How do top students study - 10 study tips

Wafa Nizar - Sunday 21st March 2021 | Articles
how top students studies

Are you not satisfied with your scores? Wondering how those smug class toppers always manage to crack it to the top with such ease?

How do toppers study?

Do they use magic?

Or  Are they just more intelligent than everyone?

Absolutely not! It’s only the result of some properly implemented tricks. And if you are willing to give it a try, it could be you on the next list of class toppers! So keep reading to find out how to master the art of studying.

 Also, do keep in mind studying methods and skills vary from student to student. Find a way that suits you the best. But by keeping the following points in mind and practising them you can make the best use of your time to reach among the top without difficulty. 

Below are the 10 top students secrets to study effectively


1. Be consistent. Decide the number of hours to spend on studying a day during which you avoid any distractions and focus completely on the learning part. It may just be a be few hours or a short time, but it should be utilized to the fullest. Execute quality studying over quantity studying during this period. But do this consistently. Because once distracted, it takes extra time to get back into what you were doing and causes you to be ineffective. 

2. Keep a target. You can either make a to-do-list every day or weekly. But complete it within the time allocated to it. Try and not to procrastinate. Make checklists and once done with the target, tick it off. This will give you a sense of achievement which in turn will drive you to complete more amount of quality studying.

 3. Create an organized study space. Have all the materials you require for your study at reach. Avoid having to constantly leave the study space and choose a location accordingly. This can lead to distractions and diverting of our minds to other activities and thoughts. 

4. Practice self-discipline and punctuality. Our body has a natural cycle of its own. Doing things at the same time each day immensely increases your productivity. Use this to your mode of study and be punctual with the study times.  

5. Develop True Interest: Instead of just concentrating on marks alone, it is beneficial to develop a true interest in gaining knowledge and marks will automatically follow. Ask questions, both to yourselves and to others who can help guide you. Understand the answers. This will not only help you get to the top in studies but also help you in the long-run. 

6. How many hours do top students study?. If learning just one subject at length bores you easily, you can include 2 or 3 different subjects a day to keep you engaged. For example, if you devote 2 hours of your study time to physics, then the next allotted period can be used to learn social sciences, and so on the next day. You can also join similar areas of one subject together. It is best to vary your study topics/subjects rather than inefficiently concentrating on just one. 

7. Try to answer and solve questions by yourself first before referring to or checking for a solution from elsewhere. It will give you a grasp on how much you understand something and then move forward accordingly. 

8. The best way to master anything you wish to learn is to teach it. Researches have shown students tend to have better memory and recall abilities when charged with learning through teaching. And a bonus? This will further help in improving communication skills too! 

9. For studying theoretical subjects, choose a time which you have felt is best for your brain to take in theoretical knowledge. For example, some students find it easier for their minds to memorize content early in the morning, while for some it is easier during the evenings or further at night. Find your perfect timing spot and use it to your advantage. 

10. Taking breaks are very important. It could be a short nap or a meal break interacting with others. Always take proper and appropriate breaks in between your study as they will help you in recharging and making your study time more fruitful.

 More importantly, every student has a different learning style and may learn better at different times of the day. Understand your capabilities, and the suitable mode of studying that works best for you in making your learning most effective. But you can always condition your mind and body to achieve your best frame of mind to study and reach the top. 

Words to grow by-

Work in bursts, take frequent breaks, and keep the goal in mind.

- Tom Rath


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