What is the importance of Class XII marks in your life?

Vipin Prasanth - Friday 22nd March 2019 | Articles
importance of 12th marks

Answers by all of them are good.

I just wanted to add my little thoughts on scoring, which may be useful:

Scores are mere facilitators to screen the candidates for different academic paths.

What a high score in Physics board exam indicates?

It merely shows that the candidate is very much interested in the subject or he is capable of dedicating his time and effort towards understanding the fundamentals of the subject ( as 12th standard will merely teach the fundamentals not in-depth) in a disciplined way.

If he scores less, it means either he is not very much interested or he didnt dedicate his time & effort in a disciplined way.

Now, Demand and supply get in to play.

All Top Academic institutions need Bright Students and vice versa.

There is less number of Top institutes and large student base.

Now, Academic institutions can only rely on scores from board exams and Entrance exams (a tool to screen better).

Exam marks are the only reliable tool they have to screen the candidates for the Academic courses. It is purely useful for allocation of resources (seats) and not gauging anybodys inherent skill or talent.

In order to identify your inherent talent and interest, try a career aptitude test to determine your suitable career path.

Unfortunately, the emotional disturbances due to scoring low (depression)or high(Hubris) comes along with this system.

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