Success Story: How this Engineering professional became a career counsellor

Manish - Tuesday 11th June 2019 | Impact Stories
deepa subramani career counsellor

"Knowledge is Power, only when its shared."

Deepa Subramani is a B.Tech - Biotechnology from Kumaraguru college of Technology, Coimbatore. She started her career in Cognizant. Then she worked with Organic Knitwears - Apparel Export organization. 

She stayed in Tirupur which is a major textile & knitwear hub in India. She figured Tirupur had a lot of job opportunities for the younger generation. There was a serious need to spread an awareness of the job opportunities available in the town. 

She also identified that the students in Tirupur were facing major issues in choosing the courses, elated in line with their interest.


Having tried totally different fields after graduation herself, she thought of guiding students in choosing the right careers options available in line with their courses and the interest levels. 


The strive for bringing the right potential out of an individual and helping them understand themselves better became her only objective. 


Throughout her lifes journey, her friends and colleagues always looked upon her whenever theyve needed guidance in their personal issues, academics or in their career decisions. Having excellent interpersonal and investigative skills made her confident to cater to the needs of various individuals. Being excellent problem solver, she was able to clearly understand the individuals needs and help them make the right career related choices. 


She always believed, being compassionate and full of empathy can get us through with anyone. She started researching and found Edumilestones. She was amazed to see that they had the right scientific and professional approach which is what she was looking for.

She joined Edumilestones in November 2019 and received the extensive training, a dedicated platform and 24/7 support which helped her in many different ways. The 32 pager reports were very comprehensive enough to provide the required information about the individuals. The training and the handholding sessions gave her an edge and she became excellent at it. Reports were branded on her brand name which provided her the needed visibility. People now started recognising her skills and she gained good recognition within few months.


She strongly believes Knowledge is Power, only when its shared. She has a passion to spread awareness among parents & students about various career options available around them. This helps them to choose their best fit. She is delighted and satisfied when her candidates express gratitude for helping them find a clearer view of their future.

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