Start an Overseas Education Business in India-2023

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Start an Overseas Education Business in India

What is driving the buzz in the career counseling business in India?

Why is the career counseling industry witnessing significant growth and attention in India?

What are the key reasons to consider starting an overseas education business in India in 2023?

How can the growing demand for global education create lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs in India?

This blog explores the driving forces behind the surging demand for career counseling and illuminates the key motivations for embarking on an exhilarating journey of establishing an overseas education business in India in 2023.

The Indian overseas education market is poised for remarkable growth, expected to scale new heights by 2025. Projections indicate a robust compound annual growth rate of 15-20% over the next four years, propelling the market to a substantial value of around $35 billion. This forecast reflects the burgeoning demand and opportunities in the sector, signifying a significant potential for expansion and development to start an overseas education business in India in the coming years. India is the 2nd largest market globally to send students for an overseas education.


"From India to the World: The Growing Opportunities to Start an Overseas Education Business in India”


Opportunities to start an overseas education business in India are abundant and diverse, presenting a promising landscape for growth and success. Some key opportunities include:


1)Increasing Demand for International Education: There is a rising demand among Indian students to pursue higher education abroad due to the desire for global exposure, access to top-quality institutions, and enhanced career prospects opening opportunity to start an overseas education business in India.


2)Diverse Student Segments: The overseas education market caters to a wide range of student segments, including undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and vocational courses, offering opportunities to serve diverse educational needs.


3)Partnership with Global Institutions:  When one wants to start an overseas education business in India collaboration with prestigious international universities and colleges enables the business to offer a broader range of study options to students and enhances the credibility of the services provided.


4)Specialized Educational Services: Offering specialized services such as scholarship assistance, language proficiency training, and pre-departure support can create a competitive edge and attract more students.


5)Emerging Study Destinations: Besides traditional study destinations, there is an emerging interest in lesser-explored countries as study destinations, opening up new markets and opportunities for overseas education businesses.


6)Online Learning and Hybrid Models: The increasing adoption of online learning and hybrid study models allows businesses to tap into a broader audience and provide flexible study options to students. So, when one wants to start an overseas education business in India, they should adapt both the models.


7)Technological Advancements: Embracing technology can streamline processes, enhance communication, and deliver personalized services, offering a more efficient and innovative educational experience.


8)Government Initiatives and Policies: Favourable government policies and initiatives supporting international education can further boost the growth of the overseas education business.


9)Career Counselling and Skill Development: Integrating career counselling and skill development services can add value to students educational journeys and foster long-term relationships with clients.


10)Alumni Networking and Support: Creating strong alumni networks and support systems can contribute to positive word-of-mouth referrals and enhance the businesss reputation.


11)Niche Market Opportunities: Identifying and serving niche markets, such as specialized courses or student demographics, can lead to a loyal customer base and sustained growth.


By leveraging these opportunities and providing quality services, an overseas education business can establish itself as a trusted partner in guiding students toward achieving their academic and career aspirations on an international stage.



Who can start an Overseas Education Business in India?


To start an overseas education business in India is an entrepreneurial endeavour that can be pursued by individuals with a passion for education, global exposure, and helping students achieve their academic and career aspirations. Several types of individuals can consider to start an overseas education business in India:


1)Education Enthusiasts: Individuals who are passionate about education and believe in the transformative power of international exposure can venture into the overseas education business to empower students with global learning opportunities.


2)Experienced Educators: Teachers, professors, or educational consultants with experience in the education sector have valuable insights into the academic landscape, making them well-equipped to guide students in choosing the right overseas education programs.


3)Former Study Abroad Students: Individuals who have studied abroad themselves may have firsthand experience of the challenges and benefits of international education, which can fuel their desire to assist other students on a similar journey.


4)Career Counsellors: Professionals with a background in career counselling can leverage their expertise to help students align their academic choices with their career goals when exploring overseas education business options.


5)International Education Consultants: Consultants with knowledge of international education systems, study visa procedures, and cultural adaptation can offer comprehensive support to students seeking to study overseas.


6)Business Professionals: Entrepreneurs from diverse business backgrounds who see a market opportunity in the study abroad industry can leverage their skills in marketing, networking, and business development to establish a successful overseas education business.


7)International Relations Experts: Individuals well-versed in international relations and cross-cultural communication can play a pivotal role in connecting students with universities and institutions worldwide.


8)Educational Technology Specialists: Professionals with expertise in educational technology can utilize digital tools and platforms to offer online study abroad counselling and support services.


9)Individuals with a Global Network: Those who have a wide network of connections within the education and international communities can leverage these relationships to create strategic partnerships and collaborations.


It is important to note that while individuals from various backgrounds can start an overseas education business in India, a deep understanding of the international education landscape, immigration laws, and cultural nuances is essential. Additionally, passion for student welfare, commitment to ethical practices, and dedication to providing quality services are crucial for long-term success in an overseas education business.



Leveraging Certified Career Counsellor International Studies with Overseas Education Business:


1)Understanding Student Needs: A counselling course equips you with the expertise to understand students academic goals, career aspirations, and personal preferences. This understanding enables you to provide personalized guidance and recommend suitable study abroad options.


2)Career Counselling Expertise: Career counselling is an integral part of the study abroad process. A counselling course equips you with the knowledge to help students align their academic choices with their career goals, ensuring they make informed decisions about their future.


3)Navigating Cultural Differences: Studying abroad often involves adapting to new cultures and environments. A counselling course prepares you to assist students in navigating cultural differences, promoting successful integration into foreign societies.


4)Study Visa Assistance: Understanding study visa procedures is essential in an overseas education business. A counselling course familiarizes you with visa application processes, documentation requirements, and immigration laws, ensuring you can guide students through the visa application process.


5)Ethical Practices: Ethics are paramount in counselling. A counselling course emphasizes ethical considerations, ensuring you conduct your overseas education business with integrity and transparency.


6)Building Relationships with Institutions: Counselling courses may offer networking opportunities, enabling you to establish connections with international educational institutions. These connections can facilitate partnerships and collaborations, enhancing the study abroad options you can offer to students.


7)Continuous Learning: The education landscape is ever-evolving. A counselling course encourages continuous learning, ensuring you stay updated with changes in the international education industry and offer up-to-date advice to students.



Earning potential of an Overseas Education Business in India


  • Payouts: Overseas education consultants receive remuneration from universities for each successful candidate enrollment. Typically ranging from INR 1 lakh to INR 2 lakhs per student.


  • IELTS Preparation: In English-speaking countries, the IELTS exam is a mandatory requirement for international students. Study abroad consultants collaborate with IELTS trainers to provide comprehensive preparation. On average, these consultants charge a fee ranging from INR 15,000 to INR 20,000 for IELTS training services.


  • Education Loan: Financial institutions like banks provide commissions to study abroad consultants for each successfully approved education loan, serving as a remuneration for their assistance in facilitating the loan application process.


  • Career Counselling: Study abroad consultants offer services such as college shortlisting, recommendations, and career counselling, typically charging a professional fee ranging from INR 5,000 to INR 10,000 for these comprehensive advisory services.

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