Edumilestones Has Crossed 3400+ Career Counsellors Globally

Edumilestones - Tuesday 18th January 2022 | Become a career counsellor

We are happy to announce that Edumilestones now has more than 3400+ Career Counsellors across 20+ countries. On this special occasion, we have with us, Mr. Ankit Agrawal who is the Co-Founder and Product Director of Edumilestones. He will be answering some common questions that we usually get.


This is a helpful blog if you are already a career counsellor or aspiring to become one since many important insights, technology solutions and tips are covered. You may also scroll down to the end of the blog to check out the video version of this short interview.


Keep reading to know about:

  • Journey to 3400+ career counsellors.
  • The technology platform that helps career counsellors grow their practice.
  • Some new initiatives in the Career Counselling Industry from Edumilestones.
  • Tips and advice for people who are aspiring to become Career Counsellors.



1: Edumilestones now has more than 3400 career counsellors across the globe. How do you feel about this?


Ankit: The feeling is great and the team is excited too. Special thanks to all those professionals who had faith in Edumilestones and who are actively contributing to this ecosystem. Having 3400+ counsellors is not an achievement, but the belief they showed in us is the actual treasure. This makes us proud.



2: Career Counsellors are using a lot of functionalities to grow their careers. Out of these, what are your top 3 favourite



Ankit: That will be a tough pick. Still, I will say, the first functionality that I like is Deep Analysis. What we mostly see in a conventional report or assessment are the recommended options of which career path is suitable. But at Edumilestones, the Deep Analysis method includes an assessment across 300+ career paths and 3000+ occupations for each student. Going through the report the counsellor can guide them thoroughly. Besides suggesting to them which career option is suitable, it is also required to state which isn’t suitable for the particular candidate. Hence, Deep Analysis will always be a top functionality. 


The second thing I’d highlight is the multiple dimensional career assessment. These assessments start from the fifth class and go up to working professionals. Till 12th we have a five-dimensional career assessment while for graduates and working professionals we have a six-dimensional career assessment method. So you see, we use multiple psychometric theories to ensure complete reliability and accuracy of the report we generate. It is indeed one of the most important functionalities that Edumilestones has. 


Third and foremost is the Support System. Whatever good is happening is a contribution of the backend. The support system Edumilestones has created is unmatchable. Anytime the career counsellors can reach out to the support desk and have their queries submitted. 


So these three are the top three functionalities that we have. 




3: What are some new initiatives from Edumilestones that Viewers should know about? 


Ankit: See, we have taken a lot of initiatives in the recent past and I will highlight a few of them. 


The first and foremost initiative is ‘Career Counselling Near Me’. We launched this 3 years back and got a very good response. This enables the student to connect with the career counsellor near his/her location. It allows them to connect with the counsellor through an appointment, by requesting a call or through message. Daily, a lot of appointments are booked on the Edumilestones website. Through this interface, we have created a common ecosystem for the students and counsellors where they can interact directly and perform the transactions. So, this is among one of the great initiatives that we have taken recently. 


The second initiative I would say is the ‘Career Booster’. Now, the aspect of career counselling is vehemently blooming too. Students are looking forward to multiple solutions and that’s what we are helping them with so that they don’t need to seek solutions from multiple places. Here in this interface, we have collaborated with leading companies like WhiteHat Junior, Manipal, Sportszo and many more. Moreover, we have initiated exclusive courses whether the student needs them for study guidance or upskilling. These are present across our counsellor’s platform. Therefore instead of visiting multiple platforms, candidates can generate the solutions here from professionals and I think this is why the Career Booster interface is helpful. 


Third thing is, now Edumilestones is not limited to India. From last year, we have increased our presence in multiple countries like Guinea, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Vietnam, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other multiple places. We would like to create a similar ecosystem there and provide solutions as per their standards. So, Edumilstones at present is a global company and going forward we would be increasing our international presence. 



4: As the Career Counselling industry is blooming, many aspirants want to pursue a profession here. What will be some of your tips for them?


Ankit: This is a great industry and India requires quality career counsellors since we are already running short of that. When we started ten years back this concept was very new. However, now in India, this concept is growing rapidly. Many schools have included career counselling as a must and lots of professionals from different industries also want to set up a career as a career counselling expert. So certainly, if you are passionate to serve society, if you are passionate to serve career-related solutions to the students, this is the right industry for you.


Edumilestones is here to help you out from all aspects. Our objective is to provide abundant information to aspiring career counsellors. Not necessary that you need to pursue a course, or need to have some assessments. If you are new, you can follow our official Edumilestones youtube channel and website to get plenty of insights. Once you are sure that its the right industry for you, you can surely go for the assessment tests from Edumilestones. But if you are sure about your role of serving the students with career-related solutions, I strongly suggest this is the right industry for you.


Lastly, you can also check your suitability to become a Career Counsellor. It is one of the most loved features of aspiring career counsellors.

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