Ramaa Sankar - MA, BEd, Dip in T & D, ICCC(NCDA<CDA, U.S.A) certified student career counsellor

Ramaa Sankar

MA, BEd, Dip in T & D, ICCC(NCDA

Bangalore | Tumkur

Experience: 15 yrs

About Counsellor:



Mrs Ramaa Sankar is a certified ICCC (CDA & NCDA, U.S.A.)  Student Career Coach who can also provide not only detailed insight and clarity in choosing the right career path but also provides end to end solutions for admissions abroad. She is a Diploma in T & D professional, Behavioural Trainer , a certified Psychometric Analyst . She has over a decade of experience in the field of Guidance and Counselling students alongside being a transformational coach, career counsellor, mentor and being a certified Psychometrician. She has coached adults and students alike across the globe and specialised in  dealing with people empowerment endeavours at all levels providing guidelines and frameworks for personal and professional excellence.


She started her early career path as a teacher in Dubai. Then moved to West Africa and lived there for over two decades and became the Head for T & D functions for a conglomerate company. With a rich experience of diverse population she is a skilled advisor providing positive direction to students and corporate individuals alike, right from academic to social and emotional wellbeing. Later on she has moved to counseling students across the globe irrespective of the board they study in.


Her vision is to provide clarity and guidance to enhance the academic performance and process of learning so that all students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to take initiative to make well informed career choices utilizing their strengths, values, interests, and abilities

She uses researched, reliable and validated assessment tools to help navigate people through their tough times providing a road map to understand their strengths , potential, interest, abilities along with areas of improvement .


She has helped clients make incredible progress in their careers, personal lives and mindsets, by improving upon their personal and professional strategies, tools and practices to make major differences that have a long-term impact.


She champions credibility, mindfulness, life strategy, and positivity to all her stakeholders.


Her career guidance technique encompasses the use and support of extensively researched; accurate, validated tools help students plan their career path. She also provides them with developmental plans for areas that need more focus. This paves the way for a successful career path and leads the student to choose the next course of action.


Her principles of coaching include self-awareness, resilience, resourcefulness, emotional intelligence and developing a growth mindset – the critical skills


She highlights alternate career routes and provides a backup plan if required as the case maybe for a successful future. She strongly believes that it is in an individual’s hand to determine the scope and cannot limit it to just one course or career.


A keen observer, she can pick up the right clues (verbal & non-verbal) from the candidate and have a great rapport with her students.

She is highly energetic, enthusiastic and possesses a rich experience in working in multi-cultural environments. With an ability to learn new concepts quickly and communicate ideas clearly she has an astute eye for process and behaviour observation which adds value to learning personality inadequacies.


Her counselling sessions have depth, personalisation and meaning, or as some would call it- a ‘SOUL’. To sum it all up, she calls it a Yoga Stretch for the career path



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Ramaa Sankar - MA, BEd, Dip in T & D, ICCC(NCDA<CDA, U.S.A) certified student career counsellor

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