What is Career Guidance and its importance?

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Do you often encounter uncertainties around your career path? 


If yes, you are not the only one on the list. 


People generally face a lot of dilemmas throughout their lives.


They might be concerned about what stream to opt for, which career path should they follow, or whether they should change their job. 


The education system is constantly evolving with time. It has also affected the job market substantially. With so many industries and roles to choose from, perplexity is certain to arrive. What should you do in such a scenario? Do not restrict yourself to your familys or friends advice. 


Various factors decide the career path for any person. Interests, potential, and scope are few vital checkpoints here. A mere piece of advice can move your life in a 360 degree angle. Do not worry, career guidance might come as a lifesaver here. Read the article till the end to know all details. 


What Is Career Guidance?


The basic purpose of career guidance is to acquaint individuals with their occupational choices. It is a process that involves the work demand and potential of the individual. Thus, you need not stress anymore about the short term and long-term goals. 


No matter what your differences are, you have to embrace them and be proud of the way you are.” - Jazz Jennings


This particular quote implies that every individual is unique in their way. Suppose you have already decided to pursue mathematics, and become a professor. But, is the course suitable for your skills? Do you have enough mathematical and analytical capabilities? All of these answers depend on what fits the best for you.


This is exactly where career guidance comes into the picture. The process not only helps you to climb the appropriate steps but also brings desired results. However, it is a lifelong process to reap the benefits of the guidance. Individuals go through various circumstances which require them to make quick decisions.


A person might be worried about their stream, or what occupation to go for. It takes time to figure out these answers making career guidance a comprehensive task. Once you know about it, life decisions can be taken in a better manner. The idea behind career guidance is to equip individuals with the skills and resources to reach the heights of any profession. 


Who can opt for career guidance?


There is a wide range of people that must get accustomed to career guidance. All of them have specific goals to reach a similar conclusion. It translates to living a peaceful and lucrative life ahead. After all, what is life without passion and interest?


Excitement for the everyday task is what sails your boat in the long run. The first step always begins with ditching the ignorance. Thus, here are the categories who must seek self-awareness through career guidance. 


If you have just finished middle school, new subjects and competition might be troubling you. It is advisable to introduce to you a plethora of opportunities around you. Go and explore them with expert advice. 


Or, if you have passed class 10th recently, the next step lies in deciding a suitable stream. The subjects you decide now carry the burden of your whole life. Do not compromise with it and pick the best option. 


Now if your 12th is getting over, what have you planned for the college and job industry? This phase can be termed as the most crucial time as students have just entered the rat race. Filling entrance exams, switching to a stream, or moving abroad are some of the tasks. 


Have you just completed your bachelors degree? If yes, you must be perplexed between pursuing higher education or seeking job opportunities. Almost every individual gears up themselves to fit as the best among everyone else. Thus, opt for career guidance to take the final step towards your dream profession. 


Let us agree that not everyone aspires to become a doctor or an engineer. Some want to break the conventional chain and search for alternative paths. Career guidance raises your confidence level towards every step you take in your occupation.


Roles of a career counselor


Let us quickly explore the tasks and functions performed by a career counselor. 


  • Advice for career


Technology and computers are some of the most emerging careers in todays scenario. It is the duty of these career counselors to aware students of these changes. Having complete knowledge will prevent students from making decisions in a vacuum of information. Many aspirants do not know about their life plans while some of them fail to trace relevant steps. Thus, career guidance will resolve all these dilemmas. For instance, if you are looking for the corporate sector, team building and problem-solving are valuable skills. 


  • Evaluate interests and abilities


Would you rather engage in a venture that promotes your liking? Or, a task that drains you completely? A majority of people will certainly go for the first option. Interest is an individuals preference to engage in one or more activities relative to another. Career guidance techniques devise different techniques for its evaluation. The earlier we recognize them, the better results will be. Goal setting by a career counselor incorporates ones preferences in mind. 


  • Liaison 


Anxiety, and finance shortages are certain to arrive with career decisions. Career guidance is a more comprehensive and advanced solution than you think. The objective of sessions is to assist students on their track and achieve a goal. Unlike informal advice, these specialized counselors offer an unbiased solution to the clients. Say goodbye to all judgments and downgrading statements. 


Advantages of career guidance


Here comes the part for which your heart had been racing all along from the beginning. Let us dive into the benefits of engaging in career guidance. 


  • Advice from skilled people


It must be noted that counselors are professionally trained to guide concerned people. They are furnished with various expertise including, communication skills, problem-solving ability, and self-awareness. Therefore, career guidance is a one-stop solution to all career queries. 


  • Diverse opportunities


Do you know that there are around 7.6 billion people in the world currently? It means that these individuals are employed in a significant number of professions. Some worth noting fields are administration, information technology, teaching, banking, and others. Sorting one out of these prospects can be a tedious task for an individual. Career guidance comes out as a lifesaver in terms of distinct career opportunities. 


  • Ways to grow your career


Lets say that you have decided to become a surgeon. Do you know the best college on your fixed budget? Which certifications are a must to try on? Do specific skills determine success in the medical field? It can be a perplexing task to find a perfect solution to such vital aspects. Career guidance shows a complete roadmap to mark the flag of success. 


  • Learning experience


A stellar career counselor makes you learn about a range of tips that will put you on a pedestal. Be it excelling in an interview or handling corporate pressure- career guidance has covered everything. You can even attempt mock tests or interactions to upskill. It is a step-by-step process to transform into a perfect job candidate. Be sure to take advantage of career guidance to build your profile. 


  • Saves time and money


Let us admit that advanced degrees cost a hefty amount which can even rip your pockets. Some individuals enroll for a course which neither forms their interest nor grants any scope. Switching majors is not a feasible option for most middle-income families. And, dropping college is not a smart option as not everyone becomes Bill Gates or Ed Sheeran. Sticking to a fixed pathway through career guidance should be on your priority list. 


Where to get career counseling?



Edumilestones is the highest-rated career counseling platform in India which will prove to be a boon. You can connect with over 1500 highly trained counselors from 54 locations in India. To unlock the benefits of career guidance, follow these simple steps:


Step 1: Go to the browser through any device and visit www.edumilestones.com.


Step 2: After doing so, you will find the option of Find Career Counselors near You.


Step 3: Select the type of career guidance you are seeking- be it for students, professionals, or abroad study.


Step 4: Enter your location to find counselors near you.


An entire list of counselors will pop up with their complete details. You can either book an appointment with them or request a callback.

Enjoy your session!




It is never too late to plan for your career unless you do not take a step forward. A minor decision like stream selection can certainly affect your life outcomes. Ignorance is never bliss in any scenario, rather brings more struggle. We are often clueless about our careers, or interests. It might not look like a big deal but will make you regret it after time passes. You still have the power to turn your barren pathway into a prosperous one. 


In the end, do not rush with your career choices. Adopt the relevant strategies and keep exploring. You never know what career or subject can fit the best for you. Exposure is the first step to become professionally aware. What are you waiting for, then? Feel free to seek career counseling around you. 


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