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About Edumilestones

Edumilestones is the highest rated career counselling and career guidance platform in India.

We are the also largest career counselling platform in India with more than 500000 students are counselled in last 10 years. Our industry leading 5 dimentional psychometric career assessment has helped thousands of students to make informed career decisions and contributed to their career growth.

Join us to endorse career counselling and make a difference in each student and professional career life. Happy career life to all.

About Referral Program

Career counselling and guidance is for everyone starting from 5th class to working professionals. If you know anyone who is confused for their career, it can be student, graduate or even working professional; You can immediately refer them for our career counselling program with your referral link.

The link you will receive is unique to you. Anyone who registers with us through this link will be marked as your referral and you will get pay out for their registration once they make the payment to edumilestones even after 1 year. It’s that simple and easy. All the activities and playout you can track in your dashboard referral sign up.

We look forward to a sustainable and mutually rewarding partnership!

Edumilestones Recognitions and Alliances

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Edumilestones recognized by APCDA
Edumilestones recognized by IIAP
Edumilestones recognized by CCA
Edumilestones recognized by Samudra Foundation
Edumilestones recognized by CCIS
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Edumilestones recognized by Psyuni
Edumilestones recognized by Psyuni

Terms and Conditions

  • Referral payout is valid only if the purchase is made through a referral link.
  • Referral payout is valid only if it is reflected in referral dashboard.
  • Edumilestones has the right to refusal in case of disputes if any.
  • Please note that edumilestones reserves the right to revoke or terminate referral offer at any time, with or without cause.
  • Edumilestones can block any user if any fraudulent activity is detected. Example-register by using fake email id.
  • Payout is not applicable if assessment is done from edumilestones partner webpage, free suitability or non commercial assessments.
  • This referral program is not open to employees, contractors working in the business development team of edumilestones or their friends, relatives, or associates.
  • Applicable tax deduction will be done before clearance of payouts to referral if applicable.
  • Payout will be done on 10th of every month.
  • In case of any dispute mail to vipin@edumilestones.com