Can a teacher become a career counsellor?

Vipin Prasanth - Thursday 7th March 2019 | Become a career counsellor
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Teachers are the perfect and most likely candidates to become a career counsellor.

There is nothing specific qualifications for becoming career counsellor as such. However, successful career counsellors are with below qualifications,

  1. Academic background - Psychology, Teaching, Engineering, Medicine, HR, Social Science, etc.,

  2. Experience - Wide range of background experiences such as Teaching and Training, Psychological counselling, Human resource management, Doctors, Engineers, etc.,

  3. Certification - Relevant certification in career counselling methodologies and procedure.

  4. Practice - Adequate exposure to career counselling process and solutions.


In India, the process of becoming a career counsellor is simple.

Here are your simple 3 steps to becoming a career counsellor:



Step 1: Check your suitability for becoming a career counsellor.

Anybody can become a career counsellor, but only a few become successful in it. Better to check your suitability for this profession before opting for it. Check here.

Step 2: Join a certified course and practice first.

Practical knowledge on the subject, the latest technology and marketing strategies are the key in order to be successful. Any program which offers all of these essentials will help you kickstart.

Step 3: Get mentored and start on your own.

Hand-holding and supervision for the first few cases are a must and that makes a lot of difference in order to gain insight, hands-on experience and confidence. If done right, you will be a successful and a trusted name yourself in just 6 months.

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