How professionals can choose a Career in 5 Simple Steps?

Mary Byrd - Tuesday 16th March 2020 | Articles

Here is the simplest definition of happiness. We are happy when every day we do only what we really want to do. Yes, life is not always like a rainbow and sometimes we have to overcome ourselves, but if you choose a profession and career that really suits you, you will be happier than most people on Earth. In this article, we have compiled a roadmap of five simple steps to find a career path.

Know yourself

We spend most of our lives on work and sleep. And if everything is clear with sleep, then not everything is so simple with work. In a perfect picture of the world, your work should bring you pleasure, and the result of your work should be of value to other people. How to find such an ideal option?

The answer to this question does not lie on the surface. It is located somewhere inside you, and you need to dig it out so that your future work will bring you joy, not torment. As they say, do what you love, and you will never work another day in your life. So, how to choose a career that will make you happy? Just ask yourself some simple questions.

What do you like to do the most?

At what moments do you feel that you have significance for others, for society and for the world as a whole?

Where are the limits of your comfort zone that you would not want to leave for the sake of your career?

In general, the answer to these three questions will be enough to understand what you really want to do in life. Here are examples of answers to these questions that the authors from the Best Writers Online and Online Writers Rating custom writing reviews platform shared. 

More than anything, I like reading and writing.

I feel my value when sharing with others my knowledge and experience.

I would not want to work in an office with a fixed schedule and communicate with people too much, so I chose to freelance.

Now it is your turn to answer.

Explore and Know About Career Options

In fact, your choices are endless. And you can never know where they are waiting for you. Perhaps the store around the corner of your house needs a talented administrator, or perhaps your calling is to help hungry children in Africa. What career should I pursue in such an abidance of alternatives? Regardless of your choice, make sure that you have used all possible sources of information.

To do this, you need to do a very thorough study, and then conduct a comparative analysis. If you have already decided on the field of activity, you just have to find the maximum number of suitable vacancies. This is where you can search for suitable offers and filter them by category.

  • Job portals like Indeed and Glassdoor.
  • Local advertisements in newspapers and on local websites.
  • Social networks. Pay special attention to Linkedin since it provides cool opportunities for finding the best offers and getting in touch with HR managers worldwide.
  • Freelance platforms like Upwork, People per hour, and the like

Analyze and Shortlist Best Career Options

Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down:

  • core competencies required for the position you are applying for
  • main responsibilities
  • growth opportunities
  • average remuneration rate.

Now you need to choose only those offers that correspond to your knowledge and skills, the responsibilities that you will surely cope with, the growth opportunities that inspire you, and the financial expectations that you would like to claim.

Tip for a young professional! Do not chase high wages. The opportunity to show your abilities in a good company is already a great achievement. First, high salary expectations immediately will significantly reduce the list of offers you can apply for - not all companies are ready to pay a lot to yesterday’s student. Secondly, most young specialists say that finding the first job was the most difficult for them. Once you get your first workplace experience, you can claim more.

Create Short Term and Long Term Plan

A plan of action will never be redundant. In the case of job hunting, your short term plan is to find it. Set a deadline and determine the date by which you need to make a final decision and move to a new place of work. Plan how many applications per day you will send. Also, devote some time to look for recently published openings every day.

As for long term planning, here everything will depend on the sphere you want to work in. However, you are free to set some milestones for each year of your career development and write down what do you want to achieve during the next five years. 

Execution Step

And then ... As Richard Branson wrote, Screw It, Let us Do It. However, it is also not so simple. Now you need to return to your list of suitable vacancies and adapt your CV for each of them. Do not send a templated CV to every potential employer, customize it before each submission! Try to emphasize exactly those skills and competencies that your potential employer is looking for.

Prompt! Add a cover letter for each of your applications even if it isn’t required. A cover letter is a great chance to stand out from the crowd. All you need to do is to remember the process of admission essay writing and transfer your skills to your cover letter. The main things work the same in both cases. 


Even if you make a mistake when choosing a career on the first try, dont be upset. You have already gained valuable experience and now you understand what career is right for me, what do you want, and most importantly - what you do not want in your life. Many successful people began with the positions of cleaners, waiters, assistants, secretaries, and then talked about this period as the time that determined their whole future life. Continue your search until you find your place!

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