Bhramar Bhattacharya - M.SC applied Psychology and Certifications in Career counselling and guidance and behavioural counselling.

Bhramar Bhattacharya

M.SC applied Psychology and Certifications in Career counselling and guidance and behavioural counselling.


Experience: 10 yrs

About Counsellor:

Ms Bhramar Bhattacharya is a Well qualified and experienced Psychological and  Career counsellor. She has wide experience of more than 10 years dealing with school students, parents, teachers of different international schools across India. She has worked with a startup company as a consultant. life-skill trainer and also has experience of conducting interviews at MBA entrance procedure of a prominent B school of Pune. She has completed her Master's degree in Applied Psychology and has done certifications in guidance and counselling and Career Counselling from both national and international level.

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  • Two Detailed Counselling Session
  • 1 Hour Counselling Duration
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 1 Week Post Counselling Support
  • 5 Dimensional Career Assessment included

4 Reviews:

Reviewed by Manish Dey on 25-03-2023

She is a good counsellor, she always takes feedback as to know that she had done her job in a right way or does she really helped you. I loved her quality. Gained new perspectives and she is very optimistic, so you will feel good and hopeful after every conversation.

Reviewed by Showgandha Ray on 15-06-2022

She is very friendly and helpful ????

Reviewed by Showgandha Ray on 15-06-2022

The counciling was very helpful for me.I was very confused about it ,but it helped me a lot to choose my future career. She is very helpful and friendly ??

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava on 05-01-2022

It was very helpful for me as it made my future career very clear and I got to know more about myself. I highly recommend this.

Answers Given By Bhramar Bhattacharya:

what are the different type of psychometric theories used in career assessment?

28th of April 2020 | 3095 Views | 5 Likes

Career assessment is based on a scientific basis of using psychometric tests. So what is a psychometric test ?  A psychometric test is a standardised test which includes series of questions intending to understand a candidates s suitabaility for a particular career.

So different psychometric tests are there which are used for career assessment. To assess the personality of a candidate, tests like Meyers Brigg Type indicator,Big 5 theory, 16 PF theory ,Jung s 8 personality type are used .Similarly to understand the interest of a candidate Hollands 6 occupational theme is used.To understand the learning style, Flemming Vark theory and Goleman s 5 element is used to understand the EQ/ EI of the candidate.

There are other different psychometric tests which are used to understand the skills and abilities of a candidate . Here Howard Gardner multiple intelligence tests, DBDA (David s Battery of Differential Ability) and DAT(Differntial Aptitude test) are used for career assessment.

Generally the career assessments are based on these scientific and standardized tests as these  gives a clear and measureable data to determine a candidates suitablity for a particular career path.

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Why do you need a career counselor?

28th of April 2020 | 2924 Views | 3 Likes

This is a very common question that comes to our mind when we think about choosing our career.After all our teachers, senior family members can guide us .So why do we need career counsellors?

To answer this we can pause to think about these questions.......Can our teachers and family members guide us towards a career that best matches with our  personality? Do they know about my real strengths that can be best used in a particular career? What about my interests? Are the teachers and family members know about every interests of mine which can be a major point in choosing a career?

We all know it that it is impossible for any teacher to know the details of every student of her class or even the parents are also not equipped to know about every aspect of their child and it is particularly true whne it comes to the choiceof career.

As such we need a career counsellor  to assess  our personality, interests, values, skill and abilities  and match it with the best possible career options available in the market.  The career counsellor is particularly trained in this field and hence can be trusted with thier knowledge and expertise to guide us.

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