Gender Fluidity In Career Selection

Kumud Singh-Clinical & Counseling Psychologist - Friday 17th May 2019 | Articles
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I am a Clinical and Counseling Psychologist who works 6 × 7 days i.e. 40 hours a week. My work revitalizes me and at the end of the day I am famished, but for more assignments, its my work which revitalizes me and inspires me to continue with more zest. But ask me to go in the kitchen and cook; I will be innately become repulsed by it. On the contrary, my brother who puts in the same amount of working hours as a real estate consultant relishes every opportunity to cook up a wholesome meal which he finds exhilarating and therapeutic.


The act of cooking which was predominantly assigned as women only role is now no longer seen in the same light. Cooking task in all its essence brings about a joyous experience for my brother and draining experience for me. Nevertheless, our preference for cooking is mutually respected by both of us and well received in our household and our social arena without any ridicule.


Gender fluidity is a state where gender specific norms are relaxed, wherein each gender is free to choose their lifestyle which they find is more personally aligned to their authentic self.


Gender fluidity in career choice making process, leads to alignment of the individual to their actual potential required for their creative expression, career satisfaction & psychological well-being.


 In todays rapidly changing and evolving times, I have witnessed lots of instances where both genders are seen to be vocalizing their choices, interests, needs and seek its fulfillment irrespective of traditionally specified gender norms pertaining to career.


Gender fluidity in terms of career selection making process is need of the hour. Currently social networking and expansive global interconnectedness has given rise to curiosity, openness and willingness to pursue career that suit and satisfy oneself, in a more fulfilling manner beyond the rigidity of settling down to career choices which adhere to rigidly gender specified career like in earlier times.


There is simultaneously a room for receptivity created at much larger scale than ever. For e.g. unisex clothing line, make up lines which caters both men and women, unisex shoes,  celebrated men chefs etc .Jobs which were since ancient years held by men only like in the field of business, law, education, defense and police force, driving etc is now being neutralized  as more women  are opting for the same. Beauty industry and Fashion industry which was solidified previously as majorly women dominated field is now being neutralized by emerging men’s presence.


Gender fluidity in career choice making process makes one get acquainted with availability of wide range of career options and choices which are more aligned to individual’s interest, aptitude and personality which is a prerequisite for their full creative expression.


It opens an array of  mammoth  options , interest and freedom to choose, express and act on the career of choice which not only paves way to fulfilling experience to the individual alone and aids their psychological  well-being but also lead to high quality economic productivity of society and its overall well-being.


The career choice making in an environment where gender roles are relaxed pertaining to it allows the beautiful assimilation of broader gender perspectives which not only will help in the career growth process per se but the acceleration of the same. The absence of gender demarcation in terms of career choice will not only bring about freedom of creative expression in terms of career among the genders particularly but also freedom of expression and receptivity on a societal and global level as well.


Gender fluidity respective to career choice making process needs to be welcomed wholeheartedly on all the levels as it not only helps an individual to choose & understand the career of their choice but also while in the process of choice making one understands the perspective of the opposite genders in the same career which further leads to opening the channels of the communication between them more in an authentic way to get to know the know- how of each other’s skill set , which in turn  contributes to each other’s growth.


Encouragement of the Gender fluidity in the career choice making process leads to enhancement of feeling of belongingness, amplifications of mutual respect and mutual understanding between genders, freedom of expression and career satisfaction in its true sense. 


Ms Kumud Singh

Clinical & Counseling Psychologist

Founder : Psychphoenix®-Psychological Services & Training Institute 


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