Angammai Monika V - M.Sc Environmental Science

Angammai Monika V

M.Sc Environmental Science

Hosur | Karaikudi | Bangalore

Experience: 10 yrs

About Counsellor:

A persuasive & influential person with 10yrs of work experience . Associated with MNC’s like Randstad (HR), American Express. Lead Career Counsellor with thorough understanding of mostly every profession out there, and know what skills and experience is needed for each. Helped students find a successful career path for themselves. Excellent experience consulting with professionals from diverse ranks, positions, and careers to evaluate their skill set, identify areas for further training and focus, and recommend appropriate job search and interview strategies. With proven expertise in assessing / identifying strengths, weaknesses—coupled with strong inner motivation and superior organization and interpersonal talents.

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  • Two Detailed Counselling Session
  • 45 + Minutes Counselling Duration
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 1yr Post Counselling Support
  • 5 Dimensional Career Assessment included


  • Detailed Professional Profile Analysis
  • Two Detailed Counselling Session
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 1yr Post Counselling Support
  • 45 + Minutes Counselling Duration

22 Reviews:

Reviewed by Dhruv Jetty on 31-12-2022

After my 12th grade I was very confused as to what I should do next. My parents wanted me to do engineering but I was not interested in it. I wanted to do something else. My dad came across Monika mam's profile and booked an appointment with her. She massively helped me in eliminating many career options and choose the best one for me. She helped me find the best universities/colleges in the country. Her psychometric tests were very useful. She was very helpful throughout the process and provided me a safe place to talk about me and my interests. She regularly kept motivating me. Monika mam also spoke to my parents and assured them that I would do well. I cannot thank Monika mam enough for her help.

Reviewed by Sanjeev on 02-04-2022

" Wanted the best guidance for opting for career choices. Went to mam she helped me with all my doubts. Thank you."

Reviewed by Rajita on 02-04-2022

"I was very confused and wanted to understand more about career choices. I went to mam she guided me well. Thanks."

Reviewed by Talksha on 02-04-2022

" It was an amazing experience with ma'am, thank you. Recommend it to everyone who is having difficulty finding the right options."

Reviewed by MOHIT GILL on 29-09-2021

I have 3 years of experience in different field but I was not happy still with what I was doing as I was in confused state. So after research I luckily got Mrs. Monika, Ebullient Career Counsellor & Life coach. She did my pre-counselling in detailed. She is so friendly that she not only gives you best career advice, also if u will share your personal problems she will give the best advice ever for this and you will feel relived and motivated. Then she provided me with career assessment test and after detailed study of that test she gave me better insight about my personality and my best ever career options based on my personality. I am feeling now more confident about my career and I heading towards my goal with more energy and clarity. So at any stage of life if someone is confused and feeling down then she is the best ever person whom u can contact any time. And I am lucky I contacted her. A special thanks to Mrs monika for providing me better insight about myself and I got a great friend, mentor and counsellor in life. ????

Answers Given By Angammai Monika V:

How is the scope of fashion designing in India?

21st of November 2020 | 2952 Views | 0 Likes

Fashion Designing has become famous among creative minds and the fashion industry has reached its peak. The fashion industry has a lot of cut-throat competition and vast challenges. The practice of fashion designing can be seen from the time immemorial. The scope of fashion designing does not restrict in India only but one can have job opportunities in aboard as well with their creativity and experience. After completing the fashion designing course , students have innumerable choices in front of them. Fashion designing graduate students can join fashion houses/manufacturing/export units for a paid job or launch their own label in the market.

Job profile:-

Fashion designer

Fashion Stylist

Retail Manager

Fashion Blogger

Textile designer 

(Ref:- Career360)

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Suggest some best career options for Introvert, iNtutive, thinking, judging organized personal type candidate?

21st of November 2020 | 2963 Views | 0 Likes

INTJ (Introvert, Intuition, Thinking, Judging)

INTJs are the ones you want on your side when you need a confident, expert opinion. INTJs want what they want when (and how they want it), and demand perfection from themselves and others. Your standards are high, where it’s for you or your client. You won’t be happy unless you find a job where you can refine things to make them better.

Jobs to consider:

Software Developer


Financial Advisor

Business Executive


The career choice is endless,  to know the best career option will recommend the individual to take 5D Career Assessment through best experienced Career counsellor & make the right choice.

(Ref:- thejobnetwork)

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I want to know about SPDC scholarship?

20th of November 2020 | 2953 Views | 0 Likes

Here by Iam sharing the details regarding Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children (SPDC) it comes under Ministry of External Affairs)

Details are collected from

SPDC Portal Support Team

EG & IT Division, MEA

1025, A Wing, Jawaharlal Nehru Bhavan

23-D Janpath, New Delhi 110011

Email: technicalcellegit[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in

Tel. : +91 11 4901 8371

In case of any assistance/clarification regarding Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children, please contact following

Section Officer

OIA II Division, MEA

925, Akbar Bhawan

Chankyapuri , New Delhi 110021

Email: so1oia2[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in

Tel. : +91 11 2419 7927

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