Consider career counselling for your children before it is too late

Mukta Nagare - Thursday 16th January 2020 | Articles
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Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. - Albert Einstein.

Everyone needs to understand the gravity of this statement if they wish to achieve success along with satisfaction in their professional life. Parents always have the best interest in their mind for their children. But do they take adequate steps for making this sure? The answer to this question would be debatable. Some parents are satisfied with the efforts they are putting in, while some are constantly trying to do new things. But there are very few who would approach professionals like, career counsellors. The simple reason being lack of awareness. Today, in India, there are approximately 1 lakh career counsellors available, whereas the demand is of 15 lakh considering the student market which is 315 million in number. This statistics represents a lack of awareness among parents as well as the potential counsellors.

Parents always tend to believe that they understand all the aspects of their child, like his or her personality, ability, emotions, skills etc. I would not neglect this though on a whole, but completely relying on parental instinct while selecting the career options wouldn’t be a wise decision. What can be done in such cases? Let the child decide? Or just follow the traditional way? Well, there is a very simple solution to this, Career Counselling. Sounds very general right? Yes, it is very commonly given advice, but a very important one! Parents should get career counselling done for their children before it is too late. We cannot have a successful and satisfactory career only on the bases of our skill sets. The most important thing while choosing the career is the student’s interest quotient. Please understand, that skills can be acquired with time and practice, but interested cannot be forced upon or acquired, it is one’s own will. Hence to simplify these decisions and to make the right choices, career counselling is a must.

Career counselling is not just restricted to offering career options, but it is about evaluating and understanding the student’s personality, interest, abilities and skills. We also need to understand that though personality is a very personal emotion and behaviour, it does impact your career choices. A business enthusiast, who loves making money, would find it difficult to excel in the sector like public services. This understanding can be developed, for parents and students, only when we approach professional career counsellors. Career counselling is done for working professionals too. But why wait till that stage of your life, given that you have an opportunity to shape your career from the very beginning of your student life. Hence, parents should make sure that they take such good initiatives that would not only give a positive start to their child’s career but also boost their confidence from a very early stage as they would understand their strengths and weakness and can work on them.

After making a decision about opting for career counselling, the next question that would pop in our mind is ‘which career counsellor to choose?’ As mentioned earlier, always opt for the ones that are providing a full dimensional analysis in order to make proper career choices.

Edumilestones is a Bangalore based career counselling centre that would perfectly fit into our description. They have a 5-dimensional analysis that would take into consideration every emotional, behavioural, mental and ability based aspects of the students. The report and counselling provided by them are very satisfactory and worthful. Therefore to conclude, if you wish the best for your children, then career counselling is a must!


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