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How to choose a career counselling course that could make you successful?

The world of work has been continually changing. Over 75% of the jobs that exist today never did until five or ten years ago. Today, India leads the worlds share of online labour. Additionally, about 56% of our Indian enterprises have, 20% or more temporary, contractual or freelance workers. This means that more and more options are about to open up for the Indian youth. This fast-moving employment environment has caused anxiety to most students or young professionals who have just begun to invest in their future. There is constant confusion on whether the skills they have will be enough to grow in the times to come.

In these uncertain times, career counsellors stand out to be the perfect guiding light for a lot of students and professionals. These professionals help individuals build skills for the future and plan career pathways based on deep industry insights. Career counsellors hence provide the essential resources to sustain oneself in these times. However, India currently faces an acute shortage of career counsellors. For the millions of students and professionals looking for help to build a career, India needs at least 1.5 million career counsellors. This implies that the career guidance industry is still in its nascent stage and has tremendous growth opportunities ahead. Entering this industry in the current times would be a great way to establish ground without any significant barriers to set a career business up for success. Hence, career counselling certification is the need of the hour to help you start your own career counselling venture.

How can one enter the career counselling industry?

Career counsellors use various tests, tools and resources to collaborate with an individual to put together a career plan that helps them grow quicker and with minimum obstacles. To be able to do this, one needs to go through a rigorous career counselling course. These courses provide counsellors with the necessary tools to create a healthy career plan for their clients. They help counsellors understand the various career counselling techniques and how different resources can be used together or independently to help a student or professional. 

Career counselling course help counsellors establish authority. Depending on the recognition of the issuing organisation/ authority, counsellors can establish the quality of their services through the right career counselling certification. Since these credentials help students understand the value that the counsellor brings to them, they work a great marketing tool for career counsellors. All in all, career counselling certification serves the purpose of equipping counsellors with the right resources and attracting more audiences for them through the display of these resources.

How can one choose the right career counselling course in India?

Many organisations offer career counselling certifications and courses. Every organisation markets their product to be the best in the industry. However, only some indeed are. Here are a few points to consider before enrolling into a career counselling course.


1. Trainer Led Live training

Online or distance programs are the norms of the times we live. However, most of these programs fall short of delivering the quality content and resources required to help a career counsellor become successful. This is because they have pre-recorded sessions. Pre-recorded sessions have two major problems: low engagement and uncertain relevance. Since there is no live interaction and doubt-solving, these sessions often turn out to be heavy and monotonous. Also, these programs are usually recorded and used for quite some time, and hence the course content may not be relevant to the current times or geographies. Thus, one should always look for a career counselling certification with live sessions with immediate problem solving and directly relevant examples and content. This allows for better grasping of content and ease in using resources.


2. Curriculum

After the mode of delivery, comes the actual course content. The course curriculum is the backbone of the course and hence requires extra due diligence. A good career counselling course curriculum gives significant weightage to psychometric concepts, career analysis and conflict resolution. The curriculum should also not limit the career counsellors knowledge and understanding only to the Indian context.


3. Years of experience and Ratings

The next essential item in a course is the number of years the course has been offered and the response from past participants. The number of years helps one judge the institutions success. The longer the institute has provided the course, the more established and recognised the course is. This recognition and validity of the career counselling course offerings are further supplemented by the courses ratings and institute from alumni. More robust the rating, higher the value the course will provide to the individual.


4. Hand Holding

While courses do equip career counsellors with essential counselling resources, it is the hand holding post the course that helps them implement these skills better. Hand holding, especially in the initial stages, should be provided by an institute to ensure that every counsellor comfortably sets up their career counselling practice and can use all tools and resources provided in the course without any hassles or glitches.


5. Technology

While resources are essential, the technology supporting them is even more critical. A career counselling session is incomplete without detailed psychometric testing. These tests are usually online platform based. Hence, a career counsellor should consider whether the assessment platform considers all aspects of career planning. This should be followed by due diligence on the reliability, validity and accuracy of the testing platform in returning results. Career counsellors must invest in assessment technology that helps them grow and not restrict their scope of providing career counselling to a particular age or education/ professional category.


Now that the essentials of a career counselling course are identified, we bring to you a program that fulfils these parameters and many more to help you stand out as a highly-skilled career counsellor.

About the Certified Career Analyst (CCA) course

The Certified Career Analyst (CCA) program is an industry-leading career counselling course in India. Offered by Edumilestones, the CCA program integrates an Edupreneur program with the career counselling course to help career counsellors quickly set up their business with technical assistance from experts. The CCA certifications comprehensive program structure is developed based on years of experience and the expertise of 50 leading career counsellors from around the world. Considered as an international standard, Edumilestones has equipped and set up over 2200 career counsellors in India. Till date, Edumilestones has provided 50,000+ hours of post-training support for alumni of this program and set up 1000+ career counselling platforms. This makes Edumilestones a leading career counselling institution in the country. With over 45,000+ test done by CCA trained professionals, the program has become an industry benchmark for testing and counselling.

Through the CCA-Edupreneur program, CCA trained counsellors also get assistance in setting up their career counselling platform based on Edumilestones well-proven technology. This platform allows career counsellors to access an AI-based career assessment platform that does a career analysis across 175+ career paths and 3000+ occupations. This ensures that a career counsellor can provide comprehensive reports and strategies to their clients. This comprehensive testing platform, combined with the extensive counselling knowledge makes the CCA-Edupreneur program a well-lauded program. 

Benefits of Certified Career Analyst (CCA) course

  • 30+ Hrs of Career Analysis & Counselling Training to ensure that a counsellor is fully equipped to succeed.
  • Live Instructor-Led Online and Offline Training Program that facilitates one-on-one doubt solving and hence personalised learning experiences.
  • Conceptual & Practical knowledge through case studies, scenario analysis & counselling delivery.
  • Basic to Advanced training to accommodate people from different educational/professional backgrounds to pursue a course in career counselling.
  • Overview of Career Assessment tool and Counselling Platform helps counsellors smoothly navigate through their microsites and hence help students fully utilise available resources.
  • Branded psychometric and career counselling website/microsite to start a business as a counsellor.
  • Business, lead generation support and easy to use counsellor dashboard.
  • Round the clock technical and marketing support to ensure smooth business as a counsellor.
  • Only a one-time setup cost, with no annual, no renewal or maintenance fee.
  • 10 complimentary access codes to help you kick-start your practice.

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So why is the CCA certification course considered the highest-rated career counselling certification course in India?

  • Industry-leading experts

The CCA program is developed and taught by industry leaders. This means that every session allows for the sharing of thought and experiences which help counsellors better understand the practice of career counselling.

  • Multidimensional

Since Edumilestones focusses on the overall planning of an individuals career, the course curriculum is made up of a varied range of subjects that help identify and plan various growth opportunities for an individual.

  • Reliable

Edumilestones career tests are based on scientific and statistical models and have 98.6% accuracy. This makes these testing assessments the most accurate estimates in the country.

What next?

While the industry needs many career counsellors, students and professionals would not invest in a counsellor with substandard resources. Hence, investing in the best quality resources and tools is an absolute necessity. Identifying and enrolling in a great career counselling course like the CCA is essential in defining a career counsellors growth. It also determines the success rate of counsellors clients.

Know more about the CCA-Edupreneur program to become a career counsellor.  


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