Col Atul Srivastava - MPhil, MSc, PGDHRM, PGD Guidance and Counselling, BTech, Certified Career Analyst

Col Atul Srivastava

MPhil, MSc, PGDHRM, PGD Guidance and Counselling, BTech, Certified Career Analyst


Experience: 10 yrs

About Counsellor:

Passionate, dedicated and resourceful Indian Army Veteran with over 10 years of experience in career counselling, our lead Counsellor is a trained and objective professional with whom you can build a healing and trusting relationship.

Students at critical stages of choosing a path for their career are faced with avoidable stress imposed by directives of parents, peer pressure and often their own desires of future lifestyles which may be at cross purposes to their inherent or nurtured abilities. The counsellor has rich and varied exposure to dilemmas of such students and parents. He possesses creativity and strong analytical skills essential in deciphering variables for development of academic and career objectives. He has mastered the art to address issues with compassion and empathy, consequently empowering students, professionals and parents in making optimised academic and career choices through comprehensive career paths. He is Adept at coaching workers through roadblocks in their career identifying opportunities for promotion training and professional development.

 Counsellor possesses excellent leadership qualities, communication skills and multi-cultural competencies. He effectively motivates, understands and relates with people of all socioeconomic background race and culture. He pursues career counselling empathetically as a passion.  

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  • One Detailed Counselling Session
  • 1 Hour Counselling Duration
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 1 Year Post Counselling Support
  • 5 Dimensional Career Assessment included
  • Study Techniques
  • College Details
  • Exam Details


  • Detailed Professional Profile Analysis
  • One Detailed Counselling Session
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 1 Year Post Counselling Support
  • 1 Hour Counselling Duration
  • Career Advancement Recommendations
  • Skills Development Recommendations

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Answers Given By Col Atul Srivastava:

What is the impact of corona virus on abroad studies?

27th of April 2020 | 2958 Views | 1 Likes

Corona is a potent threat with implications on studies abroad. The virus has had a major impact in USA, UK, Australia, Germany , Spain and Italy the preferred destinations for Studies abroad by Indian Students. The Unknown Chinese scare would definitely rule out China as yet another destination for Studies. The irony is that the state of existing flux cannot be defined in attributes of timelines. There is a big question mark over opening of institutions in near future. Obviously the admission process which starts March onwards is in doldrums. The capability and capacity of  institutions to commence courses on line  as regular activity is suspect specially for technical courses with a majority practical content as part of curriculum.

In my opinion, at this point in time it would be pragmatic to assume that earliest one can think of concrete beginnings in acdemic sessions abroad is January 2021 with admission cycles readjusted to September / October

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how can a student do Career Assessment without stable internet?

27th of April 2020 | 2984 Views | 1 Likes

Career assessmemnt for ease of functioning is attempted on line. The system has an inbuilt mechanism that in case interrupted ,the next session starts from the stage where it had stopped.

Moreover adequate redundancy has been incorporated so that in extreme sitautions the assessment test can be facilitated offline using OMR sheets.


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Regarding Online Career Counselling?

27th of April 2020 | 2961 Views | 0 Likes

Online Counselling is a poor man s choice. Counselling is a personalised service and is best undertaken face to face. It is imperative that a personal rapport and touch is maintained between the counsellor and the candidate, for optimum results.

On line counselling should be resorted to in certain unavoidable situations only.

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