Why is career counselling important?

Vipin Prasanth - Wednesday 20th March 2019 | Articles
importance of career counselling

Just 20 years ago…

Getting educated “ was a priority than getting the right education.

People said, “Get a degree” - does not matter what degree or what may be the outcome after that...

However, things changed drastically last decade, when millions of engineers found themselves unemployable.

Hundreds of millions of Degree holders found themselves irrelevant.

Millions of educated people chose work and jobs unrelated to their education. Further, hundreds of millions of educated people chose to work in a job, they never aspired for or interested at all.

They initially took it as a stop-gap arrangement and then it becomes a career for them.

It came with huge ramifications of work stress, lack of interest, incompetence, lack of progress, anxiety issues, job hopping, work-life imbalance and above all unfulfilling life.

Few of them chose career counselling services to recalibrate their passionate career goals or many of them accepted their miserable career as “destiny”.

As parents, now people start realising their career mistakes and doesn’t want their children to suffer the same “hopelessness”.

The demand for career counselling is increasing at a rapid rate. The simple indicator is the average monthly search for career counselling and career guidance online has tripled in the last 3 years.

However, it depends on your decision.

You like to take your career decision randomly or scientifically?

You want to depend on luck or decisive action?

In the end, you want to regret or appreciate your career decision?


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