Strategies to overcome lack of concentration during exam

Ashish Pandey - Wednesday 20th March 2019 | Articles
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Here I am giving you some tips for effective study planning. It can be used in any mode of studies. 

1. Make a fixed time table according to the difficulty level of the subject. Start with a tough one and end up with an easy one. 

2. Prioritize your day to day activities along with studies. 

3. Time Table if made during exams, and then reverse it from the dates of exams. 

4. As research suggests that we cannot concentrate more than 45 minutes in continuation. So divide your studies in short time interval like study 30-45 minutes in the continuation and then take a break of 5-10 minutes as refreshment. Follow this for at least 2 hours. After every 2 hours take a long break if you are planning to study for a long time or for exams. 

5. Play classical music or instrumentation music or relaxing tones to retain concentration. 

6. Group study will also work. Take help from the teacher, friends for difficult problems or for problem-solving. 

7. Review basics & self-made notes, after every topic and chapter. Evaluate yourself by test papers or practice papers either weekly or alternate. 

8. Avoid all distraction like mobile, video games, noise while studying. 

9. There is a specific time for a specific subject, identify that best session for a particular subject and study that subject at that time. 

10. Repeat your learnt work so that you can recall in the exam easily. 

11. Identify your learning style and work on it. Make it best 

12. Summarize all the things what your teacher has said. 

13. Choose a study place with minimum distractions and auto-suggest you the resolution. Create a condition similar to the test room or exam hall 

14. Your study room should be light and bright with light colours. 

15. You should study on table & chair, avoid sofa or bed as it will cause laziness 

16. Try to learn while you are walking. 

17. Time management must be strict with deadlines and for that set rewards points for yourself, which can be anything you love for yourself. 

18. After revision or completing your task, appreciate yourself, watch a favourite movie or serial or cartoon for an hour& pamper yourself. 

19. Don’t worry about the outcome & results. As options are always there. Don’t over expect or take the pressure of getting good marks. 

20. If you are studying any lengthy topic, then after reading explain and describe that topic in your own words. 

21. Have alternate study places, for a change and refreshment. 

22. If you find any companion, then teach and explain the information to that person. 

23. Your study room should be ventilated. 

24. If there is a late night study, then keep a cloth soaked with cool water and dabbing on eyes and face. 

25. Avoid making long notes, unrealistic time table or long run study or long term study in continuation. 

26. Keep your night reserve for quick review, summarizing and practicing what you studied whole day and for self-analysis. 

27. Keep one day in a week for overall analysis and performance evaluation and implement weaker parts in the next upcoming week. 

Study Tricks 

1. Make a summary of every chapter, you can take help of flash cards which includes one word related to main ideas, examples, key events and people involved, causes results. 

2. You can also summarize in category wise and in pointers 

3. Draw diagrams, sketch as per the things stored in the memory and then cross check it with book 

4. Try to memorize anything in the form of the image. It is easy to store anything in mind. 

5. Identify your learning style, work on it. Make it in your habit. 



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