Kashmira Sangoi - Career Counselor, Dermatoglyphics Consultant, Parenting Coach, Holistic mind Development Trainer, Author,  Blogger

Kashmira Sangoi

Career Counselor, Dermatoglyphics Consultant, Parenting Coach, Holistic mind Development Trainer, Author, Blogger

Mumbai | Dombivili | Thane | Navi Mumbai

Experience: 20+ yrs

About Counsellor:

Kashmira Sangoi trains and coaches students on Academic performance, Brain development and Career selection. She is a Certified Parenting Coach. Her endeavor is to guide Parents in creating a healthy, happy and balanced life, by working on improved communication, understanding behavioral issues and relationship between parents and children. Having tie-ups with two institutes reflects the ability to collaborate and engage teams in effective delivery of various workshops. She works in the area of Holistic mind development for kids by connecting Science, Spirituality and fun. She is highly skilled in Potential analysis and thereby, providing Career Solutions that meets an individual's life purpose. She can aptly anchor talk shows and conduct seminars.In past 8 years, she has helped over 10,000 Parents, done over 2,000 one to one Consultations and trained over 500 kids. She is a Co- Author of book 'Being Employable. She is passionate about writing Quotes and blogs. She has Professional Certifications in: Psychological Counseling, Dermatoglyphics, Holistic Mind Development, Parenting, Leadership, Career Strategist  & Kids Yoga. She is on a mission to help students unleash their true potential, enhance their Brain powers and select best suitable Career, thereby leading a happy and successful life. She loves to interact with Educators and Parents to discuss about Child Psychology and Parenting challenges. Her expertise and experience can help your organization/ institution in designing strategies and programs for better placement, productivity and also improved Mental Health & Wellness.Worshops on 10 Intellects & Stress Management are her Signature programs

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  • Two Detailed Counselling Session
  • 1 Hour Counselling Duration
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 1 Year Post Counselling Support
  • 5 Dimensional Career Assessment included
  • Motivational Session
  • Study Techniques
  • Mind Mapping
  • College Details
  • Exam Details
  • Behavioral Counselling


  • Detailed Professional Profile Analysis
  • Two Detailed Counselling Session
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 1 Year Post Counselling Support
  • 1 Hour Counselling Duration
  • Resume Analysis support
  • Industry Inputs
  • Career Advancement Recommendations
  • Skills Development Recommendations
  • Motivational Session

15 Reviews:

Reviewed by Urvi Momaya on 22-05-2023

It was good . We came to know about the logic of fingerprints for carrier selection. It was very informative.

Reviewed by Mahesh Mhatre on 27-04-2023

I was apprehensive about the counselling session for my son but Ms.Kashmira made us feel very comfortable and provided proper guidance to him. The career choices and entrance exams were provided in a detailed manner. The most impressive part was the humane touch where they follow up on your wards progress and make sure the instructions are followed. Truly Recommended

Reviewed by Priti Chavan on 24-04-2023

I recently had the opportunity to try out Career Counselling's DMIT Test for my son and daughter , and I must say that it was a truly enlightening experience. The DMIT Test is a cutting-edge assessment tool that analyzes your fingerprints and provides valuable insights into your innate talents, personality traits, and learning style. Kashmira Mam was highly professional and knowledgeable, and she went out of her way to ensure that We had a comfortable and enjoyable testing experience. The results of the DMIT Test were incredibly accurate and provided us with a lot of valuable information about my children’s that I had never considered before. "So I Highly recommended! The DMIT test provided valuable insights into innate talents and the career guidance program helped us to develop a clear plan to achieve our goals. Thanks To Mr. And Mrs Sangoi

Reviewed by Kanwardeep singh on 23-04-2023

Karishma was really technical and gave comllete time. Best is the verbatim used by her to connect with child !!!

Reviewed by Nidhi rane on 14-04-2023

Excellent explanation. Ready to listen Perfect opinion