Dr Dipty BohoraPatnaik - BDS, MA Psychology

Dr Dipty BohoraPatnaik

BDS, MA Psychology


Experience: 5 yrs

About Counsellor:

Dr Dipty,  followed her interest to complete Master's in Psychology while practicing as a dentist. The field of psychology intrigued her curious mind and helped understand human nature. Working with children in prestigious Army Public School, was more than a fulfilling experience that motivated her to know more about career counselling and guidance. As a counsellor, she not only understands the emotions and needs of the clients, she sees to it that the client get a clear picture of what to choose and how to have a fulfilling career life.Dr Dipty strongly believes that career selection, when done under guidance, with all the information needed, can have a great impact on one's personality and confidence. This step itself improves the self esteem of a candidate.

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  • One Detailed Counselling Session
  • 30 Minutes Counselling Duration
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 6 Month Post Counselling Support
  • 5 Dimensional Career Assessment included
  • Motivational Session
  • Study Techniques
  • College Details
  • Behavioral Counselling


  • Detailed Professional Profile Analysis
  • One Detailed Counselling Session
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 1 Month Post Counselling Support
  • 30 Minutes Counselling Duration


Dr Dipty BohoraPatnaik - BDS, MA Psychology

2 Reviews:

Reviewed by Srisha Patnaik on 29-06-2023

Wonderful! By Srisha. Check my review.

Reviewed by Dipty Bohora on 10-08-2022

Very easy! The test was easy to understand. All the options you need.