What are some career options after 12th(PCM) that not many people know about and you can earn some serious money in?

Vipin Prasanth - Friday 22nd March 2019 | Articles
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There is not much of the information other than  ‘Serious Money’ as criteria to decide your career option, let me try to answer this question:

There are career paths which need Academic degrees and specializations to pursue it. There are few new age careers which dont mandate an academic degree.

In most of the cases, if you are an expert in a field with relevant skills to create a demand among who need your service, you can earn a serious amount of money in that field regardless of what field you are engaged in.

Assuming that you also have some inherent interest in a few things apart from money, few of the options listed below don’t need any degree to pursue it,

  1. Freelance programmer: Learn to code. You can learn and practice online or offline. It is open for anybody who is having interest. This option is not restricted to only Engineers and computer science graduates. However, a relevant degree will get you more credibility and insight. Practice and become a resourceful programmer. There is a huge demand for good programmers all over the world. There are freelance sites like Freelancer.com, Fiverr.com, Upwork, etc., get your projects and make sure you get paid after delivery of your work. There are a lot of highly skilled programmers earning in the range of $10,000 to $15000 per month. More stories about them available in our Quora itself.

  2. Freelance web designer: If you are a creative person with an inclination towards designing, then web designing can be a lucrative career option. Again, you can learn and practice it online or offline. No graduation is Mandatory. Your work samples speak volume about your proficiency in the subject to your clients than degrees. Good, trusted and established web designers earn in the range of $6000 -$10000 in a month.

  3. Digital Marketer: If you are interested in Selling, Marketing and Business, you can be an independent digital marketer. You can market somebody else’s product for a lucrative (affiliate)commission or promote your own product. You don’t need to be an MBA for being a Digital Marketer. You can learn either through online or by practice. Prominent Digital Marketers command 6 to 7 figure income in a month.

Having said that, the right Career decision has to be made considering Career Values, Career Interest, Personality and Skills & Abilities of an individual.

Your input of earning serious money is just one parameter among 15–18 career values, there are minimum 4 personality traits, various career interests and current skills & abilities to gauge various career options.

Do you know there are more career options than you ever imagined? There are around 16–28 Career clusters and around 65–70 Career Paths. Among these career paths, there are more than 5000 career profiles available.

It is better to find out what actually suits you to make money. Find an example of finding a suitable career path and profile below:

You can use some of the affordable tools available online to determine what suits you best.

All the best for your happy career!

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