Taral Shah - M.Sc. Mathematics

Taral Shah

M.Sc. Mathematics


Experience: 9 yrs

About Counsellor:

Meet Taral, your dedicated career counselor at Career Space. With a wealth of experience and a passion for guiding individuals towards success, Taral brings a unique blend of expertise and a diverse range of talents to the table.

With a background as an assistant professor in mathematics for 9 years, Taral possesses deep knowledge and understanding of the academic world. This experience allows him to offer valuable insights and guidance to school and college students as they navigate their educational journeys and make informed career choices.

Tarals commitment to professional growth is evident through his training as a teacher trainer by MHRD, Government of India. This qualification equips him with advanced pedagogical techniques, enabling him to provide effective counseling strategies that cater to the individual needs of his clients.

Recognizing the importance of specialization in the field of career counseling, Taral has obtained certification from the CCA (Certified Career Analyst). This certification ensures that Taral is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to assist individuals in exploring various career options, identifying their strengths, and making informed decisions about their professional paths.

Beyond his expertise in counseling, Taral is a multi-talented individual with diverse interests. In his free time, he indulges his passion for sports, particularly football and table tennis. His involvement in sports not only highlights his dedication to a healthy lifestyle but also reflects his ability to understand the value of teamwork and perseverance.

Adding a touch of humor to his repertoire, Taral is also a stand-up comedian. This unique talent allows him to bring a light-hearted and engaging approach to his counseling sessions, creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where clients can freely express themselves.

With Taral as your career counselor, you can expect a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to your professional development. His expertise, combined with his diverse interests and natural ability to connect with people, makes him an ideal partner on your journey towards a successful and fulfilling career.


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  • One Detailed Counselling Session
  • 15 Minutes Counselling Duration
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 1 Week Post Counselling Support
  • 5 Dimensional Career Assessment included


  • Detailed Professional Profile Analysis
  • One Detailed Counselling Session
  • 22+ Pages Detailed Career Report
  • 1 Week Post Counselling Support
  • 15 Minutes Counselling Duration
  • Career Advancement Recommendations
  • Motivational Session
  • SOP guidance and support


Taral Shah - M.Sc. Mathematics
Taral Shah - M.Sc. Mathematics

5 Reviews:

Reviewed by Chirag Pathak on 6-08-2023

Taral, my son ran through the reports. Very insightful & helpful. Really impressed by the depth of content & analysis. My best wishes to you & Career Spaces

Reviewed by Priya Bhowal on 6-03-2024

The report and the sessions were helpful and gives me hope. I now hope that I am able to follow the suggestions and get better outcomes. But I'm thankful to Taral for listening to me and guiding me.

Reviewed by Naman jain on 11-03-2024

It was good. Sir provided me a variety of options based on my interests and it cleared my doubts about the colleges and branch I should opt for.

Reviewed by Manav Madan Rawal on 2-04-2024

Mr. Taral Shah helped me out in choosing Universities abroad for my Masters. He guided me in writing the SOP and also told me on how opportunities vary in academia and industry depending on the country you study from. He patiently listened to all my doubts and gave me detailed answers pertaining to all my queries. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for career guidance!

Reviewed by Adithya M P on 16-04-2024

Thanks Taral for guiding us. My son was unaware of the huge no of options which are available before him. He got an insight into himself as an individual. Taral was also mindful in suggesting careers keeping the future changes in mind.