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What are the best sites for career counselling?

Since this lockdown, many students are not sure about their career and they need career advice. From where can I get career counselling online?

Asked by Edumilestones | 14th of April 2020


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13 Answers

Rajesh Rajput

24th of January 2022 | 1 Likes


Career Counselling is a process in which a Career Counsellor provides necessary guidance helps an individual to move from Confusion to Clarification. 

According to me to select best career counselling sites you musk look for following features in their CAREER COUNSELLOR:-

  • Self-Awareness
  • Empathy
  • Open-mindedness
  • Concreteness
  • Attentiveness
  • Unconditional Positive Regards
  • Genuineness
  • Warmth

For more information regarding best career counselling service in delhi or career counsellor you can visit The Career Galaxy's wesbite. In my opinion thier counsellors have all the above qualities, infact for than that.

Rajesh Rajput

24th of January 2022

Totally Agree With You!


21st of August 2020 | 2 Likes


Edumilestone ; the highest rated career counselling online platform. It is the best sites in my knowledge and I have been experienced too. In this site; it coveres all major and most required psychometric elements to define candidates personality, career interests, career motivators, EQ, Learning Styles, Skills & Abilities. Candidates can avail the free access of career library in this site; where one can explore the suitlable career clusters, career paths and career profession as per his/her choice of career. In that career library link one can find 10 Major elements which helps understand about the desired career choose by candidate. It talks about 1. About Career 2. Work Nature 3. Key Skills 4. Occupations 5. Career Analysis 6. Career Videos 7. Career Navigators 8. Best Colleges in India 9. Best Entrance Exams 10. Recommendations.

Anish Bagla

25th of January 2022 | 0 Likes


According to me, Career Counselling is one of the most demanded service in today's era. It is diificult to find a good career counselling servcie provider but I have one recommendation for the best career counselling service.

That is The Career Galaxy.


They provide outstanding career counselling service.

Upasna Dua

15th of April 2020 | 0 Likes


There s an endless stream of career guidance n counselling services available.But most of them are too general to be helpful for any one person s unique situation.and also most of them are biased towards certain colleges/universities.

     I recommend two websites to help you discover your perfect career with most advanced career assessment platform n expert counsellors in  both online n offline modes.

check out :

Disclosure: i am the lead career counsellor at Upturn  Career Counselling.

Sanjay Thakur | Certified Career Analyst/...

14th of May 2020 | 5 Likes


The best sites for career counseling

Lot of career counseling sites are available in india and as I reside in Kolkata. Career Counseling site which provides the counseling services such as I Care, iDream, Sanjeevani career guidance and Counseling etc. They are providing their services differently and I don’t want to do any kinds of critics on them because they are doing their job as per their knowledge as they have. I always learned through my work experiences and I know that I am a “Certified Career Counselor “ and my work place “ENE+” is working with one of the India’s top most leading Career Counseling Service Provider “Edumilestones. I am not overly pride but I am confident for the overall service regard counseling and Career Counseling with Personal, Educational and Professional fields which I provide is unique and in the best way. I always try to give my level best which provides optimized stage in life of the clients.


Looking for your observation and reply.  You can visit :

Sanjay Thakur

14th of May 2020


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