Jagadeesan S - MA Applied Psychology

Jagadeesan S

MA Applied Psychology

Chennai | Ashok Nagar

Experience: 3 yrs

About Counsellor:

  • Our Chief Counselor, Mr. Jagadeesan is a Psychologist and a Certified Career Analyst who integrates different concepts and theories from Psychology and puts them into practice to provide Career Counseling and Guidance for Students and Professionals. To achieve this, he uses Psychometric Tests which provide 93% accurate results based on the responses provided by the clients. He is the Founder and Director of ILCCC (Ivy League Career Counelors and Curators) where he provides professional counseling and guidance for his clients.
  • He is also a passionate, hard working and a creative Research Analyst, hence he provides the best career choices that will suit the client's Personality, Career Interests and few other domains upon analysis of the same.
  • Mr. Jagadeesan has solid 3 years experience in giving Life Skills Training Workshops, Workshops on Psychology related topics (Eg. Stress Management during Exam time, How to be Assertive and succeed in life), he has conducted numerous awareness programmes for different Psychological issues, he also provides Motivational & Influential Speeches for huge crowds and is an excellent Subject Matter Expert in the field of Psychology.
  • He has a really good network of professionals in the field, both personally and through professional platforms (Eg. LinkedIn) and hence helps his clients in the most efficient way possible.
  • He understands the needs of the clients clearly and provides excellent guidance services that helps them to be highly satisfied, happy and passionate about the career path that they will prefer to choose, post successful counseling sessions with him hence leading his clients towards a brighter, better and a crystal clear future. 
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  • Two Detailed Counselling Session
  • 50 Minutes Counselling Duration
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 1 Week Post Counselling Support
  • 5 Dimensional Career Assessment included
  • Study Techniques


  • Detailed Professional Profile Analysis
  • Two Detailed Counselling Session
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 1 Week Post Counselling Support
  • 50 Minutes Counselling Duration

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