Refund Policy

 A Refund policy is available. A full refund will only be given if a refund request is received in writing before the date of the 2nd lesson. If a refund request is received in writing on or after 2nd class date, the following will apply:

Silver members will receive no refund.

Gold members will not be eligible to a refund for the terms already started / completed and will be charged the full non-discounted rate for these terms. The balance remaining from the total amount paid (Gold membership rate that you have paid) will be refunded for the non-attended terms, after deduction of an admin charge

Platinum members will be paying each month in advance and may only cancel on the basis that the first two month’s non-refundable payment will be collected before commencement of the second lesson. Thereafter, a non-refundable payment will be collected automatically at the beginning of each month until such time that you cancel your membership after notifying Global Performing Arts Ltd in writing and subject to there being no charges made on Global Performing Arts Ltd (by the Merchant provider) as a result of such cancellation.

Should the company be subject to any charges/fees as a result of any payments being declined, incorrect or invalid payment details, unauthorised cancellations etc, you will be liable to pay the company this amount within 28 days and before any refund can be issued.

Any refunds authorised will be issued within the current term period.

By entering into any membership you are agreeing to all the company terms and conditions.