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(Q) What Is Career Planning?

(A) Career planning is a process, which includes choosing a Right Career Path, Selecting Right occupation, getting a desired job, growing in our job, possibly changing careers, and eventually retiring.

(Q) How Career Planning Works?

(A) You have to follow 3 Simple steps

Step 1: Click on Start Career Planning and create your New Account

Step 2: Complete Your Career Assessment. It takes only 10 Minutes.

Step 3: Generate Report. You have 2 Options.

  1. Free Basic Report: The objective of this report is to understand yourself and give you brief idea of your Career. Click on Free Report to access free Report instantly.
  2. Paid Comprehensive report: The objective of this report is to Understand Yourself, Explore your Career Options and to provide you a Detailed Career Report. Do online payment to access your Comprehensive Report Instantly.

(Q) What's the Difference between Basic Report and Comprehensive report?

(A) Basic Report consists of 7-8 Pages. It will help you to understand yourself and give you brief idea of your Career.

Paid Comprehensive report (22 Pages) will help you to understand yourself, Explore best possible career Options, Select Best Possible Career path , Identify your Skills and Abilities, Career Analysis, Career Road Map, Career Development, Career Advancement, Personalized Execution Plan , Counseling and Active Support.

(Q)How Career Planning will help me to take career decisions?

(A) Our Unique Career Assessment tool will help you to explore all the career possibilities and then derive the best suitable career Path for you. It will not only recommend you, which career path to pursue but also advice you about Career Path to explore, avoid or Develop Skills & Abilities.

For example, if you want to become an I.A.S Officer then both your Interest and required Skills & Abilities should match. In case if your skills & abilities are less, then either Develop your skill or Avoid. If Interest is less, then Explore more information about the career path.

(Q) What are the other benefits of Career Planning?

(A) Career Planning is an ongoing process. Once Career Planning process is complete, we support you at each and every stage of your Education and Career Life Cycle. We have a well established tracking mechanism to ensure that you are always on a right track. It includes advisory on career selection, Informational support, Training Support, Career Advancement Support, Career Switch or Job Switch Support.

(Q) How long do Career Assessment Take?

(A) Its instant. Report is generated immediately once you complete the assessment.

(Q) What's the accuracy and authenticity of this Career Planning?

(A) Our Career Planning Assessment is, well tested, highly reliable and Customized for Indian Students. Highly accurate results are guaranteed through our unique tool (5 filter model).

All the related Career Planning Theories used in our assessment are well tested, authenticated, proven and properly integrated in our modern tool.

(Q) How to do Payment?

(A) There are different modes of payment available. You can pay online through Debit Card, Credit Card, Internet Banking, Net Transfer, Mobile Payment, or Cash Payment to Company Account.

(Q) If I am not satisfied with Career Planning results or Services, Will I get my Money back?

(A) Our Team is very much committed to offer you Best Possible Comprehensive Career Planning Services. But still if you are not satisfied of our Career Planning results or any attached services, we will refund the entire amount.