List of subjects in humanities in class 11, 12th CBSE 2022

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List of  subjects in humanities arts group


Once we complete your 10th grade comes the most crucial step in our life.

Which group do we have to choose in our 11th grade?

The group that you choose is not only required for your high school but the rest of your lives.

The most common suggestion from everyone would be to select either  Science, Commerce or Humanities (arts) .

But, there is one other group which has a great future and vide choice of study after your high school.

Yes, we are talking about Humanities.

Are you planning to choose humanities? Do you want to know how would the future in this stream be? Are you confused about choosing humanities? Calm down. Let us get some quick insights about the arts subjects in class 11.


List of subjects for humanities in CBSE class 11th


CBSE gives an opportunity to select wide ranges of humanities subjects in class 11th. This is the only stream where lots of subjects options are available for students. Lets understand about these humanities subjects in class 11th. Choose your options wisely.

Below are the list  of subjects available in humanities in class 11th & 12th




It is a precious and exciting humanities  subject. We study how our society evolves over scarce resources to provide goods and services to the public. But, have you ever wondered how do they say our economy is building up or declining? Why are the countries compared in terms of the world economy? How do they compare the economy of different countries? How is the economy measured? Well, you can understand the answer to the above questions on this arts subject in class 11.

You can also specialize in Economics at your undergraduate and post-graduate levels. The significant job sector opportunities include banking, insurance, consulting, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

You can choose economics withouts maths and economics with maths. We suggest to choose economics with maths and many universities if you want to pursue your career in economicas then maths is mandatory secondaly in economics lots of concepts are used of maths.




Psychology is a unique humanities subject where you study human science. It involves the interpretation of human minds and behavior patterns. So it is not surprising that people feel relieved after meeting a physiatrist in todays stressful world. There are different areas of study – Child health and development, sports, clinical, social, etc.; There is an Undergraduate and Post-graduate course available for psychology. Love reading other minds? Come on; you have a future job opportunity with this arts subject in class 11.




History is a very known humanities subject for all of us until the 10th. Did you ever know history can give you a promising career in the future? Yes. You will learn all about ancient and modern history. You have to love history to enjoy studying it. The roman empire, the industrial revolution, and the study of Africa and Europe are the primary syllabus covered in the subject. The 12th history continues with the Harappan civilization, the British era, and Post-independence India. This is a straightforward subject unless and until you study and understand it. If you are not able to learn and enjoy the subject, it can become a nightmare.

There are both undergraduate and Post-graduate programs available in the universities for students who prefer to take up history as their main subject. You can form a part of the creamy layer of Academic researchers, Heritage Managers, Archeologists, Teachers, and public administration.




Geography is a humanities subject that studies the relationship between the earth and the people. It consists of two broad categories, namely, Physical geography and human geography. Physical geography is the study of land, resources, area, vegetation – the evolution and development. Human geography is the study of people, population, and transportation. Cartography is also a part of geography where we study the world map and identifying them. 

The Bachelor of Arts in geography is available in Under-graduate and Post-graduate levels. On successful completion of the course, it gives us a wide range of career opportunities, including Cartographer, Surveyor, Drafter, Metrologist, Demographer, and many more.




Political science is one of the highly intruiging and chosen subjects in humanities. It is the theoretical study of the government at various levels. As an exemplary citizen of the country, it is essential to know the structure of the government and how it runs. Therefore, political science not only a complete picture of the functions of the government but also vast career opportunities. If you are interested in Political science, you can do an undergraduate and post-graduate course in Political Science. After completing your degree, you can become an IAS after clearing the civil service examinations and stepping into politics, political scientist, and teacher.




Philosophy is a humanities subject where you study how to look at things, people, events, and life. If you are interested in learning about great people, their ideologies, and understanding the fairness of their thoughts and actions, you have chosen the right subject. It enables you to form a base for critical thinking and logical reasoning for the benefit of society. So, what would you do after taking a graduation course in Philosophy? You can appear in Civil Service Examinations and crack them easily.




As the name indicates, Sociology is the unique humanities and arts subject in Class 11 that studies the human behavior and its effect on society. It enables you to develop an empathetic attitude towards society. It also includes analyzing the social status, social movements, and social change in the form of Crime, deviance, and revolution. As a sociologist, you could play a significant role in Research Arena – researching the problems in society and how humans interact with them. The social and community agencies also prefer people with a sociology background. The most surprising area of my career in Criminology. Criminology is an area where Criminal Justice and Sociology combine. So, you are eligible to get a job in Criminal Justice.




Are you interested in computers and Computer Science? Choosing PCC is not the only choice to study computer science. This Humanities Subject give a great way to explore the hardware and software specifications of a computer. You can broadly learn DBMS, Programming, and Programming languages such as Oracle, SQL, and Java for problem-solving. You have a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Computer Applications at your graduation level. You can believe the number of career options this stream offers you. You can become a 

  • Computer Programmer
  • Software developer
  • Web Designer
  • Database Administrator
  • Multimedia Programmer
  • Software Consultant
  • Technical writer
  • System Analyst




The Human Rights and Gender studies give you an insight into the fundamental human rights and gender-wise rights, including feminism, mens studies, and queer studies. In addition, you will know the real gender inequality in our society and how gender shapes our primary identity and interaction with the world. You can pursue a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Gender studies. Government organizations may offer to be a part of them to study and analyze common goals regarding gender and societal issues. You can also be a part of NGOs and support them as social activists to bring about societys changes.


10. LAW


If you are interested in pursuing law in your graduation, choosing humanities and arts subjects in 11th grade would help you acquire an early insight into the Indian legal system, political institutions, nature and sources of law, human rights in India, and much more. Then, you can become a good lawyer or Advocate in the country. Then, you can pursue a Bachelor of LLB at the undergraduate level. Once UG is over, you have to take up an internship with a senior advocate firm and then enroll with the State Bar Council as an advocate.




Media is a potent tool in our country.  Media consists of various forms, including Print Media, Radio, Advertisements, Cinema, Television, News Media, and, recently, social media. If you are interested in pursuing your career in any of them, Media Studies in your 11th will tune you to the above fundamentals. Especially if Journalism is your cup of coffee, then media studies are the sugar that adds to the coffee to make it worth drinking. Some of the career options include the following:

  • News reporter
  • Proof Reader
  • Content Developer
  • Digital media Journalist
  • Advertisement and Branding
  • Photography
  • Public relations
  • Journalism




Have you dreamt of starting up your own business and becoming your boss? Business studies are not the only subject that gives you insight into various companies, government support and assistance, and the basic requirements to set up your company. Entrepreneurship is a trait more than a subject. You can pursue any commerce-related undergraduate and MBA – Entrepreneurship in Post-graduation. On successful completion, you can march towards your path of Entrepreneurship.




Fine Arts is an area where you have a latent talent within you, giving you a fantastic career. Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, and Commercial Arts. In 11th grade, you get an insight into the history of fine arts in India and the practical training in each of them. You have three options in higher studies:

  • Diploma Course in Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Arts – Fine Arts
  • Master of Fine Arts or Master of Arts – Fine Arts

You can become an art teacher, artist in government offices, or photographer. You can also find bright career options in the film industry.




The fashion industry is one of the booming sector of the country. Fashion Designing is attracting a lot of students to pursue a highly paid and respected career. Moreover, it gives a piece of fundamental knowledge about the overview of fashion, key concepts, and ancient history. You can choose Undergraduate and Post-graduation in Fashion Studies, which paves the way for the following career options.

  • Fashion Design
  • Textile and Apparel Design
  • Accessory Design
  • Jeweler Design
  • Fashion Technology
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Fashion Business Management
  • Image Consulting / Personal Styling




One of our favorite classes in our school is the PT – Physical Training class. Physical education is one of the easiest subjects to score and I suitable for people who love sports. It is a study about physical wellness, healthy lifestyle, and sports. You will learn different kinds of physical learning, including sports, yoga, leadership training, sports psychology, sports measurements, fundamentals of anatomy, etc.; it gives you the option of becoming a physical trainer in many schools, colleges, and sports organizations.




English is the study of letters and words and how to use them correctly in the correct sense. English is one of the fundamental subjects that you have to study irrespective of the group chosen. It is available in all three groups in 11th grade. If you are interested in learning ancient English history, verbs, and adverbs, choosing an English career would be the best choice. You can pursue an under graduation and post-graduation in English. It gives you a career option to become a teacher, proofreader, journalist, and content writer. You can also join as a news print writer. 




Home science is a study that combines both science and Arts. It guides you about human development, health, food and nutrition, family management, family relations, home management, and much more. The graduation levels can be chosen from the following:

  • Diploma in Home Science two years after completing 12th
  • B.Sc in Home science 
  • M.Sc in Home science

You have the following career options.

  • Apparel Designer
  • Health Clubs and fitness centers
  • Food processing industry
  • Interior Designer
  • Counselors
  • Nutritionist or Dietician



You need to understand what the group offers to you before you chose it. We have discussed in detail the group and the prospects of choosing Humanities subjects. So, choose wisely and have a great future. Stay Safe. Stay healthy.


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