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With the advent of technology and the world moving at a rapid pace, there is no surprise that we are witnessing a groundbreaking advancement in different careers.

Around 15-20 years back, people couldn’t look beyond the conventional career paths of doctor, engineer etc. But now with the speeding technology the world is creating a platform for jobs and career opportunities.

20 Years back

Child: I want to be an actor.

Parents: There is no future in that. You have to get a government job at any cost.

End of story.

A few years back

Child: I want to be a data scientist.

Parents: Sure, this is a booming field, and if you have an interest you can go ahead and chase your dreams.

Happy career. Happy us.

See the difference.

Time changes everything. Who would have thought that careers like data science, digital marketing etc. would have opened so many opportunities for us to explore?

Having said that, let’s look at the 7 New Age Career paths that you can explore:

1. Data Science as a Career

Have you noticed, when you go to a retail outlet or Hospital or to buy any product the first thing that company does is collect your data. What do companies do of this data?

This is a very critical data for companies to take decisions. They use this data to analyze customer requirements, launch new products, customer satisfaction and offer discounts.

Data science is probably the most promising and in-demand career path for skilled professionals. A data scientist takes the data, analyses it and uses it for decision making. Building predictive models are the most important aspect for the data scientist.

So if you are planning to choose this career path you need to have basic knowledge in excel. If the company is dealing in a huge amount of data you need to have knowledge in coding and be aware of tools and software like SAS, R, Python etc.

The job of a data scientist is growing 6.5 times a year. It has been rightly said that data science is the real game changer for business as it solves business problems.

That’s where data scientist steps into the spotlight.

Learning data science can revolutionize your career. Data is the new oil. This saying is so true. Data science adds value to any business which utilizes their data well.

Understanding the importance of data science can help many sectors to analyze the challenges and address them in an effective way.

Data scientists are the future of the world today.

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2.  Artificial Intelligence as a Career

Have you watched Rajnikants’ movie Robot? Have you heard about Tesla’s driverless car that will take you to the desired destination without a driver? And what about the robot Sophia who can answer your questions?  These are a few examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence is also called machine intelligence, where a machine is programmed to make decisions like humans.

The appeal of AI is at the peak and emerging trends of AI has made it the most remarkable career in the market.

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) 133 million jobs will be created by AI in 2022. The bright future appears to be in the grip of Artificial Intelligence. 

Lot many new generation machines are enabled with AI. Let’s look at some examples where AI can be used effectively.

New generation cameras are enabled with AI where autofocus and quality of the picture are improved.

Alexa is another example where machine does voice recognition and tells you the best results.

The healthcare is constantly evolving and AI can help the patients get an accurate, safe and convenient answer in a fraction of seconds. With the advancements in AI, it will completely alter our healthcare system.

AI is enhancing our lives as well. With the help of AI-powered recommendation engines, it helps us understand our interests and likes on Netflix, Spotify, Prime Video etc.

The tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft are relying on and heavily investing in AI which shows the impact and magnitude of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Edumilestones the leading career counselling company in India also uses AI Based Career Assessment platform to determine the most suitable career path for the candidate.

If you are planning to kickstart your career in AI, you need to have knowledge of coding and different softwares.

AI is becoming more entangled into our daily lives, society and workplace.

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   3. UI/UX as a Career

What is the first thing you do when you go online or visit any website? The design and the experience. What is the primary goal of any business? To increase its sale, growth of the business. UI/UX design helps in achieving this goal and providing the user with an enriching and hustle free experience.

User interface and User experience is everything your clients see from visiting the website, getting information and making transactions seamlessly.

For example, you go to the Amazon website and search for shoes. From there you can easily navigate and get the recommendations of several shoes and later do the transaction for the same.

User Interface
entails the appearance of an application when a user is interacting with it. It is the process of improving the presentation and interactivity of the application or the website.

User experience is the process of improving the overall experience of the user.

It is not just important to have good content on the website. It is also important to provide the user with an amazing experience when they visit our website. Did you know that 75% of the people judge your website or app on aesthetic design? Atleast now we know the importance of a UI/UX Designer.

No doubt, there is high demand of UI/UX designer who makes the website/app looks appealing and at the same time providing with a unique experience.

The more the website is quick and efficient, the more the user is going to like it and recommend it to others. And one more thing you should remember is that customer satisfaction automatically results in improved ROI.

For more details, you can check out Career in UI/UX Design.

4. Ethical Hacking as a Career

As I have already mentioned data is the new oil. Several companies have a huge amount of data with them. But who is going to protect and keep the data safe? Recently Amitabh Bachchan’s Twitter account got hacked. Many celebrities all over the world at some point have been a victim of cyber-attack. Heard about cyber fraud crimes. I am sure you would have heard many cases and instances like this. Who is going to prevent these kinds of events happening?

Ethical Hacker. Ethical hacker keeps the data secures and prevents it from being stolen and misused by malicious hackers. When a company has a lot of important data with them, they also must be having the fear of the data getting misused and stolen by hackers. That’s where ethical hacker comes into the picture. An ethical hacker ensures that the data remains safe and prevents it from getting into the hands of malicious hackers.

According to surveys conducted by cybersecurity firms in the country, Indian firms lost more than $4 billion in 2013 alone because of hackers.

Since the security threats have multiplied over the years, the requirement of ethical hacker across the world is also in demand.

For more details, you can check out Career in Ethical Hacking

5. Digital Marketing as a Career 

“The internet is becoming a town square for the global village of tomorrow”–Bill Gates.

There are 3.4 billion active users on the internet. Gone are the days when we used to purchase a product from a shop. With the rise in Internet users, the marketplace for online digital marketing is at an all-time high and take the place of conventional marketing.

Have you noticed if you go the online store and search for mobile phone? After that, everywhere you surf online either google, Facebook or even email that product is displayed. This is the job of a digital marketer.

Digital marketer sets up the online campaign based on geography, target audience and your buying needs.

Digital marketing is a fast-evolving field with amazing opportunities to build a career. It has become a critical pillar for an organisations marketing department. Digital marketer promotes the organisations products and brands using online channels such as web, email etc.

A digital marketer develops strategies for marketing through social media, google AdWords etc. They optimise the reach of product in a cost effective way. Digital marketers must have an expert-level knowledge of e-commerce. The reach of digital marketing is so vast that it influences many people’s decision process.

Example: Airbnb, a 31-billion-dollar company, which operates a biggest online market place and hospitality services in the world. They credit their major success to digital marketing.

Digital marketing, not only in India but in the whole world is going at a boom todayIn this fast-growing digital era, everyone on this planet uses the internet. We can’t deny the fact that our lives have been digitalized and the revolution of digital marketing is changing our lives drastically. Everything including online shopping, online banking, movie tickets, grocery items, travel packages, hotels, and air ticket is at our fingertips making our day to day lives simpler. Gone are the days when we had to stand in long queues for purchasing movie tickets or wait for cab or auto. One-click is all you need to get a movie ticket or a cab.

The way technology is growing at a rapid pace, it has become a necessity in day to day life. In the near future, this technology will make us believe that our dreams could turn into reality. And the way Elon Musk is trying to shape our future, people are waking up to the fact that digital marketing is now no longer an optional career platform but can definitely be chosen as the mainstream. This shows how digital marketing and evolving technology is going to be the next big thing in the coming years.

Marketing skills are in serious demand, which will widen its scope in the market space. Many business owners are willing to build a digital marketing team for their service promotions. It has been the buzzword in the Indian job market. This industry is expected to generate more than 20 lakh jobs by the year 2020. Hence the future of a career in this industry definitely looks promising.

As digitization continues at a rapid pace, employers needs skilled employees in marketing that can drive business objective such as revenue, leads and brand awareness.

For more details, you can check out Career in Digital Marketing.

6.  Internet of Things as a Career 

On a daily basis, we use GPS to navigate, Smartwatches to track our daily activities, connect our TV using Chromecast, turn off ac from sitting in the office. All these are examples of IoT.

We all are surrounded by sensors. The Internet of Things refers to many physical devices that are connected to the Internet which collect, analyze and share data. By 2025 there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices.

IoT is growing in importance, both for industrial use and everyday use.

With the rapid pace of urbanization and rising demand for smart connected devices, IoT market is expected to grow in the upcoming years.

If you want to make a career in IoT you can do Computer Science or if you are interested in the hardware side you can do Electronics and Communication Engineering. After that, you can pursue a diploma in IoT or some certification which will help you get a strong grip on this career path.

For more details, you can check out Career in IoT.

7.  Career Counsellor as a Career

The demand for career counsellor is at its peak. With professionals choosing the wrong career path and students confused about their career, a trained career counsellor can act as an enabler. A career counsellor can help the students and professionals to make an informed career choice.  India is in need of 1.4 million career counsellors for 350+ million students. The current ratio is 1:35000, where the optimal ratio should be 1:350.

 According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, EY report on K12 education, the market size of career assessment in India is a whopping Rs 5000 crore. And the most interesting part is that the first source of information for students to seek career information is the internet and the second is counsellor and teacher.

The statistic is a good example of why professionally trained career counsellors are desperately needed in Indian society.

 For more details, you can check out Become a Career Counsellor

 Life starts with choosing a good career, choose a career that can transform your life the way you want to work and live. These top 7 new age career paths will definitely help you realize where the world is heading. Your choices and early realization in the career path will help you avoid a lot of struggle in the long run. As Elbert Hubbard quotes - “ We work to become, not to acquire”

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