Career Choice Luck or Logic?

Sukeshi Hakani - Tuesday 4th June 2019 | Articles
Career choice

At some point in our lives, we all have to choose what to do, professionally speaking. For some of us, this career confusion propped up early on in school, just as we were about to give our 10th grade boards. Whereas for many others, this conflict between various enticing career options continued well into our college life and even the initial periods of our first job. Regardless of the amount of time this confusion stayed, havent we all wondered whether career choice is logical or is it just sheer luck?

Career Factors

Now let’s consider the example of Student A and Student B.

‘A’ is confused which field to choose after his school. His friends are selecting the commerce stream, so he also decides to choose the same. However, ‘A’ actually has aptitude for a graphic designer. However, since ‘A’ chose a career randomly, based on luck, he eventually gets a job in the finance sector that is not right for him and which he dislikes greatly.

Now ‘B’ on the other hand, makes an informed career decision. He consults a career counsellor, gets an assessment of his aptitude and interests, and then with guidance he figures out that he has the makings of a scientist and should choose the science stream. He chose a career based on informed logic, and he eventually becomes a Biotechnologist, a job that is right for him and which he loves.

So, career depends on a variety of factors such as individual capabilities, the scope of the field one is selecting, and needless to say, the amount of time and energy one seriously expends into the advancement of his or her career.

Students passing out of school stand at the most critical juncture, where every choice they make for their career can make or break their future. At such a juncture one needs to make significant decisions and gauge what their best options are; which is where it is of the utmost importance to get the much necessary career guidance – not just from parents and teachers, but from a trained Career counsellor.

So how to choose one’s career?

Understanding by the very term, ‘Career Choice’ is just that - a choice. What career one chooses depends on a multitude of factors. Of course, ones success is built from hard work, intelligence and one might even say, about twenty percent of luck. However, for the most part, a career is a logical, planned choice.

To make this choice, one needs to know their own aptitude, their capabilities and talents, and ones mental inclinations and dispositions. It is important to partake in career counselling before choosing a field to become established in. Make a logical and well-informed choice, work hard, and then let the 10% of luck propel you forward to the success you deserve.

Choosing a career based on an informed decision is always the better choice, and is bound to make you more successful.

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