Annapoorni SV - Certified Career Analyst, Post Graduate in Finance and HR

Annapoorni SV

Certified Career Analyst, Post Graduate in Finance and HR


Experience: 7 yrs

About Counsellor:

Mrs. Annapoorni SV is a passionate thinker and a post graduate in Finance and HR. With great interest in the field of Education & Learning and also as a responsible parent, always sought first hand information about various education and learning opportunities for her kids.

She believes in making conscious and informed decisions and has embarked on this journey to make the career choices simpler for each and every student and to their parents too. 



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  • Two Detailed Counselling Session
  • 1 Hour Counselling Duration
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 1 Week Post Counselling Support
  • 5 Dimensional Career Assessment included


Annapoorni SV - Certified Career Analyst, Post Graduate in Finance and HR

5 Reviews:

Reviewed by Natasha Vijayan on 12-09-2023

I had a very effective career counselling session with Annapoorni. She gave a detailed analysis of my profile and suggested careers that would match with mine and also where I can enjoy the job and continue to grow. She was very motivating. I would strongky recommend her to guide especially women looking to restart their career. Thanks for helping me figure out and make a start on getting back to work.

Reviewed by Mrs Sindhu on 01-09-2023

I got to know about Ms. Annapoorani career counsellor through one of my WhatsApp groups. My son is in 12th std. Myself and my husband were a little bit confused about his graduation studies, so I thought of going for career counseling for my son. Ms. Annapoorani is very frank and polite by nature. She discussed with my son in depth. She listens to him and given space to talk, she offered advises about new graduation courses , which he is interested in. Also advised on how to improve his interest and skills. Most of us know how to use Google search engine, You tube, Facebook ...etc for inquiring about further courses, but how to explore the vast education field for further new graduation courses and to upgrade, only a career counsellor can guide. Parents are giving limitation to their kids to do only Engineering and Medicine degree. Let the kids explore, find out other new courses, and decide according to their interest. Get the advise from career counsellors. Thank You

Reviewed by Krithikha on 01-08-2023

Thank you so much @ViVa mentee for recommending me to take the test. The test as a whole really helped me to analyse my choices as I was confused on which branch of engineering has more scope for me based on my interests. The engineering stream selection test has given me clarity on my career choices based on my interests. The report has guided me on the skills I should be working on for having a better career ahead. My parents also had a clarity on what I wanted due to this test. I am satisfied with the report and would surely recommend it to others.

Reviewed by Niranjana Iyer on 26-11-2022

I approached Ms.Annapoorni of Viva mentee with a confused mind as it was regarding my son S.Arjun Iyer’s education. Owing to the current stress, he was clueless as to what to opt for study in the future. As suggested by Annapoorni, my son was advised to take the career assessment test. Prior to this, we were also guided well in detail about this the essence of this psychometric test and guided him on HOW to take this assessment. Post the psychometric test, the report was shared with us. It gave our son and also us, an idea of the kind of person he is, his interests and his strength and weakness. It also suggested the subject streams and career path that are suitable for him. This helped us to make a decision on the subjects he can pursue today. Without doubts, I would suggest every parent should encourage their children to take this assessment test which will actually help them identify and become aware of themselves. I felt very happy and actually relaxed about my son now and put him in the course which he actually loves very much. Thank you so much Viva mentee for the guidance and support rendered to us during the crisis time.

Reviewed by Prasanna Rajalingam on 26-11-2022

This is with reference to our conversation with your career counsellor Annapoorni. My daughter Prisha Raghuram is in her 10th and (like most teenage girls her age) is contemplating multiple options regarding her higher studies. We were thoroughly impressed with the entire engagement - from the very first conversation the professionalism was combined with empathy and understanding of the situation. She guided both us parents and my daughter in every step. She made my daughter feel extremely comfortable and gave her the confidence that no answer is wrong. Be it introducing her to new concepts of evaluating her interests or explaining the results of the psychometric test, the entire journey was a breeze. Therefore I wanted to take the time to write a small note of appreciation to Annapoorni and her team. Kudos to you guys and I’m sure we will reach out to her in the future. Thanks a lot.