How do I find good career path and utilize my time and energy?

Vipin Prasanth - Wednesday 6th March 2019 | Articles
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How do I find a good career path?

The good or bad career path depends on the individual.

There are Software engineers in google or facebook, commanding a salary more than a $ million + ESOPS in tens of millions of dollars. And there are software engineers wandering the streets of Bengaluru struggling to get a job. Both are software engineers…

There are doctors, lawyers and CAs who command huge fees for their expertise and there are doctors, lawyers and CAs who struggle for a living.

Why such a difference within the same profession?

because customers for any product or services tend to flock to experts, not novices. Once, you rose to the expert level, you can command your own premium pricing.

Problem is that many people stay below the expertise level for a bit too long or never marketed their expertise even after becoming an expert.

For whomsoever reached the level of expertise in Medicine, Engineering, Law, CA or any other fields, those respective fields are good. And whomsoever observing them, they tend to think that these fields are good. For whosoever failed to make it to expert level, they talk about challenges and difficulties.

Passionate people in their chosen career strive to become expert, others grumble and end up as novices till the end.

“Interest and passion towards the selected career path play a major role in you becoming an expert”.

Now, how to find the career path which is good for you?


Step 1: Check your career suitability. You can get help here: Leading Career Counselling Platform |

Step 2: Choose the most interesting career path among your list of suitable career paths

Step 3: Work towards becoming a successful expert in that selected career path.

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