What is the Scope of Career Counselling in India?

Safeer Bhola - Friday 27th November 2020 | Become a career counsellor
scope of career counselling in india

Career counsellors are bound to play a more crucial role today than ever. Today, career decisions are more informed rather than based on parental recommendations. While Google does present hundreds of resources, finding the right career without any help is like climbing Mt. Everest without training. Hence, more and more people are turning to career counsellors to get the correct information to help them shape their careers.

Career counsellors help students and professionals identify the right career skills and path. They are in huge demand more than ever.

Their scope has also been ever-expanding, starting from just for school students to now being essential even for senior professionals to plan their career well. However, due to misinformation on the scope of this field of work and inadequate resources to become one, most people miss out on the golden opportunities to enter the industry. 

Here we bring you a few details to help you understand what the scope of this profession is, and how Edumilestones can help you capture the market.

Scope of Career Counselling

1. Indias current demographics:

As per a report, about 67% of Indias population is in the working-age of 15-64. Additionally, a majority of this is in the 15-30 years age bracket. This implies that more and more people need help to choose the right careers, as they enter their college/university years or are about to start their professional journey.

2. Dearth of professional career counsellors:

Currently, India needs at least 1.4 million more career counsellors to bridge the gap between demand and supply. Because of the sheer largeness of the gap, there will be a constant need for counsellors for years to come.

3. Large size of the market:

The estimated size of the need for career assessments and guidance is stated at approximately Rs 5000 crores. So not only is there a gap in the availability of professionals but also a vast market potential that is yet unexplored.

4. Broad career opportunities:

Career counselling is one of the rare few professions which allow you to work with school students, parents of these students, graduates, young professionals, and even mid-career professionals looking for a switch. This implies broad exposure and a continually changing work environment. Because of the wide scope, and the importance of these professionals in professional career development, career counsellors, may also get to travel to consult professionals at various locations of an enterprise.

5. Dynamic technological advancement:

With new technological and social developments every day, it isnt easy to understand, which is the right career to invest in. With so many information channels, people will always turn towards well-trained career counsellors. Career counsellors are always well-read and updated about market trends so they can contribute well to individual career path development.

6. Low investment business model:

With the right certification and an industry-leading career counselling platform, one can operate as a career counsellor from almost any part of the country.

Career Counsellor certification course

Like mentioned earlier, certification is the key to success for a career counsellor. The Certified Career Analyst (CCA) certification is one of the best credentials to enter the world of career counselling. This is also the highest-rated career counselling program in India and is recognized globally due to its multifaceted approach. Career counsellors also take up psychology majors in their bachelors and earn a Masters in Counselling Psychology. It helps them to be better equipped to dive deep into student/professional needs, based on their socio-economic environment.

Apart from education, staying in constant touch with changing ground realities is a must. Most counsellors use online videos and career libraries to keep themselves updated. Edumilestones has an ever-evolving encyclopedia of careers in most career paths that exist. These additional resources make sure that you are updated and relevant to the current times.

Career opportunity for career counsellors in India

Now that we have recognized the demand for career counselling in the country, lets look at the various roles that a career counsellor could settle in.

1. Start your own career counselling practice:

The most common avenue that career counsellors choose is starting up their own enterprises. This allows them to cater to a broader group while also creating a team of career counsellors to grow the business. As an individual enterprise, career counsellors could offer services:

Help students from class 8 to 12 to select their education streams and career paths.

Help graduates and professionals identify tools to ensure that they succeed in their career paths or even identify which career is most suitable to them as per their skill set. 

A thorough evaluation based on psychometric testing is what helps career counsellors excel with every person they counsel.

Career counsellors work closely with individuals and wear multiple caps of a friend, mentor, educator and coach. This multifaceted approach makes it a slightly tough yet high paying job!

2. School counsellor:

This is the next most sought after career avenue for a career counsellor. School counsellors essentially identify the educational needs of students and help create plans to guide the weaker students. Additionally, they work with parents to help create a nurturing environment and a holistic support system at home to ensure that students continue to deliver consistent results. They also keep them in the loop about the students counselling sessions.

School counsellors also help identify various vocational skills and career-related skills that students should learn. They create guidance plans and even lead these sessions at their respective school.

3. Admission counsellor:

This is a newly recognized field that is becoming more and more prominent in colleges and universities in India and abroad. The daily responsibility of an admissions counsellor entails:

Speak to prospective students and newly admitted students to complete their paperwork during admissions.

Review applications of prospective students, establishing outreach programs to bring in more admissions.

Help incoming students identify their relevant classes/courses and various other admission related work.

4. Corporate learning and development leader:

This is yet another field that is growing today. Most organizations have started spending huge sums to ensure that their employees have the most current skills. They invest in their employees so that the company has the right resources to keep growing and never faces a speed breaker because of under-skilled manpower. This is a full-time corporate job which will expect you to plan skill-building activities, leadership training for senior members of the team to create a second line of leadership, coach the coach sessions to ensure that managers and team leads are investing in the teams correctly and hence reduce burnout and attrition overall.

How can you leverage your career counsellor career with Edumilestones counselling technology?

At Edumilestones, we believe in giving access to the right tools and resources to all career counsellors to excel in their field. All our tests are scientifically tested and 92.6% accurate. This high reliability makes us an industry leader in the world of career assessments and analysis. Below are two of the services that we offer to our clients:

1. White Label Platform:

One of our most sought after counselling platforms, the white-label platform allows you to create an Edumilestones microsite but with your branding everywhere. This means that you can use Edumilestones testing and analysis platform while still maintaining your branding on all pages.

Advantages of the white label platform:

a. 100% branding throughout the platform

b. Customizations as required

c. Your Own Payment Gateway Integration

d. Access to all 22 types of career assessments and student dashboard

e. Accurate and validated results

f. Scalable design to add more testing services without downtime

g. Flexible as per the branding needs of the client

h. Dedicated technology support

Refer: whitelabelled career counselling platform

1. Co-branded Platform:

For career counsellors who are just starting out and want a budget-friendly platform while still maintaining their branding on the platform, we offer a co-branded space. The platform will have the counsellors branding along with Edumilestones branding.

Advantages of the co-branded platform:

a. Dedicated counsellor dashboard to track assignments

b. Multilingual assessment

c. No yearly maintenance charges

d. Easy, quick customizations

Apart from the above customizations and branding packages, Edumilestones also offers you the following:

1. 23+ comprehensive career assessments form class 5 to working professionals

2. 32+ pages detailed carer report. Edumilestones has a database of over 3000+ occupations in 175+ career paths. This extensive database helps us provide holistic reports with extensive details to better plan career paths.

3. User-friendly student dashboard to access test results, college lists, and other career-related information. We also have a college application support and entrance exam information platform integrated into the student dashboard.

4. Our dynamic career counsellor dashboard provides a CRM platform for career counsellors to manage profiles, access career reports, and manage leads. This professional workflow also helps individual counsellors and small businesses streamline their business and scale constantly.

5. We also offer career counsellors the chance to become a Certified Career Analyst (CCA). This comprehensive career counsellors program is offered to help counsellors upskill and indulge in contemporary pedagogy and tools for counselling.

Refer: co-branded career counselling platform

Edumilestones has trained over 2200 counsellors over the last few years across the globe. We invite you to take this step of becoming a career counsellor at this point when demand is super high. Join the Edumilestones official partner program and be sure to give your career a super big jumpstart.


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