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Atul Srivastava | MPhil, MSc, PGDHRM, PGD G...

27th of April 2020 | 1 Likes


Charting a career path in present day scenario has become a challenging exercise. Gone are the days when Medical, Engineering or Civil services were the only options available to aspirants of a good career. Today diverse opportunities across a wide spectrum are available to choose from.More importantly there are scientific tools which  make individuals aware of their potential and help align their their career  paths.  However what is the reality?

Young minds at critical stage in career have often been found struggling making career choices. Directives from parents, peer pressure, lack of self awareness and at times unrealistic vision of desired  future life (which may be at cross purposes with personality, interest and skills) infuse high degree of confusion. All this is avoidable as experts are available who can empower individuals through facilitation to embark on potentially satisfying career path.

Seeking guidance when faced with such threats is obviously a logical options for aspirants of a successful career. Hence the need for career counsellors.

Atul Srivastava | B.E. ( Bachelor of Engine...

29th of April 2020 | 1 Likes


You need a career counsellor because career counsellor is

  1. Objective by nature. Your parents your teachers are connected with you but career counselling is not connected with you so he doesn t have any image about you.
  2. He/she is not emotionally attached with you.
  3. He /she has psychological understanding n technology like edumilestones company behind him.
  4. Edumilestones companies technology is is connected with artificial intelligence AI, it has got a very powerful objective computerized system.
  5. Good career counselor can read and interpreter read the data very nicely and counsel you perfectly. so you should go to professional career counsellor committed for the cause
  6. You are welcome at personality development academy to take my online course to choose the best career for you.
  7. You can do it from anywhere,
  8. Call 9426 214 800

Anupma Mehrotra | M.A., B.Ed., Post Grad. D...

22nd of May 2021 | 0 Likes


Career counselling help us to understand our strengths and weaknesses and then match them with our skills and interest  so that we can get the suitable career .It is beneficial for both short_ term and long-term success in professional life. Spending time with a career counsellor enables us to recognize the value as a professional. Career counsellor helps to understand the career options, that they have, and how to pursue them.

Parimal | ...

17th of June 2021 | 0 Likes


Let me ask you another Question, Why do you need a Teacher or Professor for Study, Why Do you need a Doctor when you are not well.

It it very important to know ourself well. In my career I have constantly try to figure out what do I want to do and what is suitable for me. Since secondary school time I have started to think hard on what I want to be in the future.

During University time I did a lot of reading and test to understand myself more. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. However I don’t know where to start and what industry I should go into. I have tried to start some small business in university time and I learned that passion is very important.

Knowing yourself and your passion by your self is a lengthy process. Either you learn by your experience, or learn by other's experience in short time.

Believe me that is very time consuming. It is very important to know your suitable path, with help of some experienced person who have seen that journey. Who have actaully worked in compnaies. Selection any stream, career or path and then look out for Career Change, Transition, dropouots are Really painful.

By paying a little amout so called career Counselling fees, you actually a get an exposure of their rich experience of Career Counselor. Is it not amazing.

You can actually shorten your journey, speedup your tacks, Clean up your doubts just becuase some one has seen it byself and many other. So there is no doubts  you should go for a Career Counselling who is expert and should not think much about. 

Now The Major Question is When : I always suggest my clients to go for Career Counselling in last querter of 9th Standard or 1st Quester of 10th Standard. Why ? There is a Reason behing it. If you discover some of the option where you need to prepare for exams, be ready mentally, and financially, then you have time.

If you want to know more on how the Practical Career Counseling Works, You can Schedule a Call Back from My Office to Understand better. 


16th of April 2020 | 3 Likes


First, it s important to accept that 90% of the youth need someone who can give them insight into options. 

Second, society does help in giving insight but it is at the cost of being biased. 

Third, it s proven that if an individual is counseled regular for his career growth then he/she is likely to succeed faster and have a content and satisfactory work life. 

Hence, presence and interaction with career counselors is essential at every stage of education and job. 


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