List of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India 2024

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Top Jobs that Pay Well in India

With the technological advancements across different sectors, there has been a revolution in the Indian job sectors. Ever since the pandemic has set in, it has even undergone a radical change. The long-lived stereotypes that being a doctor or engineer are only considered to be high-paying are gone. Alongside these prestigious profiles, there are many other options available in the market nowadays. The radical change in the Indian workplace has opened the doors to numerous job opportunities that are equally high-profile and give out good pay. It depends on the individual which one they want to go for, based on their interests and capability. 


Honestly speaking, good pay is a staunch motivator and encourages the person to work harder towards achieving their goals. Money has a lot of things to do with motivation. Similarly, understanding the job market and having a clear idea about the prospects of a particular field is vital too. Sound knowledge of these things helps individuals arrive at a certain decision. Now the question comes, what are the high-paying jobs in India? The list will be too long. However, we have picked the top ten from the list and included them here in this blog. Furthermore, we will also tell you the ways to choose the best career paths for yourselves. 



List of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India 2023


  1. Data Scientists
  2. Civil Services
  3. Medical Professionals
  4. Investment Banker
  5. Commercial Pilots
  6. Software Engineers
  7. Charted Accountant
  8. Lawyers
  9. Ethical Hacker
  10. Acturial


Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs Explained


1. Data Scientists

The field that has gained massive popularity over the last few years is Data Science. Data scientists are responsible for managing data, and developing customized statistical models and algorithms depending on end-users activities. 


Eligibility Criteria: Being a data scientist requires the aspirant to be B.E., B.Tech Graduate. Certification in Data Science is a bonus. If the candidate knows programming languages, thats a big advantage. 


Salary: This highest paying IT job in India offers a salary between INR 4 Lakhs to INR 6 Lakhs per annum and with experience that even jumps up to INR 60 Lakhs per annum. 

2. Civil Services

Clearing the Civil Services examination and serving the nation is a dream for many aspirants. However, only a few people can make it to the final stage.


Eligible Criteria: Theres no specific stream of education needed to join the Indian civil services. You need to be a graduate to take the exam. 


Salary: As per the 7th Pay Commission, an IAS officer gets INR 56,100 at the entry-level. 

3. Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are the backbone of our society and we all have witnessed their selfless service during this pandemic. This high-paying profile isnt only prestigious but a necessity to your society. Every penny earned is worth the hard work they put in to save millions of lives.


Eligibility Criteria: Being a doctor isnt a cakewalk rather involves a lot of hard work and dedication to be successful. MBBS is the foundation degree, post which the aspirant can go for MD or MS (Master of Surgery). 


Salary: Starting with the range between 5 Lakhs per annum to INR 10 lakhs per annum, doctors with high experience or specialized degrees can earn up to INR 25 lakhs per annum. 

4. Investment Banker

One of the most tempting professions in the country today is that of Investment Bankers for being one of the highest-paid jobs in the Indian job market. Their primary role includes taking care of the financial assets of the customers. Precisely, they are brokers or advisors showing the clients the right path to invest money in a lucrative market. 


Eligibility Criteria: The aspirant needs to have a bachelors in finance or Economics to be a great fit for this role. An MBA or advanced Certification in a related field is a bonus.


Salary: With the starting salary between INR 4 lakhs per annum and INR 12 lakhs per annum, the numbers can rise to INR 40 lakhs per annum for experienced professionals. 

5. Commercial Pilots

Being a commercial pilot is a dream sequence for many students and you need to work hard to be a successful face in this field. One of the high-paying and prestigious jobs in the Indian Workplace is that of a Commercial pilot. 


Eligibility Criteria: To be one, you need to pass your 10+2 in the PCM stream (Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry). Being a Pilot requires a certain set of eligibility criteria in terms of physical measurements too.


Salary: The pay might start at INR 8 Lakhs per annum and gradually climb up with experience. 

6. Software Engineers

One of the highest-paying and coveted job profiles in India is that of a Software Engineer. This is among the most in-demand profiles in India today and all will never remain to be one in this era of digitalization.


Eligibility Criteria: Interested candidates need to complete their B.E./B.Tech in Software Engineering and can even opt for Masters in the same. A certification in any related course is an added advantage.


Salary: After starting with 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum, with experience, a software engineer is eligible to earn up to INR 30 lakhs per annum. 

7. Chartered Accountant

One of the most lucrative professions in the country that also pays sky-high is Chartered Accountancy. The requirement for CAs is constantly increasing everywhere, be it from small firms to bigger enterprises. They are responsible for auditing financial statements, looking after corporate tax return filing, and taking care of financial advising too. 


Eligibility Criteria: Aspirants need to be commerce graduates or postgraduates with a minimum 55% aggregate to be eligible to sit for the related exams. Students of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India can take the exam too. The passing exam is a hard nut to crack and needs strong dedication.


Salary: After getting a starting salary of around INR 7 lakhs per annum, experienced ones might even get up to INR 30 lakhs per annum. 

8. Lawyers

Being a lawyer is a high-paying job both in India and abroad. It is one of the most respected job profiles in the country. The types of lawyers are many like tax lawyers, corporate lawyers, criminal lawyers, and so on.


Eligibility Criteria: Aspirants need to have a bachelors degree in Law or liberal arts. Furthermore, they can take it forward with a masters in the related field. Getting admission to colleges to study the course needs the candidates to clear entrance exams like CLAT, LSAT, or others. 


Salary: Starting at INR 2 to 3 lakhs per annum and a successful lawyer can earn up to INR 25 Lakhs per annum in India. 

9. Ethical Hackers

One of the most unique and top-tier professions in India is Ethical Hacking. In this digital world, Ethical Hackers are earning massive popularity and their profiles are eventually getting the desired significance. Ethical Hacking is the legal attempt to get unauthorized access to a particular system application or data. Ethical Hackers are security experts and are called white hats. 


Eligibility Criteria: Aspirants need to have Bachelor’s degree in IT or Computer Science. Candidates with an advanced diploma in network security would also be able to enter into ethical hacking as a career.


Salary: Starting with a salary of INR 5 lakhs per annum, the salary climbs up with experience and expertise. 

10. Actuarial

Another high-paying and decent job profile in India is that of Actuarial. They are business professionals dealing with risk management, measurements, and uncertainty.


Eligibility criteria: In addition to having Graduation/Post Graduation with Mathematical subjects, aspirants need to be a qualified member of these professional bodies: Fellow of Insurance Institute of India (III), Certified institute of Financial Analysts of India (IFAI), The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) & The institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) & pass with the subjects: Mathematical Basis of Insurance and Statistics.


Salary: Starting with a massive salary of INR 4 Lakhs per annum, it eventually goes up with years of experience and success rate. After becoming a fellow of IAI, your salary can increase to the range of INR 20 Lakhs to INR 30 Lakhs per year.



How to Choose the Right Career Path for yourself?


When it comes to choosing the right career path, you might mix up things. Thats why professional guidance is necessary that helps you make and stick to a firm decision. Consulting with a career counseling expert helps you understand your inner strengths and influences you to choose the right pick for yourself. 


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Here are the steps to book a session with a career counseling expert through Edumilestones. 


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Step 2: Enter your location in the box and click Career Counseling for students. 

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Wrapping Up


The high-paying job list in India isnt limited to the given list, rather there are even many more. Considering the ongoing situation in this digital world, we tried to pick the most in-demand profiles at present and explain the same to you. Never compromise on choosing the right career path for yourself and always consider professional guidance as a significant aspect. See you again in the next blog!

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