How can I Crack NEET Exam for medical in the First Attempt?

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The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) to select suitable candidates for MBBS and BDS programs in Indian Medical and dental colleges. One of the most coveted exams in India, candidates aspire to crack NEET in the first attempt. However, owing to the hardcore competition and the difficulty level, things might never go the way planned. Even after thorough study, many students fail to crack NEET in the first attempt leading to frustration and morose. That’s why it is significant to invest time in hard work as well as smart work too. 


Students often find it difficult to cope up with the exam load. Improper schedule, less practice, and no revision are some of the primary reasons behind the failure. Are you someone who is preparing to appear for the NEET and wishes to crack it on the first attempt? Read this article in detail to know the tips and strategies that will help you pass the exam in one go. 


How to Crack NEET in First Attempt: Preparation Tips and Strategies 


Appearing for the MBBS and BDS qualifying exam needs staunch dedication and supreme willpower. Besides being a good student, you need to be a smart worker too to stand out from the crowd. So, proceed step-by-step. First, develop a detailed idea about the NEET syllabus and exam pattern. Next, prepare a timetable and allot an equal number of hours to each subject. Lastly, follow the best books in the market and revise! 


Know the NEET Syllabus and Exam Pattern in Detail 


The preparation begins with knowing the NEET syllabus and exam pattern in detail. This gives you a clearer understanding of the exam mode, section-wise marking scheme, and the topics that require full attention. Let’s take a look!


NEET Syllabus 


The table below has the subject-wise syllabus for the NEET exam. 





Physical World and Measurement 

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry 

Diversity in Living World 


Structure of Atom 

Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants 

Laws of Motion

Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties 

Cell Structure and Function 

Work, Energy and Power 

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 

Plant Physiology 

Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body

States of Matter- Gases and Liquids 

Human Physiology 




Properties of Bulk Matter 


Genetics and Evolution 


Redox Reactions 

Biology and Human Welfare 

Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory 


Biotechnology and Its Applications 

Oscillations and Waves 

Some P Block Elements 

Ecology and Environment 


Organic Chemistry

Current Electricity 


Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism 

Environmental Chemistry 

Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents 

Solid State 

Electromagnetic Waves 




Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

Chemical Kinetics 

Atoms and Nuclei 

Surface Chemistry 

Electronic Devices 

General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements 

P-block Elements 

D and f block elements 

Coordination Compounds 

Haloalkanes and Haloarnes 

Alcohols, Phenols and Ether 

Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 

Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen 



Chemistry in Everyday Life 


NEET Exam Pattern 


Having an idea about the section-wise marks division in the NEET exam is a significant strategy to prepare your time schedule accordingly. Each subject has two sections and the total marks for the exam is 720. 




Number of Questions 























Total Marks 




Prepare a Study Table 


Cracking NEET is not a matter of a day or two and needs supreme hard work to come out with flying colors. After you know the syllabus and section-wise marking pattern, it is easier for you to develop a study schedule. Allot sufficient timing to each of the subjects in a day and leave no stones unturned to put your heart and soul while studying. After a certain point, when the exam starts to draw near and you are done with the syllabus, start revising thoroughly. The more you brush up on whatever you read so far, the better are the chances to take the exam confidently. 


  • Always follow previous years question papers to get an idea about the question structures and scheme. This will help you understand the vital topics for this year and which chapters need more attention. 


  • Be in the habit of writing. Whatever you are reading, write it up. Follow the questions banks and solve them. This way you enhance your capacity to memorize the chapters. 


  • Never miss out on the mock tests. They give you a practical experience of how things are going to be in the showdown. 

Attempt Mock Tests 


Attempting mock tests is the finest technique to get practical exposure before the final exam sets in. You not only get to brush up on your skills but have a clearer vision of what is going to happen in the exams, mark allocation, time management, and everything. Cracking a few mock tests before you appear for the NEET will take your confidence to a different level. You will be able to cope up with the tension right at the exam hall and write your exam peacefully. There are tons of reputed centers that conduct NEET mock tests and you can take those at your choice. Even, there are scopes to attempt the test series and practice papers online too with millions of websites lending the helping hand to aspirants. Never leave a single stone unturned to grab the practice papers or appear for the tests. The more you practice, the better! 


Following Toppers’ Interviews Online 


The preparation period can sometimes turn out to be monotonous. There can be times when you feel dejected and less motivated to study considering all the hard work you have to put in. Then, remind yourself of one thing. Why are you working so hard? What is your aspiration? Is the goal yet achieved? As you get immediate answers to the questions, the urge to study will return. The best thing to cheer up your mind during these times is by listening to the topper talks online. You will get an insight into how they worked hard to crack NEET, what were the hard challenges they faced, and how eventually they overcame the same. You can locate the interviews from youtube and even follow the online guides. Realistic examples and success stories will motivate you to have the job done! 

Best Books to Follow to Crack NEET in the First Attempt 


Books are the critical sources to cite relevant information and study the subjects. Among so many books available in the market, you can find it difficult to choose the best ones. While selecting the books always keep these things in mind:


  • The book should cover the NEET syllabus in detail with follow-up questions and exercises. 
  • The book must be comprehensive to follow with easy-to-read language and concise explanation. 


Considering the same, we have listed the best books for each subject in the table that follows. 


Book Name 




Objective Physics for NEET: Vol 1 and Vol 2 

D.C. Pandey 


Concepts of Physics 

H.C. Verma 

Bharati Bhawan Publications 


40 Days Chemistry for NEET 

Thakur Sudhanshu 



Objective Chemistry for NEET: Vol 1 and 2 

Dr. R.K. Gupta 



NEET Biology Vol 1 and 2 



Textbooks class XI and XII. 



Do’s and Don’ts Before the NEET Exam 

Now that you know what are the key steps to crack NEET in the first attempt, it is vital to have a look at the do’s and don’t before the exam. A slight deviation from the exam or loss of concentration can pour water on all the hard work you did so far. So, always move with intelligence and patience. 


1. Avoid Being Distracted: Avoid social media before and during the exam days as much as you can. Yes, most of the updates these days are conveyed through social media only. So you can’t avoid it totally but can restrict the usage. Avoid browsing through random Facebook posts or Instagram reels. Rather spend the time listening to some soft music that keeps you relaxed. 


2. Starting a New Chapter Overnight: Don’t start a new chapter overnight. This is something that you should strictly avoid. Finish the full syllabus before the exam days. Focus on revision and practice papers. 


3. Stay Calm: Do not panic or stress yourself out. You have prepared yourself and know how to write for the exam. That’s all you have to focus on. Keep your mind relaxed during the exam days, have good food, and dont compromise on your sleep. Taking good care of your health is mandatory and a priority. 


4. Don’t Rush: After you get the question paper read the question thoroughly twice. Don’t rush to write and take it slow and steady. 

Wrapping Up 


I hope this guide helps you understand the preparation strategy and you deliver staggeringly stunning performance in the NEET exam. Have confidence in yourself and stay positive.


All the best! 



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