How to become a Model in India - Step by Step Career Guide

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How to become a Model

The common perception regarding the modelling industry includes that being a model needs the person to be tall, fair, and beautiful. Male models need to have a handsome look and perfect body shape! Trust me such ideas that flood the market aren’t true. The modelling industry is a lot more professional and does not only involve a cinderella walking down the ramp. There are varied types of models and it entirely depends on the clients needs. Like you dont have the same requirements both for a ramp show and a commercial advertisement. This article focuses on these issues and tries to bring to your knowledge how to establish modelling as a career.


If you are an aspiring model, you are at the right place. Starting and developing a career in modelling isn’t a cakewalk, rather requires supreme hard work. Here in this blog, we will guide you step by step on how to become a model.



Who is a Model and What does a Model Do?


A model is responsible for posing or showing fashion items like clothes or jewellery. They can be spotted across the print media, television, newspapers and magazines, and even on the web.


A career in modelling helps you have an impressive experience, as you get to travel to new places for shoots, meet many talented, creative professionals and earn a handsome sum. However, you ought to be fully prepared before stepping into the modelling world. Whether its the promotion of a new commercial product or a runway to showcase a designer’s new creation, models get the job done delicately. Photographers might work with models to create amazing fashion pictures. Artists often join hands with models to draw or sculpt while they pose. Firms go for models to promote or advertise their products and services.


The key responsibilities of the models include but are not limited to:


  • Adhering to the directions of the photographers and posing accordingly. 
  • Taking part in commercials and advertisements to showcase products.
  • Participating in trade shows to promote business products.
  • Joining hands with stylists to develop specific looks. 

Let us learn in detail what are the different types of modelling.



Types of Modeling 


One of the most creative and diverse industries in our country is the modelling hub. There are different types of models and let us discuss the ten primary types!


1. Fashion Models: Fashion models are the ones you could spot on popular magazines like Vogue and InStyle. They are also known as Editorial Models and they collaborate with top-tier fashion designers. Maximum editorial models tend to be supremely tall and slim. 


2. Runway Models: Runway models are the ones who are hired to take part in the catwalk to showcase a designer’s clothing creation or jewellery. They need to be of a specific size and height as per the requirements.


3. Commercial Models: Commercial models advertise different ranges of products in catalogues, magazines, and advertisements. This type of modelling isn’t a barrier by any age, size, or height.


4. Swimsuit Models: These models particularize in showing off swimsuits, sleepwear, and different forms of undergarments. They are typically someone with an appealing attitude. 


5. Fitness Models: Fitness models are responsible for showing off fitness attire and are easily spotted in commercials that involve displaying fitness routines. They need to have a perfectly shaped body to be able to draw the attention of the audience.  


6. Part Models: Part models master modelling a particular body part like their hands, feet, or legs. For Example, a hand model can land a job to shoot for showcasing a bracelet or other jewellery while a leg model can collaborate with a shoe company. They can even land a job involving nail or hair care.


7. Fit Models: A fit model helps the design firms work behind the camera and get the size right before the attire sets for manufacture.


8. Glamour Model: Glamour models somewhat resemble editorial models and are generally suited for beauty campaigns or photoshoots. However, they need to be more suggestive than the fashion models while posing. 


9. Promotional Model: Promotional models involve representing a particular product. They are mainly spotted in live shows and trade shows. They must have a strong knowledge of the product they are promoting. 

10. Print Model: Print models are common across magazines, newspapers, posters, booklets, and campaigns. Depending on the clients requirements they might either showcase a product or just pose for a photograph.



Starting Your Career as a Model


Let us go through the step-by-step guide of how you can kick start your journey as a model. 


Step 1- Decide the Type of Model you want to be

We have already discussed in detail what are the different types of modelling and the primary job roles of various types of models. Before planning your career as a model, it is significant to understand which one you want to be. Considering the large range of modelling types, make your mind clear on the type you want to go for. 


Step 2- Building an Attractive Portfolio

Before you start building your portfolio, focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and make the habit of hitting up the local gym or dance studio. Creating a strong portfolio will start with investing in a photographer to click some of your terrific pictures in different poses. Experimenting with makeup and props is recommended too. 


Step 3- Do your Research and Promote Yourself 

Never lag behind research and always be aware of the current trends. Social media is the perfect place to locate opportunities and promote yourself through exclusive photographs. Concentrate on the visual platforms as they emphasize pictures or videos and give you better exposure. 


Step 4- Look for an Agent

You might think about how to find an agent for modelling and maybe its that difficult. But if you are a strong researcher and active over the internet, finding a good agent is a cakewalk. Most of the clients prefer joining hands with a modelling agency rather than individuals. So when you visit the agency, make sure to keep your portfolio handy with all the necessary information incorporated in it.


Step 5- Utilise Opportunities

Invest sufficient time in self-promotion and that’s a crucial step to establish a successful modelling career. Look for opportunities to be noticed. Working with portrait photographers is a great idea as they feature you on their social media walls.



How Much Does a Model Earn in India?


A model salary in India is pretty impressive. A fresher can start with a decent figure between INR 4,000 and INR 6,000 per shoot while it might go up to INR 15,000 per shoot after a few years of experience. A supermodel is worth making around INR 50,000 per show or shoot. Experienced models working in commercials are eligible to earn INR 20,000 or more per day. 


The figures vary among professionals, client needs, and the particular campaign which is being shot. Establishing yourself would take time but once you do, there’s no looking back and the sky is the only limit! Moreover, you enjoy an experimental career as a model where you get to know many skilled creative professionals and gather relevant knowledge from them. 



Is Modeling for You?


Here comes an important question. Modelling in India is quite popular and once successful, you don’t need to worry about anything. But, how suitable is this career for you? Do you want to be a model or are you just getting dragged into the flow of the glamour world? Confusion can surely pop up in your mind and that’s why it is significant to evaluate yourself. How to do it? Quite easy. Find a career counsellor near you.


A career counsellor can take you through a series of events that will help them analyze your background, potential, and interests. Accordingly, they will be able to guide you towards the right career path. After the session, you will be able to understand yourself better and you will be able to analyze your skills. Your counsellor will be there to suggest, however, the final call will be yours!



Get in Touch with a Career Counsellor Near You through Edumilestones


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  • The list of career counsellors displays on the screen. You can schedule an appointment with any of them at your choice.
  • Have a wonderful session, get the queries sorted!

In case of any problems, feel free to reach out to our team!



Wrapping Up


That was all regarding developing a successful career in the modelling industry. I hope this helps you find what you have been looking for so far. This is high time to come out of the stereotypical knowledge about the modelling world and have a reality check. All the best!

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