How should I choose my career?

Vipin Prasanth - Thursday 7th March 2019 | Articles
career choice

There are multiple ways of choosing your career.

For 90% of Indians, its been extremely random.


In edumilestones, we hear stories about choosing a career due to family pressure, neighbours advice, admission deadline, someone’s sales pitch or by accident.

except through careful analysis and planning.

However, there is only 4 major way to find a suitable career option. but, there are pros and cons in all these ways. They are,

1.Through reading about every possible career path.

Many people try this method of choosing the best suitable career option. They find many exciting things about various career paths as well.


As per Leading Career Counselling Platform | classification, reading and understanding 19+ career clusters, 175+ career paths, 3000+ occupational profiles and 300000+ job profiles pose a challenge.

2. Through experiencing various career paths and selecting one.

Further, people venture into experiencing various career options before finalising one. You can definitely figure out which work exciting you the most.

But, how many you can try? 10? 30? 50?

Not practical to try most. And finally, end up with the best among the options tried.


3. Through Mentor Guidance:

Listening to experts in various sectors and engage with a mentor on the selected field may help certain people.

However, it is limited to mentor availability and accessibility across the sectors.


4. Through understanding oneself and connecting it with a suitable career path.

Understanding yourself first. Understanding your personality, Understanding your career interest, Understanding your Aptitude and connecting these traits with the most suitable career paths for you.

There are comprehensive career Assessments that can help you find the list of most suitable career paths for you.


Most practical steps to select a suitable career path is a hybrid model mentioned below,

Step 1: Understand your most suitable career paths through Career test.

Step 2: Read and understand those suitable career paths. Eliminate the options which may not be practical or feasible for you.

Step 3: Choose the mentors and get their expert advice in order to understand the future scope of the selected career paths. Eliminate career paths with no future scope.

Step 4: Experience the remaining career paths through internships, Apprenticeships, Assignments or Workshops. Eliminate the once which never excited you.


Now, you are left with the one which really kindled your passion, you also have complete understanding and having an immense future scope.

Career planning is the process of eliminating the options which never fulfil your career objectives and finding the best suitable option for you to set your future course.

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