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Confused About career or subjects selection? Get complete career counselling solution in India near you. Edumilestones is highest rated career counselling and career guidance platform in India Since 2008

Why You need career counselling in India?

As stated, the maximum of us makes random career choices by listening to our parents, friends, society etc. These random decisions shape a major part of our life. So don’t we need to make a highly informed decision while making such life-changing choices?

A person needs career counselling to find the best career choice. Every student has different talent and capabilities. Career decision-making is not something that occurs only one time in a person’s life but, rather, it is a continuous process that may take place at any age. An experienced career counsellor can help tap the potential of the student and the professional.

Effective career counselling in India is the need of the hour. It facilitates effective career preparation.

Right career guidance at the right time can help many individuals to live a life of their dreams.

Have you ever thought this?

Students spend the majority of their adult life at the workplace. A career decision is one of the most important decisions in students’ life. There is a very thin line between a happy and sad career. Choose wisely. That’s where effective career planning and career counselling in India comes into the picture.

An effective career counselling blends information from psychometric tests with career information to help the individual discover the most suitable career path. It is essential that the career counsellor is equipped with skills to help the individual gain insights into personal interests, talents, skills and aptitude. It is essential that the career counsellor is trained not only to take tests but also interpret the career report effectively.

  • Confused about which stream to choose after 10th.
  • Confused about which career path is most suitable for you?
  • Confused about how to achieve your Career Milestone?
  • Confused about which college will be most suitable for you?
  • Being a professional, if you are not happy with your career and and need professional career guidance advice.

Why is highest rated career counselling platform in India?

Edumilestones is the highest-rated career counselling platform in India. We are the pioneer in career counselling industry. Our psychometric career assessment is available in multiple languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati.

Our empanelled career counsellors are highly qualified, experienced and well trained. Our empanelled counsellors have delivers more than 2 Lac career counselling in India every year with highest ratings.

 edumilestones 5-dimensional career assessment is considered as Industry benchmark.

Using Edumilestones multi-dimensional career guidance the platform, the candidates are assessed on 6 key dimensions giving us an edge over other providers. these 6 dimensions are personality analysis, career interest, career motivators, learning style, emotional Quotient, Skills and Abilities ( 8 Modules).

Trained career counsellors across 1800+ locations

Edumilestones is having the largest network of career counsellors. All the empanelled career counsellors are certified career analyst.

Psychometric Career Assessment for Students & Professionals

Highly accurate 22 types of psychometric assessment from 5th class to working professionals.

Colleges Selection and Admission Prediction

Get information of 180000 + Top colleges and 1000+ exams analysis for each candidate with admission chances prediction.

Colleges Application Tracking

Apply and track your application to top universities including Ivy League colleges across 22+ countries.

Student Dashboard

Access information of colleges, exams. Detailed career library. Career Boosters and many more.

Personal Improvement videos

Edumilestones career lab is high-quality collection of personal improvement and skill improvement videos. Unlimited access to all candidates.

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Edumilestones recognized by Psyuni

Career Guidance lab for schools in India

Edumilestones career guidance Lab is a state-of-the-art career counselling technology platform for schools which comprises of the emerging & latest trends in the Indian education system. Our Technology platform along with the Expert Counsellors help students to set career goals, find out the most suitable career path and achieve their career milestones. Students can make informed career decisions based on career analysis and information available in a single platform.