How to Motivate Yourself to Study? 10 Tips that work

Mohar Bhattacharjee - Friday 27th August 2021 | Articles
how to motivate yourself to study


Are you stuck with your assignments when the deadline is drawing near but not finding enough motivation to study?


Is this something new or do you usually face the same thing? Do the long pages of the study book and chapters seem monotonous?


Well, it is nothing heinous, but almost every student faces it now or then. That’s why we are here to help.


We are here to provide study tips for students like you who find it difficult to gaze at the book for long hours. Read on to find some effective tips that work and help you maintain a balanced study life. 


Causes of Demotivation while Studying 


Before we move forward with the tips, its significant to address some major issues that lead to demotivation while studying. 


Using incorrect studying style 


Being inattentive with your studies and waiting for the exams to knock at the door so that you can turn the pages, is a blunder! Things cant get any worse if you follow this pattern. Instead of finding interest, you will start getting demotivated, frustrated which might even affect your health. 


Lack of Future Goals


Yes, its always mandatory to live tout present time to the fullest! Theres no second opinion to it. But, theres a fine gap between enjoying your present and being unserious about your future. You can have some future goals and still enjoy the present time with your family or friends to a great extent. But a lack of goal wont take you anywhere and youd end up finding no interest in studies. 


All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy! 


Heard of this line right? Yes, thats true to words. Always studying with extracurricular activities involved, gets you in a dull life. But if you are balancing between studies, games, crafts, and anything productive you will find life better. Focus on studies is vital, so is recreation. 


Invisible Progress 


Even after studying hard, the results are not up to the mark. This is something that can demotivate you. You need to analyze whats going wrong and what are the key areas of improvement. Thats why besides hard work you need smart work too. 


The content below contains 10 smart tips to motivate yourself to study and maintain a healthy balance between study and personal life. 


10 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Study 


Here go some significant tips that might help you get motivation while studying for long hours or while developing a sense of monotony. 


1. Understand your Study Style 


Before anything, try understanding the way you study. Are you someone who reads pages after pages to memorize the notes? Or do you belong to that category where students, after going through a specific portion, jot it down in papers? With due respect to both the studying styles, the second method works best! Taking down notes after every chapter is an engaging way to keep up your interest in the subject. This way there are fewer chances of you being demotivated. 


2. Stop the Comparison 


You have a friend who completes her assignments days back that you do. She even is a first learner and finishes a chapter before its taught in class. That’s an awesome feature. On the other hand, you love to take it slow but steady. Do you compare yourself to that of your friend in terms of ability? If so, stop that immediately. These unhealthy competitions led you nowhere but to utter frustration. You are good the way you are! As long as you are studying and turning up for the exams, as long as you are completing your assignments and submitting them, its good to go! The quality of your work matters, not the tenure. 


3. Avoid Multitasking 


Very few in this world are endowed with superb multitasking ability. But when it comes to studies, you should focus on that part only. Other engagements during that time can shift your focus and you might end up catching yourself in a pool of notes later. That is when the demotivation will hit you hard. Therefore, focusing on the current work while studying is vital than engaging yourself in simultaneous activities. 


4. Communicate


We often don’t take it seriously, but healthy communication provides means to get out of a continuous problem. Like I remember a few years ago, while at college I was unable to cope up with the vast syllabus and found it disgusting at times. Then one day, I had clear communication with my mother regarding the same. You won’t believe it, from the moment itself, I started feeling better. When you convey your thoughts to your close ones, the load gets lighter and you can feel better. 


5. Stop Running Away


Despite the difficult times and your disdain, you must not run away from the situation. Doing so will only bring trouble to yourself. You will find all the load piled up and coming towards you. To avoid such a fiasco, its better to face the situation. Gently push yourself to the pending assignments and get those done. Its now or never!


6. Prepare a Study Time Table


The finest way to draw study motivation is a proper schedule. When you have a timetable and strict schedule to follow, things start getting easier. You can manage your personal life, family time, and study smoothly. The chances of getting bored during long hours eventually lessens. A routine is significant to help the brain perform in a known structure, and thus you stay motivated all along. 


7. Regular Intervals


How to study for long hours? Its an age-old question from students who find it difficult coping up with the textbook pressure. Well, an energized and effective study requires gaps in between. Surely, not now and then but after a specific time. Try utilizing the breaks in something pleasing. Like, you can tune in to your favorite soft music and enjoy a good time. Or, you can spend some time with your pet who is always set to put a smile on your face. Make sure to return from the break with a happy mind that helps you to focus on your studies again. 


8. Practicing Yoga or Regular Exercise


The contribution of physical exercises to physical and mental well-being is undeniable. Moreover, it helps you gain concentration and focus more on any work that you are doing. Whats most important is that proper blood flow to your brain. So, indulge yourself in anything that makes this thing smoother. Try going for a morning walk every morning to start your day afresh. If you are running short of time for physical exercise or yoga due to a tough schedule, no worries! Try completing them amidst the breaks in your study schedule. Exercise, have some rest, and sit back to study! Best way to keep yourself motivated during long and stressful hours. 


9. Set Small Goals


Do you know who is your biggest competitor? Its You! Yes, always set a healthy competition with yourself to stay energized during the study hours. Got 50 in your previous test? Work hard to score 70 this time! Submitted your assignment at the eleventh hour last time? Try submitting at least three days before the deadline. Have a family get-together this evening? Try to finish a particular chapter by the afternoon. This is how you stay focused on your studies without being demotivated. Im not telling you to rush in everything but a healthy competition with your inner self is effective to help you throughout! 


10. Avoid Social Media Before Exams


In this digital era, the significance of social media is not unknown to anyone. Rather it is a form of recreation amidst the hectic days and busy schedules. However, they are responsible for creating mental pressure too. If youd like to listen to some effective study tips for exams, remove yourself from social media completely during the exam tenure. It will help you focus on whats important at the moment and not the random stuff you come across while scrolling through Facebook! 


So you see these were just a few tips regarding study motivation to guide you in the right direction. However, the final call will always be yours! And it depends on you how you choose to see your problems. The better you face them and the better you live! 


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