How to Become a Content Writer? - 3 Simple steps

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How to become a content writer

Content is the King are the truest words that you will ever encounter in this digital era.

Almost every business will be operating online in the next few years.

Quality content and effective content marketing help the business grow steadily and gain a strong online presence.

Therefore, the scope of content writing is vast considering the ongoing digitalization and hard competition.

Do you want to be a content writer too?

Have you ever aspired to write for startups or be a part of a global team?

If yes, you are in the right place. Here, we will be discussing in detail how you can become a content writer, career prospects, jobs, and more! 


Who is a Content Writer?


Content writing is the process of planning, creating, and publishing content primarily for digital marketing purposes. The person who forms digital content for a firm to describe the products or services they are offering is a content writer. A content writer is responsible for forming search engine optimized content that showcases the companys ideas and goals and reaches target customers. Web content can be of different types. The most common ones include:

  • Blog Posts 
  • Website Content 
  • Marketing Copy 
  • Creative writing 
  • Descriptive Copies 
  • Informative Articles 
  • Scripts 
  • Copywriting


A skilled content writer is a self-learner with bulletproof English and is capable of managing deadlines efficiently. If you aspire to be one, these are the basics! If you are thinking about the content writers salary, that’s tempting too. Starting from somewhere between INR 10000-15000, efficient and experienced writers earn up to INR 50000 or more in a month. 


Demand for Content Writing in India 


Content writing is yet to gain massive popularity in India. However, the market is growing rapidly and very soon the industry is going to flourish at the highest level. Skilled writers are getting priority calls from top organizations to work as business writers and contribute to the firm’s development. The number of content writing jobs posted every day on the Indian job portals is increasing too. Sure enough, the industry is booming and a promising future lies ahead. 


Skilled Indian writers are even landing international clients and prospering their freelance business. Though, landing a foreign client requires hours of hard work and dedication. If this is the scenario and top writers are managing international deals, the bright prospect of content writing in India is crystal clear! All you require is staunch dedication to be on that level! 


Four Things you need to Become a Content Writer

To become a successful content writer, you need to 4 things

First, Take action

Secondly, acquire the relevant skills.

Third,  find your niche and

and fourth , get paid for writing.


Required skills to become a content writer

To be a successful content writer, you need to have the following skills: 

Impeccable Grammar:

You should have supreme dominance in the language you are writing with hardly any scope of mistake. If you are not proficient in the basics of grammar, try improving the same before getting ahead to start with content writing. 


Research skills:

Producing engaging and quality content requires thorough research and detailed study of the topic you are working upon. If you are someone capable of digging deep into information content, writing is for you. 


Basics of Digital Marketing:

A quality content doesnt cater to any value without efficient marketing. Thats why it is significant to have knowledge on digital marketing. However, as you get ahead with writing and start gathering experience, you will be versed with the digital marketing basics too.  


Other Skills 

  • Supreme communication skills
  • Creative Mind 
  • Ability to think out of the box 
  • Ability to develop content from scratch
  • Time Management 
  • Good hands in Editing


How to become a content Writer in 3 Simple Steps

Trust me if you are having required skills and knowledge then definately you can become a content writer.  We have preperared list of 4 simple steps that will make you a successfull content writer

1. Step 1 : Find your Niche 

If you want to explore miscellaneous niches, that’s great! If you are planning to choose a specific niche, that’s good too. Now the question is how to find your niche? Here are the two most vital suggestions to find your niche. 

  • Identifying areas that interest you

 If you are working with something you hardly have any interest in, it can lead to monotony. Therefore picking the area of your choice is a smart thing. Try addressing your areas of interest. Ask yourself, what’s the one thing you are best at? What do you like to do the most in your free time? Suppose you are a pet parent. You are free to pick ‘pets’ as your niche. Or, you have a hobby in home decor. You can specialize as a home decor or interior design writer. 

  • Find out the Issues you can easily solve 

What are the areas of concern that you can solve easily? What are those issues to which you have an immediate solution? If you are someone who loves to solve mathematical problems, you have a bright career as an educational writer. These are the effective ways that help you understand and identify your comfort zone. Once you get the answers to these questions, you know which niche you are going to pick. 



2. Step 2 : Join any Popular courses to become a content writer

Creativity is spontaneous and no one can teach you that. But, the other ones like time management skills, communication, editing principles are gathered from in-hand experience. Many online content writing courses will help you learn the basics of web content writing. They also provide you with opportunities to work on live projects, helping you to gather hands-on experience. Many websites support content writing for beginners and have designed comprehensive courses to help them learn web content writing.

Here go the best ones: 


1: Skillshare: One of the leading online learning platforms, Skillshare offers different courses on content writing, copywriting, creative writing, storytelling, etc. The modules are designed by industry experts and many students are enrolling for the courses every day. You can check those up and hit the register button to enroll. 


2: Udemy: One of the most popular online learning portals, Udemy has courses exclusively created by experts and industry instructors to help aspirants like you understand the know-hows of content writing. The platform covers tons of courses in content writing and you can choose any of those that fit your requirements. 


3: ECT: ECT is a government-accredited training organization that offers certified content writing courses to help individuals nurture their dreams and turn their passion into a profession. Both offline and online classes are available however, that depends on the candidate’s location. After successful course completion, the candidate gets a content writing internship opportunity too. To avail more details, you can visit the given link. 


4: Henry Harvin Education: One of the leading institutes in the country, Henry Harvin Education specializes in content writing courses to help the candidates learn the basics of writing and be able to produce high-quality engaging pieces. Internship opportunities are available as well for the students who complete their courses. To browse full details, you can click on the website link. 


Step 3 : Get Paid to Write Content


You must always remember one thing. Whether you are an expert writer or entering the industry with certification, learning has no bounds. With every step in your career, with every internship that you do, there will be new challenges and you will learn through them. There are tons of content writing jobs available on popular job portals and you need to pitch for the one that matches your skills. You can also invest your time as a freelance content writer for long-term gigs and earn a decent sum every month. But everything comes with patience and dedication. So never compromise on that! 


There are several ways to get paid writing content. You can land a job, or start a freelancing business or even start your blog. Lets take a look into it! 


Get job as a content writer


Are you wondering if content writing is a good career option? My immediate answer is yes. Once you know the value of hard work and are ready to indulge yourself in smart work, you have a bright career calling you. You can browse content writing jobs through various job portals that are updated every day with new postings. Before applying for a particular job, make sure of the following: 


Your resume must be strictly professional with a professionally crafted cover letter. As a fresher, try to include relevant skills that can attract the employer. The cover letter must be penned in such a way that your writing skills are perfectly portrayed. Adding relevant references from the past is a bonus. Like you can talk about how you used to be a regular writer for the school magazine. 


Make sure you follow the instructions correctly and submit your application exactly the way it is asked. This is a chance to impress the employer on the first attempt. There will be thousands of applications from experienced candidates at the employer’s desk. Therefore, you should leave no stone unturned to showcase your skills. Some popular job portals are Linkedin, Indeed Job search, and Glassdoor. 


Start Freelancing as a Content Writer


Tons of websites on the internet prove freelance writing gigs to budding writers. I think gathering a decent experience through internships is a bonus before getting into freelancing. Prior experience in writing for companies will help you build a strong portfolio that immediately attracts clients. While bidding for a project you must take note of the following things: 


You have a strong portfolio of work samples ready to show to the client. Employers tend to rely on writers with a proven experience in writing. Make sure to add details from the previous internships, or attach relevant documents of your certification while submitting a project proposal. 


Your pitch should be clear and confident. Make sure you have read the project description in detail and pitch accordingly to the given guidelines. Clients avoid people with poor grammar, unclear cover letters, and unsure sentences. You should ensure al, these parameters are properly maintained while submitting your proposal. 


Some famous freelancing sites are Upwork, Truelancer, Problogger, Worknhire, etc. 


Start Your Blog


Developing your blog as a content writer is the best thing to do. There you are free to express your thoughts, connect with a global audience and build strong online visibility. Moreover, a compelling blog adds value to your portfolio as well. Here are four simple ways to get started with your blog today!


  1. Identify the niche about which you are going to write in your blog and sign up for WordPress. 
  2. Think of an engaging name for your blog and get the hosting. 
  3. From the settings section, pick a theme that suits your blog the best. 
  4. Develop reader-friendly and attractive content to drive the audience to your site. 


I hope this was fun reading the blog post and you have understood what are the key materials to become a content writer and be a successful one in the industry. See you again in the next one with another engaging topic! 


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