How to Become a Cricketer- Complete Guide

Gunjan Yadav - Friday 24th September 2021 | Articles
Cricket Career Guide

The popularity of cricket in India cannot be underestimated in any terms. One can notice the craze as a mere blue jersey instils zeal and enthusiasm in the atmosphere. With this, a cricket career gets expected to be a rewarding one. Most of us have a fantasy of being around cricket stadiums or wickets.

Are you one of those people who have a passion for this game and want to pursue it as a career? Allow me to simplify your journey in the blog.


Introduction to Professional Cricket

People are too perplexed about the ideal age of starting professional cricket. It is always advisable to start early to get an edge due to sufficient time and training. After all, one cannot excel in any domain without being well-versed with the basics. Legendary players like Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar started their professional journey from an early age of 8-9 years. 

The band of categories varies in different games depending upon the rules. In cricket, an individual can participate, ranging from under 12 to under 22 years of age. However, every player is not similar in cricket as they differ in functionality. 

The four types of cricket players are:

  • Batsman
  • Bowler
  • Wicket-keeper
  • All-rounder

It is essential to determine your specialization as soon as possible. Thus, proper training and guidance can get allotted to the same. Comprehensive research and analysis are indeed crucial in the sports field.


Skills needed for a cricketer

There exists a fine line between adoring a game and being passionate about it. The latter often helps to establish a career in a given field. Besides dedication, these individuals also possess some prerequisite features. Therefore, a budding cricketer must equip and strengthen the following skills. 

  • A sound technique
  • Exceptional hand-eye coordination
  • Good flexibility
  • Spectacular core strength and cardiovascular health

Pursuing cricket as a career becomes apparent once a person takes note of the above-mentioned skills.


A step-by-step guide to becoming a cricketer

Every journey starts with some initiative and cricket is no different here. Let us quickly walk through the required steps to become a professional cricketer.


  • Analyze yourself and make a plan

Introspection is the first task towards establishing a career in cricket. There is no simple plan that fits all thus, customization adds the relevant spice and thrill. You should start by exploring different aspects of cricket and find what you are good at. Someone might be an expert bowler but can face backlash as a batsman. Thus, true sports spirit is to cherish your strengths and work on your weaknesses.


  • Find a cricket academy

Besides self-practice and improvement, a pioneering cricketer requires expert supervision. Cricket academies are of paramount importance here. They assist players in getting equipped with effective tips and tricks related to cricket. Besides that, the experience of coaches adds brownie points to the complex journey. Do not compromise with your cricket academy and search for the best in your area.


  • Exercise and Eat Healthy

Do you know that MS Dhoni in his 40s can excel at the YOYO test? Even, the fitness level of Virat Kohli is truly commendable. You will drop your jaws after knowing that he rarely consumes any cheat meal and follows a strict workout routine. One of the reasons why these professional cricketers have excelled in their field is discipline. Cricket is indeed a physically demanding sport that requires players to have a commendable fitness level. Thus, aspiring players should consume a healthy diet and exercise regularly.


  • Be a part of the school/college cricket team

There is no better place than school or college to embark on your co-curricular journey. Even Smriti Mandhana, titled the best women international cricketer has regarded school as the perfect time for budding cricketers. The scope of sports is rapidly increasing in educational institutions with clubs and academies. Players should utilize the opportunity properly and get selected in school or college cricket teams.


  • Appear for district-level selection

Now comes the time to get recognized in the cricket world. It certainly starts with district-level games that are open to talented players. However, the road to selection is not a cakewalk as one needs to practice hard. Being a part of the playing 11 is a dream for many other aspiring players. During the process, one might end up meeting a less or more experienced competitor. The courage lies in outperforming everyone else and showing true capability. Retention of position also forms a paramount concern as it assists in attempting for upper levels or scholarships.


  • Appear for state-level selection

After successfully going through district-level tournaments, players can find a chance in state-level selection. They can become the pride of their states in cricket. The selection board always tries to pick the best among the crowd thus progression is the key here. Do not hold back and outshine others in every match. Some of the vital tournaments are the Ranji trophy, Dilip trophy, and Vijay Hazare trophy.


  • Enter the IPL

Also known as the Indian Premier League, IPL is the biggest league in the cricket world. It attracts a huge fan following all over the globe. Thus, it is inarguably the best platform to unleash the talent of young players. Financial support gets backed by immense popularity for the cricketers. If you are an ardent cricket fan, the name Hardik Pandya must be familiar to you. His impressive performance in IPL matches helped him to play national-level matches. He showed his capability by playing for Mumbai Indians and followed the path to the Indian cricket team.


  • National Cricket Team selection

An opportunity to play national-level cricket is when all the hard work eventually pays off. It must be noted that every nation has its A team along with the main squad. Thus, the first step for any player is getting the selection to A-squad before qualifying for the national team. It provides an opportunity to perform consistently before hitting the biggest challenge. No one can stop you from attaining a position in the main team if you are skilled. Players like Steve Smith, AB Devilliers, or Virat Kohli also faced trials before gaining global fame.


Tips for budding cricketers

A player requires considerable patience to become an expert in the field. The process to become a professional cricketer is a long one and a minor mistake can undo your steps along the way. It is vital to trace each action with utmost care. So, allow me to share a few tips for all aspiring cricketers.


  • Don’t strive for perfectionism

The demand for all-rounder cricketers is constantly rising over time. However, giving equal weightage to all aspects can ruin the training process. It is an ideal way to identify strengths beforehand and concentrate accordingly. Aiming for perfection will only end up confusing you and your coach.


  • Practice daily 

Sports like cricket have a considerable practical approach and cannot get forced upon an individual. Thus, it is essential to be consistent and do hard work. Learn from your experiences and set mini-goals. They can be instrumental in the long run by gaining relevant skills.


  • Control of mind

The stability of mind leads an individual to the path of success. On the other hand, anger and frustration can deteriorate the result to a great extent. A successful cricket player would always use their energy in performing rather than channeling negative thoughts. Try to stay confident and believe in yourself.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: How much does a cricketer earn?

Cricketer salary might vary depending upon their skills and grade. According to the latest statistics, a player engaged in grade A and contract basis earns close to 7 crores per year. The ones in grade C also make around a crore annually. There is no upper ceiling for the top players in the game as endorsements add extra value. 


Question 2: How many years does it take to become a cricketer?

There is no straight answer to the required duration for a professional cricketer. In any sport, even an abundance of practice seems less to reach the goal of perfectionism. Cricketers, who usually start at the age of 7 or 8 can establish their careers till they enter the adult phase.


Question 3: How to become a cricketer without the academy?

Even though joining an academy can be a boon to budding cricketers, financial resources may form a concern. An individual can practice without external assistance through observation, maintaining fitness, and regular practice. No one can stop you if you have the willpower for the game. 



Even though cricket is regarded as an unconventional career, dedication and perseverance can lead you to the goal. Many players in history have fought the odds and achieved heights. Umesh Yadav was a son of a coal miner and MS Dhoni worked as a ticket collector.

If these players can believe in themselves, who can stop you? Listen to your heart and follow your passion. The process might be complicated but the result will be worth the patience.

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