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Manish Parasher - Friday 17th July 2020 | Articles
Online career counselling

The demand and rise of online career counselling and guidance have seen a rise in recent times. As there are a plethora of career paths available, many students and professionals are confused about their career path. Thanks to online career counselling, students and professionals can utilize the advantage of career guidance from an expert sitting at the comfort of their home.

In a survey, nearly 85% candidate state that they are not equipped to make career decisions.

For a country like India where the youth population is huge, there is a huge mismatch between the number of career counsellors and students.

For every 250 students, we need 1 career counsellor. School is the place where the foundation is built for the students. You will be shocked to know that 93% of the Indian schools don’t have career counsellors and 92% of the students don’t get any career guidance.

Things are slowly changing now. CBSE has made it mandatory to have a career counselling wing to ensure the upliftment of the students.

Having a happy and fruitful career is an important aspect of everyone’s life. If the career is of one’s choice and liking, then he can steer his career path in the right direction. If not, then he has to repent throughout his life. There are innumerable choices available for an individual to choose from. Further, there is a plethora of information available about career options. This adds to the confusion which can be removed only through online career counselling and guidance.

Now, students and professionals can choose their most suitable career path and get a complete career roadmap. This not only helps them to have a happy career but also have a clear career trajectory.

Let’s look at a few of the most popular question and answers which will help you gain some valuable insight about online career counselling and guidance.

What is Online Career Counselling and Guidance?

Online career counselling and guidance helps students and professionals discover their true potential which perfectly aligns with their career interest. They can avail professional career counselling from the comfort of their home at an affordable price. 

“We have only one life. Why live a life of confusion when you can live a life of happiness and clarity?”

There is absolutely no point in choosing a career just because your parents or relatives want it. Career choice should be made based on one’s interest and abilities so that you have a happy and hassle-free career.

There is a plethora of options available across all fields. More the number of options available, more the confusion arises. That’s where a professionally trained career counsellor comes to your rescue. 

A career counsellor helps in:

  • Identifying your strengths.
  • Works on your weakness.
  • Addresses the shortcomings and challenges.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Guides you in the right direction.
  • Provides a complete and clear roadmap.

And most importantly, a career counsellor is there at every step of your way. It doesn’t matter whether you are in 5th class or a working professional. Online career guidance from an expert helps you in deciding your fruitful future.

Why go for Online Career Counselling?

What is the biggest decision anyone can make in their life? It is the choice of a perfect career. Right?

Studies claim that we spend more than half of our time in the workplace. So, it becomes extremely crucial to choose a career which you are really passionate about. With the help of career expert, you can make your dream career into reality. A career counsellor would help assess your interests and suggest the right career to enhance your capabilities.

Online career counselling and guidance from an expert helps simplify the career decision-making process. It will help in saving you from career uncertainty and finding the perfect career path for yourself.

Gone are the days where people used to book an appointment, wait for the appointment to be fixed and go to the career counsellor for guidance. With the help of online career guidance, any student or professional can find expert career counsellor in absolutely no time. 

Is it tough to get online career counselling nowadays? Absolutely not.

Edumilestones is the leading career counselling company in India that offers online career counselling and guidance to students and professionals. You can directly choose your career counsellor at the click of a button and get your career-related queries clarified. This would ultimately result in a better selection of the career path

This modus operandi is better than regretting your career choice at a later stage of your career.

Who can go for career guidance and counselling?

The beauty of online career counselling is that it is not just restricted to students. A student from class 5th to a working professional with 15 years of experience, everyone can utilize the benefit of online career counselling. If you are confused about your career path and need a career plan to stabilize your career, then online career counselling is the best option for you.

  • Online Career Counselling for 5th – 7th class students: Online counselling can help the students of 5th class to understand their learning style, intelligence quotient and aptitude. This will help them delineating their future.
  • Online Career Counselling for 10th class students: At this stage, online career guidance can help students to find out the best career stream after 10th. Class 10th is an important juncture of a students’ life. The decision at this stage is vital to pave the right career in the future.
  • Online Career Counselling for 11th & 12th class students: Many students are in the dilemma ‘what to choose in graduation?’ Career guidance from an expert can help the student to find out the best career option after 12th and get a complete education roadmap.
  • Online Career Counselling for Graduates: We have seen many engineers become marketers, or commerce students go for government jobs. As we are well aware that graduates also face a lot of dilemmas, expert advice from a counsellor can help set the right track for graduates.
  • Online Career Counselling for Professionals: Many professionals are dissatisfied with their jobs. Few of the professionals are on a career break. It is important for professionals not to fall in this trap again. Online career counselling is like a blessing in disguise for professionals. It will help in identifying a suitable career change for the professional. 

Where can I get online career counselling?

There are many companies which give online career counselling. But making the decision in a haste is not the right option. One should do a proper survey, gather feedback and then take the optimal decision.

Let’s make it easier for you.

If you are looking for online career counselling and guidance, you have come to the right place. Edumilestones has over 2400+ career counsellors across India. One can get access to the best career counsellor in the area at the click of a button. Edumilestones career counselling is available in online mode which makes it easier for you to get career counselling at your comfort. 

Booking Appointment Portal is the latest glory added by edumilestones.

Now, students and professionals can get expert career guidance near to their location.

Booking appointment portal lets you choose the career counsellor which is nearest to your location. Booking appointment is now very well recognised for its contribution to the development of individuals’ career. 

Students can directly get online career counselling and get expert guidance near their location. 

In just the last 6 months more than 20,000+ students and professionals have utilised the booking appointment portal and availed online career guidance at most affordable price.

Benefits of online career counselling and career guidance

1. One-on-one counselling - You get access to highly credible counsellors across India. One on one counselling has become the new norm. You can get your career doubts clarified easily with a complete execution road map. 

2. Absolute convenience – No matter where you are currently residing. You can avail the premium career counselling services without any geographical boundaries.

3. Easy Availability – In the booking portal provided by edumilestones, you get the list of counsellors with their profiles, their schedule timing for availing services etc. 

 You can select any one of them and book appointment, so as to avail the services. 

4. Save time and money – Time is money. If you are staying in any tier-1 or tier-2 city, saving time is one of the biggest challenges. A career counselling platform which is online can cater to this challenge which leads to saving of time and money.

Online Career Counselling vs Offline Career Counselling

There is actually no difference between online and offline career counselling session. The quality of service provided is same for both online as well as offline mode.

Having said that, gone are the days when students used to get career guidance through an offline platform like paper-pencil test or face to face career counselling session. Now, most of the students and professionals prefer online career counselling because it saves time and they get the career report generated within few mins. 

Online career counselling is equipped with advanced technology which caters to the needs of students and professionals. 

Why chose edumilestones online career counselling?

Edumilestones is the leading career counselling company in India. Edumilestones offers 22 types of different and dynamic career assessments starting from 5th class to working professionals for every career guidance need.

Edumilestones multi-dimensional career guidance platform assesses the students on 5 key dimensions:

  1. Personality
  2. Career Interest
  3. Career Motivator
  4. Learning Style
  5. Skills and Abilities

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or working professional with tons of experience. Everyone at some point in their lives is confused or looking for accurate career guidance. If you are looking for online career counselling from the top career counsellors in India, then edumilestones is the right place for you.

What are you waiting for?

You can visit and get career counselling done now.


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