I need career counselling. Can anyone help me?

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I need career counselling


Career counseling involves a step-by-step process that takes you through a series of events to assist you to make the perfect career choice considering your interests, personal ability, culture, and family basics.


Precisely it is something that helps individuals head towards the right career path. There are different spans when a person might seek career counseling, either at the beginning of a career or in the idle.


The reasons to go for career counseling aren’t limited either. It can be anything like being clueless regarding life goals, fear to take up greater challenges, confused about which stream to go after board exams, and so on.


Here in this article, I will tell you what career counseling is and how Edumilestones helps you successfully undergo a career counseling session. 


What is Career Counselling? 


Also denoted as career guidance, career counseling is a special curriculum designed to help candidates choose, change or leave a career as per their interests and personal capabilities. Anyone can avail of these services at any stage of their career and there’s no foundation to the same. A career counselor is a therapist who discusses with you the possible career opportunities, assesses your skills and interests, provides you with the right set of information eventually helping you to move for the smart pick. 


Career design programs are proven to be effective for enhancing career decisions, self-confidence and cutting down career tension. Reports suggest career counseling has helped reduce Career Decision Making Difficulty among university students. The pricing of the sessions is generally on an hourly basis and is determined by the extent to which you seek advice or guidance. Let us explore the benefits of career counseling. 


When do you need Career Counseling? 


There are different stages in life when you can seek career advice from experts. I am listing a few of the same below. 


1: Not Sure about your Goals


Leading an aimless life doesnt look impressive. You might not be able to determine which thing you are good at, and that can take place at any stage of life. You can also discuss with your close ones, family, and friends. But sometimes that fails to provide any help as well. In such cases, you need to undergo career counseling to determine your interests and explore the career options that suit you the best. 


2: Post Middle School Challenges 


Once you are done with your middle school, new challenges start to turn up. You get tensed about which stream to go for, your parents are too serious about it too. In some cases, people also start comparing themselves to their peers. This is not the right way. Stream selection depends on your ability. Career counseling helps to understand which one you will be able to handle the best. 


3: A Confused Mind 


There are certain scenarios when someone is good at multiple things but dont know which one to go for. Like, you can be both good at Maths and English. Or, you can be a super talented speaker and good writer at the same time. Amidst this confusing state, you will need career counseling to find out your core strength and major areas of expertise. 


Benefits of Career Counselling 


As already discussed, career counseling is the method to help individuals analyze their abilities better and arrive at a firm career decision. The advantages are countless too. The major benefits of career counseling but not limited to include: 


1: Helps you to recognize the career options 


When you seek career guidance, you get to explore the different career options based on your interests, background, values, and personal abilities. Moreover, you also get confident about which training to pursue to achieve your career goals. Even, the counselor will assist you to find the insightful resources that will help you grab an internship at the right firm.


2: Setting up a Goal for Bigger Achievement


Are you someone with a set of goals but dont know where to start from? Or are you stuck in the middle of your career and not being able to reach your goals? This is where career guidance helps. The career counselor helps you identify the steps that are needed to achieve a greater goal. You not only get to understand the various career opportunities available but also acknowledge to follow the certain steps that will help you to achieve a particular goal that you were longing for so far. 


3: Evaluating your Strengths and Weaknesses


In a career counseling session, the counselor takes you through a series of tests that might include aptitude tests, personality tests, IQ tests, and so on. In this way, you are easily able to figure out your strengths and weaknesses and proceed accordingly to decide on your career. Even if you are someone with expertise in multiple fields, the counselor will point out the key strengths and areas that need improvement. 


4: Learn Significant Skills 


A career counseling session enables you to discover new skills that are of real need in the world of hard competition. The advisor guides you on how to be assertive. Moreover, you enhance your communication and negotiation skills too, during the counseling tenure. Going forward, you will get to understand any glitches in your professional preparation and make the amendments as needed. 


5: Job Support 


Career counseling helps you get an insight into the training or specialization you should go for after making a career decision. As indicated in the first point itself, a career counselor helps you spot the correct sources to land an internship that can even convert to a full-time job going forward depending on your performance. 


How to Get a Career Counseling Session Done? 


When you seek career counseling, it is significant to have it done in a peaceful and timely manner. Dont rush on things, rather take your time to research and decide where you want to seek the guidance, what exactly your queries are, and so on. I have mentioned below the three most simple processes through which you can undergo a successful career counseling session after connecting to an expert. 


1: Edumilestones 


Edumilestones brings at your fingertips the most convenient way to get in touch with a career expert and discuss your queries. You can find about 2200+ counselors from this website across 100 cities. Moreover, 1.5 lacs counseling sessions have been done successfully. Here are the steps: 


Step 1: Open your browser and visit the website www.edumilestones.com.


Step 2: A page titled "Find Career Counselors near You", will open up. 


Step 3: You will get an option to pick Career Counselling for students, professionals and abroad study. Pick the relevant option for you and then enter your location.



Step 4: The list of eminent career counselors will pop up on your computer screen. You will have the option to view the details. You can go ahead with the "book an appointment" option or request a callback. 



Step 5: Get connected to the counselor and have a great session!


In case of any queries or confusion you can reach out to our team through the "chat with us" option available and we will be happy to assist you.


How to Take a Career Assessment Test?


Edumiletsones provides the students or working professionals with career assessment options in a much more convenient way. The five dimensional career assessment test of Edumilestones provides a full package of the following:


  • Personality Test 
  • Interests 
  • Career Motivators 
  • Abilities 
  • Learning Style 


After taking the career assessment test, you can get a detailed analysis for the above parameters. From high school students to graduates and professionals, the assessment can be attempted by anyone available in English and Hindi. IB assessments are available too. You just need to follow the following steps to attempt the assessment test:


  • Step 1: Visit the link


  • Step 2: After you click on it, you will be directed to the career assessment page where the list of options will pop up. 


  • Step 3: Select the assessment you want to go for from: Engineering stream selector, Learning style assessment, personality assessment, subject selector assessment. 


In case of any queries, feel free to reach out to our team and we will be happy to assist. 

Wrapping Up 


Since the onset of the pandemic, the educational sectors have been affected significantly. The students are affected too, with the exams being operated online. Hence, there is more stress among the candidates about their futures. This is why career counseling is gaining massive popularity and has become common among teens. However, it is not only restricted to them. If you are in the middle of your career and looking to change or leave it, you are free to seek career counseling.


Wish you all the best!


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