Career choice other than engineering in India

Vipin Prasanth - Friday 22nd March 2019 | Articles
career choice other than engineering

Best career choices other than engineering

On a lighter note:

If you are looking at the current career trend, all other career choices apart from Engineering look better…

On a serious note:

Fortunately or unfortunately in India, Education and Job is a Market. All Markets work based on a simple principle of supply and demand.

Basic economics - Higher the Supply lesser the demand and lesser the supply higher the demand.

Now, India is producing > 5–6 million Engineers every year and keep increasing. The capacity to absorb such a massive supply of Engineers by the job market (which is not creating such massive vacancies every year and couldnt catch up) is NIL. Even if these Engineers try searching jobs elsewhere, it is again negligible when comparing to the size of the output.

The supply of Doctors, CA and IAS officers etc., are regulated and controlled either by reducing the number of seats available or making it very stringent or having very few vacancies. By doing so, demand is created.

Having said that, Anybody can excel in their chosen career path if they have real interest and talent. Talented Engineers are paid millions of dollars and clueless engineers are jobless. Same is applicable in all the fields.

The approach: Analyse yourself and find your suitable career path based on your Interest and Abilities. You can find the courses after 12th science other than engineering in your career report once career counselling is done.

No list of best career choices will help you otherwise.

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