all the information you want. Today students are required to be always updated of different news that will help them for better education planning and execution of plans. It helps education ...
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Education planning for smart students.You need it.

Better decision making for education now becomes very difficult for every student. This is general belief that hard work in studies will give guarantee of successful career. This has drawn the hard working students into a false sense of security in believing that they don’t really need education planning. On the other hand, students from other segments always find themselves confused in an a...
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