Success Story: How this IT professional became a Top Notch Career Counselor

Fatema M - Monday 4th March 2019 | Impact Stories
Mrs. Hemalatha Sriram, successful career counsellor

“I need to have my own successful practice in a year from this date”

was the resolution taken by Mrs Hemalatha Sriram while completing one of the personal development training that she attended in Chennai a year ago. As an IT quality professional, she has seen corporates and professionalism for years. She has seen work, life, and work-life imbalances. She was the “Go to person” for her friends and neighbours whenever they need advice, both personally and professionally. She recognized that there is a huge number of professionals face career related problems and students clueless about their career options. She decided to undergo a formal training for becoming a career counselor.

In a year, Mrs Hemalatha Sriram has counseled hundreds of Professionals and Students to achieve their joyful career path. She conducted various career workshops in colleges and Schools.

Now, Meru Career Counselling Center is catering to career counselling needs of professionals and students not only from Chennai but also from Dubai, Muscat, Bahrain and the rest of India as well. She accomplished all these in a year as per her resolution. Such is her determination.
Edumilestones support in her endeavor to become a hugely successful career counselor from Chennai.

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