How to start your own Study Abroad Business?

Likitha S - Tuesday 27th June 2023 | Articles
How to start your own Study Abroad Business?

According to a report by Redseer Strategy Consultants, the number of Indian students choosing to pursue higher education abroad is projected to reach 1.8 million by 2024. As living and rental costs abroad continue to rise, it is noteworthy that Indian students are still opting for overseas education in greater numbers. This trend can be attributed to factors such as heightened awareness, improved funding opportunities, and a growing recognition of the value offered by certain courses. Consequently, there exists a significant opportunity for career counsellors to capitalize on this demand and establish their study abroad business. By enhancing their skills and implementing effective strategies, overseas education consultants business can actively contribute to the development of a robust career ecosystem to support these aspiring students.

Making a positive impact, overseas education consultants business has the opportunity to make a significant impact on students lives by helping them make informed decisions about their careers. Guiding students towards suitable paths and witnessing their growth and success can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Continuous learning and professional growth, the field of study abroad business is dynamic and evolving. Counsellors have the chance to continuously learn about new educational programs, career trends, and emerging industries. They can expand their knowledge and skills through professional development opportunities, staying updated with the latest practices and strategies.

Study abroad business often builds meaningful and strong relationships with their students, built on trust and support. The opportunity to work closely with individuals, understand their aspirations, and assist them in achieving their goals can foster a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

Study abroad business involves working with students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and academic disciplines. This diversity brings variety to the work, allowing study abroad partner to engage with a wide range of individuals and challenges. It prevents monotony and promotes personal growth.



Who can start a study abroad business?


  • Qualified Career Counsellors: Individuals who possess a background in career counselling or guidance counselling have the necessary qualifications to establish a study abroad business. Their skill set allows them to evaluate students interests, abilities, and objectives effectively, providing appropriate guidance pertaining to study abroad opportunities.


  • Education Consultants: Professionals with specialized knowledge in the field of education, particularly in international education, are well-positioned to engage in overseas education consultants business. They possess comprehensive information about foreign universities, colleges, and educational systems, enabling them to assist students with the application process and program selection.


  • Former Study Abroad Students: Individuals who have personally undergone the study abroad experience can leverage their first-hand knowledge and insights to initiate a study abroad business. Their unique perspective and understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved can prove invaluable in guiding other students through their own overseas education consultants business.


  • Professionals with International Experience: Those who have acquired professional experience or lived abroad, demonstrating a solid understanding of diverse cultures and educational systems, are also well-suited for providing overseas education consultants business services. Their international exposure and expertise enable them to advise students on the most suitable study options overseas.


  • Language and Test Preparation Experts: Professionals specializing in language training or test preparation for exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, or GRE can expand their existing expertise by becoming an overseas education consultants business. They are equipped to guide students regarding language proficiency requirements and effective test preparation strategies for their overseas education business.



The 5 Ws


  • Who: Qualified professionals specializing in overseas career counselling, possessing extensive expertise in guiding individuals through the process of pursuing careers abroad can start an overseas education consultants business.


  • What: Establishing a professional overseas education consultants business dedicated to delivering comprehensive services for individuals aspiring to develop their careers in foreign countries.


  • Where: The overseas education consultants business can be established in any location and caters to a diverse clientele interested in pursuing career opportunities abroad.


  • When: The overseas education business operates throughout the year, accommodating clients at various stages of their career planning and preparation for studying or working overseas.


  • Why: The overseas education business aims to provide individuals with informed decision-making support, enabling them to optimize their chances of success while ensuring they receive ongoing assistance and guidance throughout their career journey abroad.


  • How: Leveraging their in-depth knowledge, extensive experience, and specialized expertise, the overseas education business provides personalized guidance to clients. This includes offering detailed information about study and work options, assisting with application processes, providing cultural orientation, and facilitating clients in navigating the unique challenges associated with building a successful career in a foreign country.



What are the skills required to be a study abroad partner?


  •  In-depth knowledge of International Education: A comprehensive understanding of education systems, universities, colleges, and study abroad programs across various countries is imperative for a study abroad business. Staying up to date with the latest trends and requirements in international education is essential for a study abroad partner.


  • Cross-Cultural Competence: Effective interaction and communication with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds are paramount for a study abroad partner. Displaying cultural sensitivity, empathy, and maintaining an open-minded approach by the overseas education business are essential for addressing the unique challenges faced by students pursuing careers abroad.


  • Expertise in Career Counselling: Strong counselling skills play a vital role, including the ability to assess students interests, skills, and goals. Study abroad partner must provide guidance on suitable study abroad programs, align students aspirations with career pathways, and assist them in making informed decisions.


  • Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills: For a study abroad partner exceptional verbal and written communication skills are necessary for engaging with students, parents, educational institutions, and other stakeholders. Active listening, empathy, and the ability to build rapport and trust are critical for effective counselling in an overseas education business.


  • Proficiency in Research and Analysis: Strong research skills enable study abroad partner to gather information about study abroad options, scholarship opportunities, employment prospects, and visa requirements. The ability to analyse and evaluate this information is vital for providing relevant advice to students in a overseas education business.


  • Organization and Time Management: Effective organizational skills are crucial for managing multiple students and their applications. Study abroad partner should be adept at prioritizing tasks, meeting deadlines, and ensuring accurate and timely completion of paperwork and administrative processes.


  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Study abroad partner often faces complex situations and challenges. The ability to analyse problems, identify viable solutions, and make informed decisions is pivotal in guiding students effectively.


  • Commitment to Continuous Learning: Staying updated on international education trends, changes in visa regulations, and emerging career opportunities is essential for a study abroad partner. Engaging in continuous professional development allows study abroad partner to enhance their knowledge and skills.


  • Technology Proficiency: Proficiency in utilizing technology tools and platforms for research, communication, and online applications is vital for a overseas education business. Study abroad partner should be comfortable leveraging digital resources to support their counselling services.


  • Ethical and Professional Conduct: Upholding high ethical standards, maintaining confidentiality, and adhering to professional codes of conduct are integral aspects of being a study abroad partner.

Developing and honing these skills through education, training, and practical experience empowers individuals to excel as overseas education consultants business.



Earning potential of a study abroad business 

The earning potential of a study abroad business can range from INR 1,00,000-2,00,000 per successful application. The earning potential of a study abroad business can be significantly higher based on the level of success achieved, allowing for the possibility of earning greater returns.



4 Essentials to start your own study abroad business


1)Learning and Knowledge: Training is essential for individuals aspiring to start an overseas education consultants business specializing in overseas opportunities. This training is necessary to equip study abroad partner with the knowledge and skills required to effectively assist students in making informed decisions about pursuing education abroad. Firstly, training provides a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of international education systems, including admission requirements, visa procedures, and scholarship opportunities across various countries to the study abroad partner. Staying updated on changes and trends in international education ensures overseas education consultants business can offer accurate and relevant guidance to students.

Secondly, familiarity with study destinations is crucial. Training helps study abroad partner develop in depth knowledge of popular study destinations.

Thirdly, training facilitates an understanding of academic programs and institutions worldwide. Study abroad partner gain knowledge about different academic programs, universities, colleges, and institutions, including their rankings, specializations, admission processes, and student support services. This knowledge enables overseas education consultants business to match students with suitable educational institutions and programs based on their individual preferences and goals.

Furthermore, training emphasizes the importance of cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication. Training also focuses on developing strong counselling and advising skills for the overseas education business.

Lastly, training covers aspects of networking, business management, and legal compliance. Study abroad partner learn to build a network of contacts within the education industry, establish partnerships with educational service providers, and develop essential business and marketing knowledge. Understanding legal and regulatory requirements related to education consulting and immigration procedures ensures overseas education business to operate within the bounds of the law and maintain ethical standards.

Overall, training is vital for starting a successful overseas education business as it equips study abroad partner with the necessary expertise, knowledge, and skills to guide students effectively through the complexities of international education options.


2)University Tie-Ups: University tie-ups play a vital role in the success of a study abroad business. They provide several key benefits that contribute to the overall growth and reputation of the overseas education consultants business. 

Firstly, partnering with reputed universities enhances the credibility of the overseas education business, instilling trust in prospective students and their families. Access to diverse academic programs and opportunities offered by the partner universities allows the study abroad partner to cater to a wider range of student preferences and needs. Exclusive scholarships and financial benefits provided through university tie-ups make studying abroad more affordable and attractive, increasing enrolment rates. Streamlined admission processes facilitated by these partnerships simplify the application procedures for students enrolled in the overseas education consultants business, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience. It also grants access to valuable resources, such as libraries, research facilities, and academic support services, which can enhance the quality of services provided to students by overseas education business.

Leveraging alumni networks and industry connections offered by partner universities opens doors to internships, employment opportunities, and professional networking for students, making the overseas education consultants business more appealing. Ongoing professional development opportunities provided through university tie-ups keep the overseas education business up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in international education. 

 Additionally, marketing and promotional support from universities to the overseas education business, including joint initiatives and participation in events, help expand the reach of the overseas education business and attract a larger pool of prospective students. 

In conclusion, university tie-ups bring significant advantages to a study abroad business, such as enhanced credibility, access to diverse programs, financial benefits, streamlined admissions, access to resources, alumni networks, ongoing professional development, and marketing support, all of which contribute to the businesss success and competitiveness.


3)Application Team: Having an application team is crucial for a study abroad business due to several reasons. Firstly, the team possesses expertise in navigating complex application processes, ensuring that students applications are complete, accurate, and submitted on time. They are well-versed in the specific requirements and deadlines of different universities and countries, reducing the chances of errors or omissions by the study abroad partner.

Secondly, an application team provides personalized support to students throughout the application journey. They assist in selecting suitable programs and universities based on students backgrounds and goals, offering guidance on application essays, resumes, and recommendation letters. This helps students present themselves effectively to admissions committees.

Furthermore, the application team maximizes students admission chances by leveraging their in-depth knowledge of universities and their admission criteria. They assess students profiles and recommend strategies to strengthen their applications, such as additional courses, language improvement, or relevant work experience.

Effective communication and follow-up are facilitated by the application team in the overseas education business, acting as intermediaries between students and universities. They interact with admissions offices, clarify doubts, and ensure that all necessary information is provided. Additionally, the team stays updated on policy changes, keeping students informed and helping them avoid unexpected hurdles or compliance issues. The application team also ensures quality assurance and professionalism by thoroughly reviewing applications for accuracy and completeness. This attention to detail enhances the reputation of the study abroad business and installs confidence in students.

Moreover, by streamlining the application process, the team saves students time and relieves them of administrative burdens, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their study abroad preparations.

In conclusion, an application team brings expertise in application processes, provides personalized support, maximizes admission chances, facilitates efficient communication, stays updated on policy changes, maintains quality assurance, and helps with time management for the overseas education consultants business. Their involvement ensures a smooth and successful application process, benefiting both students and the study abroad business.


4)Technology: Being updated with technology is crucial for a study abroad business due to several reasons. Firstly, technology enables efficient communication with students, universities, and stakeholders, leading to improved customer experience through timely responses and effective support by the overseas education business. Additionally, technology provides access to vast amounts of information, allowing study abroad business to offer accurate and up-to-date information to students, aiding them in making informed decisions about their study abroad plans.

Moreover, having a strong online presence through digital marketing strategies enables study abroad business to reach a wider audience, attract prospective students, and promote their services effectively. By utilizing technology, study abroad partner can streamline various processes, such as application management and document processing, resulting in enhanced efficiency, reduced errors, and better utilization of resources. This, in turn, allows staff to focus on providing personalized guidance and support to students, ensuring a higher level of service quality.

Advancements in technology have also made virtual learning and collaboration platforms readily available. Study abroad business can leverage these platforms to offer online preparatory courses, webinars, and workshops, expanding access to educational resources and facilitating collaboration among students, counsellors, and educators, regardless of their physical location.

Furthermore, technology enables data collection, analysis, and interpretation, empowering study abroad business to make informed decisions based on student preferences, market trends, and performance indicators. This data-driven approach helps identify areas for improvement and develop tailored strategies to meet the evolving needs of students.

Lastly, embracing technology provides a competitive advantage in the overseas education consultants business. By incorporating technological advancements, businesses can differentiate themselves through innovative service offerings, personalized experiences, and efficient operations. This positions them as forward-thinking and adaptable, attracting students who value modern and tech-savvy approaches.

In summary, being updated with technology is essential for a study abroad business as it improves communication, facilitates access to information, supports digital marketing, streamlines processes, enables virtual learning and collaboration, facilitates data-driven decision-making, and provides a competitive edge. Embracing technology enhances the effectiveness, competitiveness, and ability to meet the evolving needs of students in the digital age.


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